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August 8, 2010

"By Way of Deception"
"Thou Shalt Do War"
(Part 2)
"The Guidebook" for your State Anti-Mossad Campaign


Victor Ostrovsky
By Way of Deception

StormFront *
By way of deception thou shalt do war

* TCS does not endorse Stormfront's views on White Power, but the book review of "By Way of Deception" was revealing
Mossad The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations
Mossad Motto "By Way of Deception, thou Shalt do War"
Katsa Mossad case officer
Sayanim or Sayan Jewish volunteers inside a country who help Mossad Katsas
Kidon Metsada assassination unit

Base Mode of Mossad Operation

Any State who wants to oppose the Israeli mobsters most people identify as the Mossad, creating their own Mossad equivalent to fight fire with fire, must fully understand the normal mode of operation which the Mossad employs.

Once your State has been identified by the Mossad as "hostile", the Mossad will target and undermine your leaders, your economic base, your morale, your determination, even your faith, but they will not directly operate inside your State.

They will send in what they call "combatants" operating undercover on a war footing (of course). These members of the Komeniute, will each operate with a combatant pair outside your State, both of whom will report to a Katsa case officer.

The purpose of the second pair outside your State is to allow him to "throw his insider pair a lifeline", should he get into trouble.

The deep cover for the combatant will most likely be a business established by the Mossad inside the State, mostly likely import/export to other States. The Komeniute has a business unit which analyzes each company and each market, passing the information to the case officer who, in turn, advises the combatants how to operate the business.

Combatants are not spies themselves, but gather "fiber" intelligence, observe economics, rumors, feelings, moral and such. They do not make direct physical observations, such as movement of State militia arms, or the readiness of hospitals for war. (pg 117)

To determine what the combatants will do in your State, there will be only one question ever asked,

"Is it good for the Jews or not?" Forget about policies, or anything else. That was the only thing that counted and depending on the answer, people were called anti-Semites, whether deservingly or not.

-- By Way of Deception - pg 122

The Mossad will engage in Smear Campaigns

Your State champions can expect vicious smear campaigns.

Even inside Israel the Mossad has influenced the outcome of national elections.

The Mossad favored Menachem Begin over Yitzhak Rabin in the 1973 Israeli election. Israeli law makes it illegal for Israeli citizens to have bank accounts in foreign countries. The Mossad knew that Rabin's wife had a tiny $10,000 in a New York account for when she visits there. At the right time, the Mossad leaked this information to Israeli journalist Dan Margalit causing an uproar that swung the vote in Begin's favor. (pg 123)

I would expect Israeli law to take an even dimmer view of thier own Mossad influencing their own elections, but can you expect any better treatment from the Mossad for your own State elections?

The Mossad will activate their Propaganda Machine

Expect your State to be viciously attacked by the Mossad propaganda machine with lies, innuendo and slander.

America and Israel had a joint military agreement where America would build all the F15 and F16 fighter jets, while Israel's Israeli Aeronautical Industries (IAI) would build all the reserve fuel tanks for both of them.

Saudi Arabia was then forced to buy their F15 and F16 fuel tanks from their arch enemy the Israelis and guess what, those fuel tanks were highly overpriced.

At the time, the Mossad had the phones bugged of the Saudi Arabian King, so from this this they discovered that the King was trying to circumvent this Israeli monopoly, by buying his fuel tanks directly from the U.S. at the same rate the U.S. military bought the fuel tanks from IAI.

The IAI would lose a lot of money so the Mossad sprang into action in defense of their native industry.

The Mossad got the Israeli Lobby to say flat out, "Hell No!!!"

The Israeli Lobby screamed bloody murder that if the U.S. sold jet fighter fuel tanks to Saudi Arabia, then Saudi Arabia would be able to target any Israeli city for destruction.

Dead Israeli school children was pictured in the minds of all Americans and Israelis.

