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Sept 19, 2010

Revolution is Impeachment
The Impeachment of Government


Bob Unruh
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Bob Unruh
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Impeach Obama
Articles of Impeachment

"Quite frankly, this [abuse of power] is far more blatant and more abusive than anything our colonist forefathers endured before throwing off the shackles of the crown of England,"

---Joseph Farah, owner of WorldNetDaily

When a political leader refuses to follow the Constitution, we DO nothing, but what do we SAY?

  • We say that we will un-elect the cad who lied his pants off to get into office -- 4 years from now after God knows what damage he has done.

  • We say that the courts will reject his unconstitutional policies -- yet the courts are too busy putting their own unconstitutional plans into place.

  • We say that we will bypass our elected officials by having an initiative petition, as California did to make "one man- one woman" the only definition of marriage, and yet, the courts struck down that new part of the California State Constitution as unconstitutional. The Constitution's of States are now unconstitutional for heavens sake!

  • We say that the States will nullify federal laws, but as the one man-one woman law shows, the federal government just nullifies state laws.

The most unused part of our Constitution is the use of impeachment.

The President needs to be impeached. Most of the Supreme Court needs to be impeached. Most of Congress needs to be impeached.

In the troubles we are in right now, the impeachers would have to impeach themselves.

The fact that NO ONE IN GOVERNMENT is talking impeachment,
is all the evidence I need to know that THEY ALL NEED TO BE IMPEACHED!!!!

And when "the People" finally decides enough is enough, they impeach the entire government, this form of impeachment formally called by our Founders by the name REVOLUTION, as in THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION !!!

How did we get into this state of affairs once again?

Impeachment died with the 17th Amendment

Impeachments are the domain of the Senate and before the enactment of the 17th Amendment in 1913, the Senate was in the hands of the States.

Hence, the duty to insure that Constitutional government was not slowly replaced by tyranny, was the duty of the States.

Yet, with the passage of the 17th Amendment removing State legislatures from appointing the State Senators, then the Senate became 1) a popularity contest of who had 2) the most money to buy elections and who 3) made the most outlandish lie to talk people into voting for him and of most importance, 4) who had the backing of the Jewish-controlled media-Scribes.

Appointments and elections were largely created in the Constitution to be from the bottom up, not from the top down.

Many recognize the damage of a President who can not only appointing a Secretary of Defense or State as the Constitution does allows, but of now "appointing" a Czar Dictator over our jobs and a Czar dictator over our health.

This President even tried to "appoint" his own Senate replacement.

These "downward appointments" by a President or a Governor should not be confused by the "upward appointment" of a State legislature of their Senator.

As bad as the Jewish media-Scribes convinced us in 1913 of hating our State governments and of the need for the People to be the only ones trusted to "appoint" Senators to Congress, we sure had it a lot better with a state-appointed Senate and before 1933, when the last of the state-appointed Senators finally left office.

Since 1933, Americans cannot expect this new Senate to impeach their own enablers.

States no longer have the power to tell their Senators to impeach a Hitler or a Stalin, should one come along.

The Christian Solution is the Solution

As outlined in the solution to the Christian Solution, the States can fund competent Senatorial candidates, whom when elected, will vote to remove the 17th Amendment, permanently returning the Senate to the States.

With a States-ran Senate, they will be more than happy to help impeach and remove from office - an arrogant Obama who refuses to settle a national Constitutional crisis with a simple birth certificate he can produce in five minutes - An Obama that even the people who got suckered into electing him would have little issue with.

The State-ran Senate would impeach life-long Supreme Court and federal court justices, who had strayed from the Constitution and who better deserve to be placed into an insane asylum.

The Senators of each State would themselves be impeached by their own State legislators if they did not impeach bad federal officials.

Leaving only the House largely free of impeachment, but a House that always had less than two years before their next vote. A House that did not have the luxury of being a lame-duck politician and not needing to satisfy the will of the people who put them there. A House politician who did not have a life-time appointment as a federal judge does.

If We the People will deliver a States' Senate to the U.S. Senate, then a House full of our Representatives will find the courage to bring impeachment charges against unlawful politicians, then the State's Senate candidates will have the backbone to convict on the impeachment. Or else, again, they will find themselves being impeached by the States who put them there.

Government can be cleaned up -- peacefully!!!

What is the Other Solution?

Without a peaceful Christian Solution, eventually, We the People will bring forth our own form of impeachment -- the impeachment of the entire government.

Impeachment of government is revolution.

And revolutions are not always predictable as to their outcome.

The suffering of the French in their socialist revolution just after our successful non-socialist revolution is a good example.

Who will lead?
Christians -- or -- Others?

We need the moral guidance of our religious leaders.

Right now, it appears that our religious leaders need to be impeached for cowardice, along with our political leaders for corruption.

The Jewish media-Scribes, who hide behind the 1st Amendment with a one-way Freedom of Speech to 300 million Americans who cannot speak back, are freely peddling their smut, openly and blatantly pushing homosexuality and promiscuity in our living-rooms -- and talking us into electing Senators who will not clean up the mess.

But the Christian Churches largely remain silent. Why? Because we don't stand behind them.

"The holes the gays came out of, the churches went into"

-- Rick Scarborough, president of Vision America,
-- speaking of church apathy and intimidation

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