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Oct 22, 2010

Inglorious Silver-Tongued Bastards
How to lose one's country


Wikipedia - Rick Sanchez

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"Yeah, very powerless people. [laughs] He's such a minority. I mean, you know, please. What—are you kidding?

I'm telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart.

And to imply that somehow they, the people in this country who are Jewish, are an oppressed minority?"

-- Rick Sanchez, speaking of Jon Steward on the day before he was fired from CNN

Here are the major steps undertaken by the Inglorious Silver-Tongued Bastards to wrestle power away from Christian Americans.

Step 1: Talk Americans into believing that Jews were in serious peril in other CHRISTIAN countries and needed to be allowed to immigrate into their CHRISTIAN country.

A relatively handful of young vanguard Jewish men, who were ran out of Christian Europe following the unsuccessful 1848 Communist Revolutions, were allowed to enter the United States as political refugees. There were good reasons for them to be political refugees, for once in America, like the Wraith of Stargate Atlantis, they discovered new feeding grounds.

Within 40-years, (i.e. 1888) their children had been born and raised to adulthood as Americans. Now rich and powerful, they demanded that more Jews be allowed to immigrate from Europe.

These Inglorious Silver-Tongued Bastards sold Americans on the cruelty and horror of burnt villages, with men slaughtered and women raped. Except that the ones being slaughtered and raped in the 1880's were in actuality slaughtered Christian men and Christian women at the hands of the Muslims of the Ottoman Empire.

The Inglorious Silver-Tongued Bastards got Americans into believing that the Christian Czar and the Christian people of Russia was on the verge of doing the exact same atrocities to Jews in Russia as Muslims routinely do to Christians.

To give this dammable lie a leg to stand on, the American Silver-Tongued Bastards pointed to the pogroms inside Russia against Jewish communities.

Yes, there were "pogroms", or vigilante justice, led by former Russian serfs, against the Jews, after the Jews had assassinated their most beloved Czar on March 13, 1881.

Czar Alexander the Liberator was the Czar who had PEACEFULLY liberated 40 million Russian Serfs from slavery, exactly one day before before the first 7 Southern States secceeeded from the Union in protest over the election of Abraham Lincoln, Leading to a very UN-PEACEFULL war, and a year before Abraham Lincoln issued his Emancipation Proclamation of the blacks, which itself liberated absolutely no blacks from slavery.

Czar Alexander the Liberator was the modern-day father of the Russian country.

Not but a handful of Jews were ever harmed in these pogroms after the dasterdly assassination of this beloved leader by a gang of Jews, but don't you know that the two "stories" worked hand-in-hand for the interests of the Jews.

Created in the minds of Americans was a grand strategy of a 9/11 style event in Russia with the assassination of a historic and beloved national leader, playing down the fact that the Czar was assassinated by Russian Jews, but playing up the fact that Christians were stirred up and indignant in Russia against Jews, and then the Jewish media-Scribes followed up that story by pointing to actual atrocities by Muslims against Christians in Turkey as an example of what was to come for Jews in Russia.

And then the Jewish media-Scribes cried over and over and over again,

"Poor Jews!"

"Pity the Jews!"

It worked!

Christian America let millions of non-Christian Jews enter America as political refugees from the 1880's to the 1920's.

Step 2:
Talk Americans into believing that they could pick their U.S. Senator better than their State Legislature could.

1913 was the pivotal year in which Jews took virtual control of America.

In 1913, the Constitutional 17th Amendment was passed, which allowed for the direct election of Senators by the people, because the Inglorious Silver-Tongued Bastards talked Americans into believing that simple American voters were better attuned to select great U.S. Senators than their own State legislatures.

How's that worked out for you Nevada with Harry Reid, Illinois with Dick Durbin, Arizona with John McCain, or California with Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, both Jewish?

The reality of the deal is that the Inglorious Silver-Tongued Bastards know that they can talk hard-working Americans who do not have time to follow their political leaders well, and also talk worthless Americans dependant upon large government, into voting for the Senator of their choice. Even for conservative States with devout Christians, the Inglorious Silver-Tongued Bastards know they can talk Christian voters to at least select a Senator who will not get in the way of Jewish interests.

In these Bible Belt areas of America, so long as the Christian leader calls himself a "Judeo-Christian" instead of a "Christian", a "neo-Conservative" instead of a "Conservative", then the Jewish media-Scribes are content with a minor victory.

State legislators were much better at deciding upon a great representative for the States at the federal level and had protected Americans for over 100 years from being ruled by a minority. But let's not argue with past success for we have "Progressive" ways now.

While the people have always controlled the House of Representatives, a federal Senator was selected in the first 124 years of this country by the State legislature to counter the potential monopoly power of a federal government ran by a tyrannical minority, by vetoing laws violating State power, vetoing international treaties in violation of the Constitution, and impeaching federal officials who violated the Constitution they pledged to obey.

State legislators were the real "grid-lock" who protected American liberties and freedoms.