Even though Saudi Arabia was brokering massive amounts of oil for the fuel tanks, the U.S. leadership was paralyzed by the fake Jewish propaganda of victimization.

But the Mossad gave Saudi Arabia a way to save face. They set up a Mossad Komenuite combatant company in Europe that just happened to have a secret supply of fuel tanks.

So the Mossad bought the fuel tanks at the favorable American rates and sold the fuel tanks to Saudi Arabia for the same gross profit that the IAI defense contractor was previously getting, helping the Mossad fund their own operations. (pg 123)

The Mossad pits one enemy against the other

Do not be surprised if one day you found that the Mossad blew up the BP Deepwater Horizon oil drilling platform, causing all the environmental damage in the gulf. Your State should not be surprised to find your facilities sabotaged as well.

During the Iran-Iraq war, Israel was glad that two of their enemies were fighting each other rather than both teamed up together fighting them.

In order to insure that the war continued until each side was totally exhausted from the war, the oil tanker shipments were closely monitored.

The Mossad calculated exactly how much oil each side needed to sell in order to buy the weapons needed to keep the war going. Anytime that one side started slipping more than the magical 48% of their oil tankers through the other's blockade without being sunk, the Mossad, acting the part of a "patriot", would inform the other side of the exact whereabouts of the oil tanker and that oil tanker would be sunk.

Polluting the environment of course, but more importantly, the Israelis were selling arms to both sides while making a killing on the blood of young men sent to their deaths. (pg 124)

To help facilitate the selling of arms so that the Iranians and Iraqis never knew they were buying from the Israelis, the Mossad had a liaison called the Kaisarut, which facilitated deals for retired Israeli generals and security to sell those military arms. (pg 124)

The Mossad helps Muslims

The Mossad will help any devil so long as the devil is a devil to your State and not to Israel

The U.S. sold Skyhawk fighter jet to Israel with the agreement that the Israelis would not resell them to other countries.

Mistake number one to have the Israelis keep a promise.

The Mossad forged the signature of the Israeli Prime Minister, allowing 30 U.S.-made Skyhawk fighters to be sold to Muslim, America-hating Indonesia.

Naturally, with the Prime Minister's signature being "forged", the Prime Minister could deny any complicity and deny having any knowledge of the affair.

The Mossad will train you for money, but will train your enemy as well

You can ask the Mossad to train your State Mossad, for they will do it for the money, but expect them to train your enemy in how to counter everything they just trained you to do, so that all your training is for naught.

In Sri Lanka, off the coast of India, the predominant religion is Buddhist; however, the minority Tamils are Hindu, with multitudes of Hindu on the Indian mainland being sympathetic toward the plight of the Tamil Hindus.

Indian Tamils were helping fund a Hindu terrorist group called the Tamil Tigers. Sri Lanka wanted to know how to counter the insurgents.

So, Sri Lanka went to the Mossad for the best training in the world. The Mossad sold Sri Lanka Israeli-made gun boats and showing them how to patrol the coast-line for Tamil infiltrators.

At the exact same time, the Mossad had Tamil Tigers in Israel training the Tamil on how to sink the gun boats the Israelis just sold to the Sri Lankins and how to counter the coast-line defenses set up by the Israelis.

When the Tamils proved to be highly effective in sabotage, Sri Lanka blamed India, but not the real culprits, the Mossad.

The Mossad will not tell you what they really think of you

The leader of the Kaisarut was expressing all the supremacist racism Jews are so well known for in this quite about the Sri Lankan soldiers training in Israel.

"These guys are monkey-like. They came form a place that's not developed. They're not long out of the trees. So don't expect much... [the specs they bring] were not written by these monkeys. Give them a banana and send them home."

-- Mossad Kaisarut Director Amy Yaar (pg 127)

The Mossad will steal your secrets and not trust you with theirs

Expect every advantage your State has to be exploited by the Mossad for the benefit of Jews.

