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Nov 7, 2010

Stalin and Saudi Arabia: In Bed with the Enemy Again


Ron Paul
Saudi Arms Deal is About Iran

We have written several times how Stalin was a much more barbaric villian on the world stage than Hitler ever was prior to deciding that Hitler was a greater threat.

Stalin was in; Hitler was out.

Largely based upon the fact that Hitler did not like Jews much; while Stalin had about 80% of his commissars being Jews doing Holodomor duty against millions of Russian Orthodox Christians, who would have dared to retake Constantinople and hence prevent the Jews from retaking the Holy Lands for themselves.

We have written how a miltant Japan, trying desperately to keep a atheistic, but Jewish-led Communist Russia from gaining a warm water port on the Pacific Ocean, saw America aiding and abetting this Stalin beast by supplying him with every weapon we could get our hands on and how Japan mysteriously then looked upon us as the enemy too.

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and most Americans thought we did nothing to provoke the attack.

Well, looks as if history is repeating itself.

Saudi Arabia is the Uncle Joe
for America in the 21st Century

  • America attacked the Taliban in Afghanistan for "mistreating women" with many soldiers losing their lives; but Saudi Arabia, our friend, makes the Taliban look Victorian in comparison.

  • America attacked Saddam Hussein in Iraq for basically being a dictator, and to bring democracy to Iraq; but Saudi Arabia is a family-ran dictatorship known for severe cruelty and repression in punishment. It has no political parties and no free press.

  • America is fighting a War against Terrorism; but 15 of the 19 9/11 terrorists are Saudi Arabian citizens and Saudi Arabia is building Mosques all over America with oil money they got from us.

  • With such a horrible human rights record, this month Saudi Arabia is to spend "$60 billion on some 84 new F-15 aircraft, dozens of the latest helicopters, and other missiles, bombs, and high-tech military products from the US weapons industry."

    Meanwhile, over in Israel, our other "good buddy", "the US quietly announced early this month that it was selling 20 F-35 Stealth fighters to Israel. As Israeli military purchases are paid for with US foreign aid, we must realize that the weapons pointed at Iran in the Middle East are American made and largely paid for with American tax dollars"

    That was Japan's reasoning for Pearl Harbor. All of Stalin's weapons were paid for and supplied by the American government and hence, the American people.

    Will Iran take Japan's lead and out of desperation, institute its own Pearl Harbor against America to jolt Americans out of their slumber. Perhaps, but like Pearl Harbor, our Jewish media-Scribes will be sure to make it look like it was all Iran's fault.

    Nevertheless, it is nice to have good friends once again, such as Stalin was.

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