Step 3:
Talk Americans into believing that a Federal Reserve would eliminate the business cycle.

How is that working for you America?

America never had a Great Depression in the 124 years before the Fed was created in 1913.

16-years later, the Fed had created its first Great Depression. Oh, the Fed has admitted it had made mistakes and had learned from them -- about like a child molester admits to his mistakes when caught -- you know it is going to happen again.

The grand-daddy of all Great Depressions is now upon us all with a federal government who has borrowed 100 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities from the Fed.

The relatively mild business cycle has now been replaced by a brutal, hellish political cycle. Is this progress?

Step 4:
Talk Americans into believing that the government would take better care of them than their own families.

How's that working out for you with the broken families thankful for a caring, loving federal government safety net?

Before the so-called "Great Society", no Americans had ever starved.

Now, a sizable population of Americans cannot even feed themselves, if not for a federal government handing out food stamps like they were drugs from a drug pusher.

Before the so-called "New Deal", old people were well respected and well taken care of. Now old people are a liability and federal bureaucrats on "death panels" are to evaluate whether our parents and grandparents are to live or die.

Before the Supreme Court thought itself Supreme even over the Constitution, a baby's life was cherished and protected. Now, the soul of a baby is looked upon as a tumor to be cut out of a woman's body like one would cut out a cancer.

Before talking American women into feminism, American women were the most cherished women in the world. Far more cherished and protected than Muslim women with their slave-like existance, far more cherished and protected than Asian women who were secretly killed as unwanted girls. Far more cherished and protected than African women who routinely found their men running out on them and their children.

Now American women have a slave-like existance to the federal programs they are so dependant upon, they are talked into killing their baby girls as well as their baby boys, and when they do have babies from love-less sex, the men in their lives are allowed free reign to run off leaving them all the responsibilities of parenting.

"You've come a long way Baby!"

Step 5:
Talk Americans into believing that Israel was their only true friend in the world.

When you watch the Jewish media-Scribe controlled news, do you really care to know that one Muslim has just been blown away by another Muslim in Afghanistan or Iraq?

Do you really care that the Palestinians and the Israelis can't seem to play well together?

Or do you really care about what Christians are up to in Germany, Poland, Spain, England, France, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.

The point is that our Jewish-controlled media-Scribes are not reporting a thing about Christians and the concerns of Christians.

Our Jewish-controlled media-Scribes are only covering concerns of Jews.

Step 6:
Talk Americans into believing that they could manage their retirement accounts better than their own companies.

How's your 401K working out for you Americans? Before you answer, consider this...

Once upon a time, companies instilled loyalty in their workers by offering pensions. Factual proof that companies actually wanted their workers to stay around till retirement.

The Inglorious Silver-Tongued Bastards talked Americans into believing that they could time the stock market better than professionals could.

The beauty of the 401K self-directed plans was that the Inglorious Silver-Tongued Bastards could talk you into giving all your life savings over to Bernie Madoff styled Jewish investors.

These Jewish Bernie Madoffs invested all YOUR MONEY into strategic American companies and immediately demanded to put THEIR people on the Board of Directors (in the name of YOU of course)

Once in charge of key American companies, the pawns of the Jewish fund managers could implement all sorts of racially-based affirmative action programs to promote minorities and half-there women, thus promoting incompetent competitors to THEIR people, all in the name of social justice.

You were laid off with your own money! How does that make you feel?

Step 7:
Talk Americans into believing that they could NOT compete without IMPORTING non-Christian workers.

How's that "FREE TRADE" working for you?

The Inglorious Silver-Tongued Bastards are great talkers.

They convinced the greatest nation the world had ever seen, who had created and developed virtually every modern convenience, like the light bulb, the telephone, the radio, the television, the computer, the air-conditioner, the airplane, and still, facing all those facts, instead, made Americans believe they could do nothing right in the work place.

Now that is smooth talking.

Today, your doctor is an Indian, your dentist is a Vietnamese, your engineer is Chinese.

All non-Christians, and your Christian children are either working for them or working at McDonald's.

Step 8:
Talk Americans into believing that they could NOT compete without EXPORTING jobs to non-Christian workers.

How's that "FREE TRADE" working for you?

Even with a full-scale invasion of foreign people from virtually every country in the world, Americans were told that they were STILL NOT DIVERSE ENOUGH TO COMPETE WITH THE WORLD!

We have to export our jobs to compete, (which if you think about it, is suicidal if not just plain stupid logic).

And those jobs are all in non-Christian lands.

Now that was the smoothest-talking Inglorious Silver-Tongued Bastard speech of the century!


The gates of American liberty and freedom, of American properity and success, and of American family and morality, were not battered down by an invading hoard of Chinese, or by a nuclear-tipped communist Russia, or by a 1,500-year-old Muslim Jihad.

The gates to fortress America were opened and laid bare from the inside, to one and all invaders the world over, by Inglorious Silver-Tongued Bastard Jews living in America, as sacred American citizens.

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