The French has an embargo with Israel and will not sell to them because they know Israel will reverse engineer their systems and start producing French systems in Israel. (pg 221)

Funny thing is that the Jews feel the same with the Chinese. They will not sell to the Chinese because they know the Chinese will steal them blind and they don't want the cheap competition. (131)

A lesson America could have heeded.

In fact, the Mossad itself does not exchange notes with other "friendly" agencies such as the CIA, unless the CIA was the one sharing. The Mossad has even "stolen" CIA agents with double pay (pg 141)

The Mossad helps nuclear proliferation

Make sure your State does not press Israel too hard -- they have nukes and have already promised to "wipe the pope off the face of the Earth"

The greatest goal of the State of Israel was to have a nuclear capability. But they had a severe problem -- not enough room to test out a nuke.

So, they teamed up with South Africa and helped them "develop" a nuclear weapon.

In fact, they were just trying out one of their own bombs way down at the tip of south Africa, where not many prying eyes exist. (pg 150)

Once South Africa helped Israel test out their nuke, the Jews were the first to call for a world-wide embargo against the "racist" "apartheid" system of South Africa. The exact same racist, apartheid system Israel imposes upon their Palestinian minority.

The Mossad falsely blames others to get a Stronger Party to take Action

You may find other States attacking your State after the Mossad works them over.

After the Mossad thwarted the effort of the PLO to fire shoulder-launched SA-7 Strella missiles at the incoming plane of Golda Meir at the Rome airport, the Mossad obtained the serial numbers of the 12 Strella missiles.

The Mossad routinely "impressed" the CIA with lists of Russian military equipment being sent to Egypt and Syria, so the Mossad simply gave the Rome Strella serial numbers to the CIA as part of a list of equipment supplied by Libya's Moamer al Kadhafi and not the real source of the Strella missiles being Yugoslavia.

Now, the CIA doesn't trust anything the Mossad tells them, so they needed confirmation.

Not to worry, the proven untrustworthy Mossad can supply that confirmation as well.

The Italian intelligence community was extremely embarrassed that a foreign head of State was almost assassinated on their watch. So the saintly Mossad offered to help them cover-up their incompetence. The Mossad's psychological warfare department (LAP) was called in to help the local Mossad plan a story.

The Italian intelligence were to release a story that they had captured the PLO on the way to Vienna with Strella missiles. The Serial numbers of the missiles were then forwarded to the CIA

Whala! The CIA had the confirmation they needed. -- Those Mossad agents can be trusted after all!!! (pg 199)

The CIA told the President that Libya's Khadafi was a problem in the Middle East, being one of the misinformations from the Mossad eventually leading to Ronald Reagan sending a squadron of U.S. fighter jets to attack Khadafi's palace.

Better that America fights Israel's battles.

Mossad Interrogation Techniques

Looks like the Mossad has been training our federal intelligence agencies, so prepare your State Mossad agents for extreme torture.

For the PLO captured at the Rome strella missile incident, the Italians allowed the Mossad to interrogate the prisoners. To instill terror, the Mossad told the Italians in front of the prisoners that "This is an Israeli room now. We will be responsible for the prisoner."

First thing the Mossad Shaback officer would do would be to replace the regular cuffs with tighter more painful Mossad cuffs, put a jute sack over his head, and open his fly to pull out his penis. (pg 201)

Mossad Research

Watch for any and all of your State secrets to be stolen by the Mossad.

The Israeli military wanted a French Exocet missile to study, so they came to the Mossad to get it for them

The Mossad quickly got the specs from a Jewish Sayan inside the French company who built the Exocet, Aerospatiale. As part of this operation, they were able to get a team inside Aerospatiale to photograph the missile and to obtain the complete plans.

But that is not like having a missile in your hands to hang under the wing of one of your jet fighters to electronically measure all its parameters under various conditions.

The Israeli military wanted a real live Exocet.

Well, as said before, the French has an arms embargo against Israel, for a realistic concern that the Israelis would copy their arms.

