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August 8, 2010

"Enemy of The People"
"Enemy of The State"
Our Federal Government


Bob Unruh
Judge OK with government prying into personal information

Thom Redmond
Army gags officer challenging Obama eligibility

Harry Eisenberg
Arizona now an unwilling 'sanctuary' state?

Krissah Thompson
2008 voter-intimidation case against New Black Panthers riles the right

Sister Mary Ann Walsh
Prop 8 overturned: "The law is an ass"

If the federal government will not be bound by our Constitution,
how come the states and the people are bound by it?

Here is what WE NOW KNOW.

On the one hand, WE NOW KNOW that the State of Ohio CAN un-Constitutionally search the background of Joe the Plumber, a common citizen and holder of no political office, when asking a solicited question of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, and yet ...

On the other hand, WE NOW KNOW that the State of Hawaii CANNOT be legally compelled to Constitutionally search their state records to prove the Constitutional requirement of that same President of the United States, Barrack Obama, a public officer holder, to be a natural-born citizen, i.e. born in the United States of two United States citizen parents in order to be Constitutionally eligible for the presidential public office of trust.
  • The State of Ohio CAN perform an unconstitutional search and seizure of conservative and patriot Joe the Plumber, (which Ohio's Inspector General found "authorization to search three confidential agency databases was improper ... use of state e-mail resources to engage in political activity was also improper ... and ... none of the justifications provided by Jones-Kelley meet any reasonable 'agency function or purpose' as required"), according to FEDERAL JUDGE ALGENON L. MARBLEY

  • The State of Hawaii CANNOT be compelled to provide documentation about the eligibility of the President of the United States,. because "only Congress and not a Unites States military judicial body should decide to use the president's credentials on file," so says FEDERAL ARMY HEARING OFFICER DANIEL DRISCOLL

On the one hand, WE NOW KNOW that while the Federal Courts are saying that the State of Hawaii CAN interfere with and ignore federal laws concerning the Constitutional requirement to prove status as a natural born citizen for the highest office of the Federal government, at the same time,...

On the other hand, WE NOW KNOW that the State of Arizona CANNOT enforce federal immigration laws that the United States Congress themselves have passed.

  • The State of Arizona has to become a sanctuary State, because Immigration law is a Federal issue, according to FEDERAL JUDGE SUSAN BOLTON

On the one hand, WE NOW KNOW that while the Feds themselves are not that concerned about a black terrorist group usurping the Constitutional right to vote of law-abiding citizens in an on-going election in the State of Pennsylvania, ....

On the other hand, WE NOW KNOW the other side of the coin to be that the Constitutional voting rights of the entire State of California can be abolished, after the election, by the Federal Courts simply reversing the vote of 7 million voters.

  • The State of Pennsylvania voting laws will not be enforced, thanks to a lack of justice in the Department of Justice, with the New Black Panthers having become a new version of "The Untouchables", and will not have to enter a federal courthouse for violations of federal Constitutional voting rights laws, according to FEDERAL DOJ SECRETARY ERIC HOLDER.

  • The State of California's Constitution is not sacred, nor is the moral and political beliefs of 7 million California citizens believing that marriage is between one man and one woman, according to FEDERAL JUDGE VAUGHN WALKER

WE NOW KNOW that "The People" can no longer find justice in Federal Courts.

As progressives love to say about non-progressives, the Federal Courts have now become the "Enemy of The People" and Congress has become their willing co-conspirator by refusing to impeach any of these Constitutional usurpers.

WE NOW KNOW that "The States" also can no longer find justice in a justice system run amok outside their control.

The Federal government has become the "Enemy of The State"

And if you expect UN courts to provide justice, you are severely delusional.

WE NOW KNOW that these perilous times call for vigilante justice - They call for patriotic State Mossads to fight the Mossad gangsters of our enemy, the nation of Israel, who has not-so-secretly captured our country for their own national and religious self-interests.

(Note: Proof of this invasion and damage by the Mossad can be discerned in nearly every page of the Victor Ostrovsky book "By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War", as interpreted by The Christian Solution here and especially here. A method to fight this diabolical enemy can be found here)

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