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Nov 20, 2010

Kick out the Muslims and their friends -- the Jews?


Traveler to TSA: If you touch my junk, I'll have you arrested

Ernesto Londono
Survivors describe deadly attack on Baghdad church

byebye barack
CAIR: TSA May Only Pat Down Muslim Women's Heads and Necks

TSA means -- Touch -- Squeeze -- Assault

    President Obama personally approved and authorized TSA employees to sexually grope us, go through our wallets, deny us boarding on flights we've paid for and threaten us but Obama doesn't have to show us his birth certificate to prove he's authorized to be president.

Meanwhile, did you hear the story of the airline passenger...

    ...who was traveling by plane from one American city to another and was asked by his own government to be virtually strip-searched by government's latest new toy -- a see-through scanner?

    He refused to sexually titillate the government guys only to discover that by refusing to allow the government to undress him, then he must have consented to a crotch grope.

    The TSA guy told him that he was going to put his hand on the guys inner thigh and move up until his hand met resistance.

    The traveler said, "Touch my genitals and I'll have you arrested."

    -- John Tyner, defender against sexual molestation

Not Much Separation of Church and State going on here

This totally does it for me. This has far crossed over the line!

What should be happening in every state is the police showing up at the airport and arresting every single TSA molester and charging them for each person they molested, whether adult or child. They should be arrested for photographing adults and children naked and against their will.

Next up? Fisting?

For all the security measures to insure that Catholic nuns are not on commando raids against American targets, the groping of the nun shown above or her undressing in front of a back scatter x-ray machine as shown beside it, STILL does not detect possible explosives she could have crammed into a Trojan and pushed up into her vagina.

So, next up in security measures -- full cavity searches of Catholic nuns.

Meanwhile, CAIR has gotten Obama's TSA to consider Muslim women to pat down themselves.

Anyone get the feeling that the Taliban has won?

Anyone feel that our own government has become more repugnant than the Taliban?

Think about it.
  • The Taliban married off their veiled 12-year-old girls to 40-year-old strangers, with that stranger being the only one who could see her naked or put anything inside her vagina.

  • But as a condition for an American citizen to fly on an airplane, we have our 12-year-old girls peered at by 40-year-old "lesbian" strangers sitting behind a high-tech x-ray machine that can take off any remaining "veil" our little girls have on and soon -- the lesbian fisting her because she might have a stuck a stick of dynimite up her vagina.

Think about the reactions of the government.
  • First -- The shoe bomber, so we take off our shoes for x-rays
  • Today -- The underwear bomber, so we now show our genitalia
  • Soon -- The vagina bomber, so we spread-eagle the legs of our daughters, mothers and grandmothers

Democrat President Obama, on orders from Jewish advisors Rahm Emmanuel and David Axerod, have taken Republican President George Bush's anti-patriotic Patriot Act to an depraved level and gave it an X-rating.

Why can't our government just figure out that Muslims are the enemy of Christianity and hence the enemy of America?

For if they thought so, and identified Muslims as the enemy, then our government would be infringing upon THEIR RIGHTS instead of just infringing upon OUR RIGHTS.

Makes you wonder whose side they're on here, doesn't it?

Turning Muslim Opinion
toward Jews
against Christians

58 Christians murdered at mass
Our Lady of Salvation Church
Fifty-Eight (58) innocent Christians were slaughtered in Iraq because two Christian Egyptian woman were forced to marry a Muslim and that forced them to become Muslim. They tried to escape their "legal" kidnappers and were aided by fellow Christians.

Meanwhile, Christians do not seem to be slaughtering Muslims for forcing our government to molest and grope peaceful Catholic nuns at American airports in the name of "protecting" them.


I can explain why Muslims will not have their life threatened here in America, and I predict that Muslim women in Burkas will soon be religiously exempt by a judge somewhere from both the groping and the naked searches.

I can explain how all these various, seemingly unconnected stories all fit together.

As in many of my articles, the answer I give lies with the Jewish master plan for the world.
    A) American Jews attack everything America stands for, bringing her to her knees and enraging her.

    B) Muslims all over the world see how the Jews are torturing the Christians.

    C) Americans are talked into endless wars against Muslims overseas in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

    D) Muslims all over the world see how the Christians are torturing or will soon be torturing Muslims.

    E) While Muslims are freely traipsing through our airports back home as if they were citizens too, American Christians complain, which brings in the Jews to defend the Muslims in America against any Christian influence.

    F) Muslims all over the world see how Jews defend Muslims in America.

    G) Muslims start to see that the Jews are their allies, even their friends, while the Christians are their enemy.

    H) Muslims start to get comfortable with Israel being their new neighbors.

    I) Muslims become allies of Israel against Christians

    J) History has repeated itself, since that was the way history was from the creation of Islam in the 7th century, until the 15th century, when Christians were first able to turn back the tide on Muslim invasions and retake the overran Christian lands of Spain.

By the way, the Spanish Christians not only kicked out the Muslims -- they kicked out their Jewish amigos as well.

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