So the Israeli Mossad simply went to countries who France had sold the Exocet to.

Mike Harari, retired Mossad department head, became Manuel Noriega's trainer of Panama's elite special anti-terror unit K-7.

Harari, through his connections got a Exocet out of South America and into Israel. (pg 227)

Harari's name will come up again later in this article as a seller of Mossad-owned hashish into America.

Mossad show no Respect toward kindly Christian Europeans

Your State may believe that the Mossad loves them and can be trusted, but this will never be the case. Remember, the guiding principle is what is good for Israel.

The Danish think that the Jews love the Danes because they were so helpful saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust. So the Danes believe the Mossad would be thankful and hence can be trusted.

A foolish mistake.

The Mossad do not hold the Danes in high esteem. Quite the opposite in fact.

They call the Danes fersalach, the Hebrew terms for a small burst of gas -- that is, a fart. (pg 231)

Mossad plays a friendly game of Chess with Checkmate in mind

The Mossad can compromise your State security without anyone knowing.

Magid was an innocent Syrian informant for the Mossad. Little did he know that his love of the game of chess would compromise Syrian security.

Magid was targeted by the Mossad because his brother was a top Syrian official; a ministerial-level official with the Syrian military. So it should have been no surprise to have found a Mossad agent pretending to be studying chess in the lobby of the Danish hotel that chess fanatic Magid was staying at. As expected, Magid was intrigued, took the bait, and came over to suggest a chess move.

Little did he know, but he was already recruited!

After gaining his trust and bugging his rooms with pinhole cameras in his ceilings, Magid was baited to supply intelligence for his new chess-playing friend. The new (Mossad) friend was of course a "wealthy entrepreneur" who gave "investment assessments to his clients". As he told Magid, "We advise our clients whether or not to invest in a country, so we must gather intelligence on that country. We are almost like a private CIA."

After flashing plenty of money and girls in front of Magid, he was more than happy to help his chess friend ply his brother for information on top secret Syrian operations.

The brother Jadid was brought in and paid for information as well. A $30,000 finders fee to Magid and $2,000 per month: $20,000 per month to Jadid. (pg 238)

This arrangement worked well for 5 months until another Mossad informant named Haled told the Mossad that Jadid was suspected of being a drug pusher and was to be arrested.

So the Mossad let Jadid know he was to be arrested, gathered every other considerable bit of information out of him about Syria and set him up under another identity in Holland. (pg 241)

Mossad does not want "Peace breaking out all over"

Creating internal strife in your State by assassinating your most beloved leader is not outside the realm of possibilities for the Mossad.

    "The one thing [the Mossad] didn't want was peace breaking out all over. So there was a lot of activity designed to prevent serious negotiations" (pg 247)

The Mossad didn't just "wish" for conflict, but pushed for it.

    "The right-wingers in the Mossad were pushing to have Arafat killed.

    Their arguments was that if they assassinated Arafat, the Palestinians would replace him with someone more militant, who would not be acceptable to the West, or to the left in Israel, and therefore there would be no peaceful solution to the problem.

    Violent clashes and ultimately unconditional surrender were the only way the Mossad could conceive of achieving peace." (pg 250)

Killing a peaceful leader to get a violent leader?

Surely not a policy of "the only Democracy in the Middle East"

Can't possibly be the true character and nature of America's best friend ever.

As we will see, in the end, it was better for the Mossad to have relatively-peaceful Arafat in power, but perceived to be as evil as the man who would have replaced him.

Mossad propaganda makes Arafat into the "baddie"

Your State may have a Ron Paul patriot, but Jewish media-Scribe propaganda making him into what he is not, serves their purpose just as well.

Since 1977, the Mossad had recruited Durek Kasim, the driver and bodyguard for Arafat. They knew his every move. Arafat was a dead man any second the Mossad could agree to get rid of him, so he must have served a more useful purpose to Israel alive than dead.

