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Oct 30, 2010

Separation of Government and the People


Ralph Raico
The European Miracle

In the absolute worst irony of American life, the same 1st Amendment to the Constitution, which gave the inglorious silver-tongued bastard media-Scribes their virtually unlimited "freedom of the press", also gave them the freedom of the press power to distort the real meaning of the other part of the 1st Amendment concerning the establishment of religion.

If you listen to the inglorious silver-tongued bastard Jewish media-Scribe press, one would be led to believe that the primary goal of government was to keep a foot tightly on the throat of Christianity, in the name of their oft-stated principle of "Separation of Church and State".

The establishment and enforcement of a non-Christian-based atheism, accomplished by the actions of the State, under state laws and by state court orders, in the name of preventing an imaginary state-based Christian religion, watched over by a Jewish press, was NOT the intent of the Founding Fathers. I can assure you of that!

The Revolutionary War was not a revolt against the "Church" of England; it was a revolt against the "King" of England -- the King being the government.

The Revolutionary War was not a revolt against "Christianity"; it was a revolt, often led by Christian ministers, against "mercantilism and taxes", which treated Christians as slaves.

The 1st Amendment states that "Congress shall make no law...", a government entity; it does not say that "The Pope shall make no law...", nor does it say that "The Archbishop of the Church of England shall make no law...

Clearly, the role of government was to keep their nose completely out of religion, both for it and against it -- And especially not against it !

On the other hand, the rest of the Amendment in Bill of Rights all attempt to tie the hands of government, not the hands of religion, so why would the 1st Amendment be construed as saying that government should be in the business of determining when, where and how someone is to practice their faith?

It is the Church, as a representative of the People, who has the authority to express God's free speech to the State, more so than the secular press itself, which is why both are contained in the same First Amendment.

The Founders clearly wanted government out of the lives of citizens in all matters, especially and foremost in matters of their freedom of speech right to express their religion.

It is plainly clear for all to see that the real primary concern of the Founding Fathers was a "Separation of Government and the People".

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