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Sept 11, 2010

Disrespect for another's Holy Book and Holy Church

What Happened at the Church of the Nativity in April 2002?

Daily Christian News Service
Outrage Over US Military Bible Burnings In Afghanistan

According to most pro-Israeli sources, including the pro-Israel one I cite as a source, in April 2002, Muslim terrorists captured one of the holiest of all Christian churches, the Church of the Nativity, and once inside, tore pages from Bibles for use as toilet paper.

Evidently, these Muslims also enjoyed some kind of "First Amendment" protection of their free speech rights, because few if any were ever prosecuted.

To the Jewish media-Scribe community, one supposes, the taking of private Christian property along with defiling it, the violation of one's Christian religion by using it to wipe one's butt, and the kidnapping of over 200 Christian nuns and priests against their will, does not constitute a crime, so long if it was done to make a point.

Naturally, this horrendous action had Israel written all over it.

Even the pro-Israeli sites admit it.
  • Israel had just politically abandoned Bethlehem to radical Muslims they knew were evil
  • Israel security forces chased terrorists into the Church of the Nativity and surrounded it
  • Israel most likely did not supply toilet paper to the terrorists, forcing the propaganda issue
  • Israel let the terrorists holding Christians as human shields walk out and proceed past their military to freedom, fueling more rage against Muslims (for their heroes' welcome by other Muslims) and ironically, sympathy for Israel in the West
The Koran could not have suffered a worst fate by being burned in Florida and after all the hoopla, they were not burned were they?

(But they were burned elsewhere. Korans were burned in about half a dozen other places today, but you will never hear of any of those actual Koran burnings)

Not to forget, but the American Jewish community, who are vigorously defends the building of the Ground Zero Mosque in their own backyard, refuses to support the Constitutional right of the Greek Orthodox Church to rebuild their existing pre-9/11 Church, which was also destroyed on 9/11. (see previous article)

So why should Jews defend the holy shrine to the birthplace of Jesus anyway?

And yet when we talk merely of burning religious books instead of smearing Muslim feces all over them, the military under our Muslim-loving Commander-in-Chief, burned Bibles meant to be given to Muslims in Afghanistan. (see here)

Speaking of our President with the forked toungue.

What screams separation of Church and State more than a Christian religious leader condemming a Muslim religious text?

What does government have to do with it?

If our soldiers are in Islamic countries and are in danger, then bring them home and give them a real job of sending our Muslims back to their homes.

Whatever is meant by the words Separation of Church and State has certainly been turned 180 Degrees around. Religion was supposed to council the people who select the government.

The government elected official is not to council church leaders who council the people who elect the government official. That is election fraud, bribery and extortion.

Whether or not Terry Jones was right or not is not a concern of government. It is dangerous for it to be and our Founders knew it.

In the end, Pastor Terry Jones had already made his point by being gracious enough to stop the burning of the Koran, if the Ground Zero Mosque was stopped -- "I will not incite you to brutal and hoary violence, after already burning hundreds of American flags the world over, if you do not first incite me, with your Ground Zero Mosque, to burn your Koran in a peaceful protest."

And the Muslims are saying, "Sucker! We're still building our Ground Zero Mosque!"

Don't be surprised if Terry Jones becomes the spokesman for the building of the Ground Zero Mosque. The Jewish media-Scribes never would have made him famous by coving him 24/7, unless his message somehow played into their hands. And the fact that other Koran burnings on "Burn a Koran" day this 9/11 are not being covered kinda of supports that theory.

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