Israeli Prime Minister Begin began his Lebanon war in 1982 by blaming Arafat for the assassination attempt on Shlomo Argove, Israel's ambassador to London, even though Begin knew that the more radical Black June Organization (BJO) under Abu Nidal was the real responsible party. (pg 248)

You see the logic don't you?

The right wingers wanted Arafat dead so as to get a really bad guy as the leader and the Judeo-Christian leaders in the West would rally around our good friend Israel.

But the real tactic was to make Arafat look like the really bad guy they really wanted.

Same result -- Christians in America and England rushing to Israel's defense and Muslims rushing to harmless Arafat's side.

Mossad has a strategy of a "Balance of Weakness"?

America's power and influence is being destroyed in order to create a Jewish-controlled U.N. mandate of a "balance of weakness."

Your State must fight this.

Here is the Mossad pot calling the Syrian kettle black---
    The Syrians are always switching their military support in Lebanon from one group to another based on what they call the "balance of weakness".

    They believe that if one of the fighting factions gets strong, they should back another group to fight it. That way, they keep everyone down and exercise overall control of the situation. (pg 253)

There can be nothing better which better describes Jewish thoughts toward groups of Gentiles, Christians and Muslims both.

Mossad tactics in preparation for the War in Lebanon

Your State mossad-styled militia will be painted in the worst possible light. Expect it from the Israeli Mossad hypocrites!

Before Begin could attack Lebanon, he would have to justify the taking southern Lebanon. So before the war began, American public opinion had to first be swayed to sympathize with Israel.

A perfect job for the Mossad.

The Mossad happily painted the PLO as wanting war not peace when they:
  • Produced photos of armament depots of General Khadra's PLA (In actuality, the armament depots are not a surprise as the PLA is an unit of the Syrian army.
  • Produced CIA documents captured from the PLO showing actual attack plans of northern Israel (In actuality, also not a surprise as all armies have attack plans should the need arise.)
  • Even before the war began, produced news releases and photos for release after the war began that would "authenticate the Palestinian threat" (pg 254)

Surely the massive judeo-media-scribe radio, TV and newspaper blitzes launched against the Taliban and Saddam Hussein (and now Iran) were not, in reality, just orchestrated propaganda campaigns of the Mossad?

Mossad Sting Operation hints of Greed and Corruption

The Mossad is guilty of pushing drugs on the children of your State. They will without remorse assassinate your peace-loving State officials. They are the enemy.

Arafat wanted small arms for his personal army called Force-17. The problem was that his Eastern European source was through another Palestinian group called the PLA, who wanted Arafat to depend upon them for his protection -- hence Arafat's need for protection. Therefore, Arafat was forced to get his arms in Europe.

The Mossad had a plan. (pg 255)

In their plan, the Mossad would:

  • Get the weapons for themselves, stopping Arafat from getting them
  • Halt negotiations for peace between the PLO and Israel's foreign office
  • Swindle the interim loan for the Palestinian arms away from Arafat, helping fund the Mossad
  • Swindle the hashish away from Arafat, which he was to use to pay for the arms, allowing the Mossad to sell the hashish in America for more cash

Detailed plan

1) Neviot teams sent to Hamburg in May 1981, setting up a secure dock and warehouse.

2) Metsada team assigned to Naim Khader in Brussels to make sure he did not get serious peace negotiations under way. Khader had met with Arafat on March 12, 1981 and assigned to lead a peace delegation to the Israeli foreign office. So that peace would not happen, the Mossad assassinated Khader, making it look to Arafat like the violent Abu Nidal was the one trying to block the peace negotiation with Israel, instead of Israel being the one to block the peace negotiation.

3) Saudi Arabian billionaire Adnan Khashoggi, a Mossad recruit, supplied the fake arms dealer who would present weapons "stolen from various stockpiles at European military bases"

4) Isam Salem, Arafat's man in East Germany, was approached by Mossad even before being asked to get weapons. