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Oct 30, 2010

Jews Compare Tea Party to Nazis Waiting for Hitler


Rob Reiner Compares Tea Party to Nazis Waiting for Hitler

Vox Day
The ignorant and stupid left

Bill Maher AFRAID of Tea Party

Rob "Meathead" Reiner -- You and Bill Maher are the reason why Tea Party people are so angry.

Fact Check #1

"I have never seen an election cycle with more ignorance than this one." - Rob Reiner

"Right, I have not either." - Bill Maher

Talk about ignorance in election cycles -- how could Americans have been more ignorant than during the last election cycle with Barack Obama?

And who kept us ignorant about Obama, until after the elections? Humm??

Answer --> Inglorious silver-tongued bastard media-Scribes like Bill Maher and Rob Reiner.

And thanks to guys like this, we are still ignorant about Obama's right to be President. We still do not know if he is a natural born citizen.

These inglorious silver-tongued bastard media-Scribes are constantly misleading Americans to believe that people living in the Bible Belt are ignorant angry fools and the only enlightenment comes exclusively from the sand dune States of the Left Coast and the other Left Coast.

Here is another example of induced ignorance...

The silver-tongued ones learned long ago of the true history of Muslim culture working on their doctoral thesis in History while in college, and launched careers in journalism, but failed to warn the others, who studied other areas such as engineering and welding, before a full scale invasion was well upon us.

That hiding of critical information of a destructive nature by these inglorious silver-tongued bastards is complicit treason against America and Christianity. Shame on them!

Where were Jews like Rob Reiner, when Iran was sending legions of engineers into American universities in the mid 70's? Now the likes of Rob Reiner want us Christians to worry that their Muslim engineers are smart enough to build nuclear bombs with missiles capable of reaching Tel Aviv?

Where were Jews like Bill Maher when Muslim Mosques were being built all over America, both before and after 9/11?

To get us to defend Israel since 1948, they constantly tell us how bad the Muslims are toward Jews in Israel, so why didn't they warn Christians about the threat to Christians here at home since the 1970's, before we let swarms of Muslims into our peaceful country over these last 30 years?

Ignorance is not our fault when we do not control the means of information transfer.

Why do they keep us ignorant?

Fact Check #2

"Adolph Hitler never got more than 33% of the vote, ever in Germany" -- Rob Reiner

"Well he only had that one election, let's be honest. After that, Hitler never ran for "re-election" -- Bill Maher

There is little about the story of Adolph Hitler one can believe anymore, since the Jews have created a complete fairy tale fantasy world surrounding him, with over 250 Holocaust movies, all written from their narrow perspective. Anyone who disagrees or questions the Holocaust fable is shouted down as an anti-Semitic Nazi.

On purely technically grounds, Ron Reiner and Bill Maher are correct, but they are not being at all honest about what really matters -- that Hitler was a legitimate leader of Germany.

And, since they try so hard to convince us that Obama is a legitimate leader of America, just goes to show their true colors.

In America, no matter how betrayed Americans are with their two parties, they keep voting for them. While in Europe, people are more honest. They form close political affiliations, none ever getting more than 50% of the vote and then form coalition governments where the coalition retains more than 50% of the government.

Vox Day exposes the myth Rob Reiner tries to have us believe that Adolph Hitler never received more than 33% of the vote and was thus not democratically elected.

    "The National Socialists won 37.3 percent, 33.1 percent, and 43.9 percent in the three elections that preceded Hitler's rise to Reich chancellor."

    "In fact, the 43.9 percent support for the German National Socialist Workers Party in the March 1933 election is still the second-highest vote total ever recorded by a German political party; it was surpassed only by the 45.8 percent of the vote recorded by the Social Democratic Party in 1972. "

    But the ignorance is Reiner's. He clearly doesn't know that parliamentary governments like the historical Weimar Republic or most current European governments are not two-party systems and therefore tend to operate on the basis of coalitions rather than majorities.

    Margaret Thatcher, for example, came to power in 1979 on the basis of her Conservative Party winning 35.8 percent of the vote.

    Prior to the National Socialists rise to power, the most electorally successful party in Germany was the Social Democratic Party, or SDP, which hit the pre-World War II heights of its popularity with the voting populace in 1919, when it controlled 39 percent of the Reichstag.

    -- Vox Day

Vox Day further lays waste to Rob Reiner and Bill Mahers "ignorant?" argument with this closing remark.

    "Furthermore, in a series of four plebiscites (national referendums) that granted public approval to Hitler's actions, he averaged 95.9 percent of the vote with 95.5 percent voter turnout.

    Hitler was not merely "a majority guy." He was the most democratically approved political leader in the history of modern democracy."

    -- Vox Day

So why couldn't the Jews just work with the man?

After all, by socialist standards, Hitler was a saint compared to Uncle Joe Stalin who had already mercilessly slaughtered 40 million of his own people, give or take a million or two.

I guess with 80% of the Russian communist commissars being Jewish, one can turn a blind eye to the Holodomor which Stalin initiated in the Ukraine against 7 million Christians, just a few short weeks before Hitler came to power.

Fact Check #3

"[Hitler] was a charismatic guy with bad economic times just like we have now. People were out of work and needed jobs and someone was needed to rally the troops. -- Rob Reiner

"My fear is that the Tea Party gets a charismatic leader" -- Rob Reiner

"All they're selling is fear and anger" -- Rob Reiner

I love self contradicting statements. Right after saying "My fear" in an "angry", "frightful" way, Rob Reiner says that all the Tea Party has to offer is -- you got it -- "fear", "anger" and "fright"

Rob Reiner is accusing the Tea Party of being on the verge of electing a charismatic leader. Oh my!!! We pray for someone of Reagan's stature!!!

But in fact, it was Obama who was portrayed during the election by the inglorious silver-tongued bastard media-Scribes as the charismatic guy needed during bad economic times when everyone was out of work.

Messiah Obama was to be the anointed one to rally the electorate and to lead America out of the blinding desert.

Fact Check #4

Bill Maher is a hypocrite for calling us ignorant, racist and hateful, AND BY HIS OWN DEFINITION, for himself being ignorant, racist, angry Jew, just like that other liberal Jewish puppet Juan Williams, who got fired from NPR just last week for saying the exact same thing Bill Maher does below.

Bill Maher AFRAID of Mohammeds

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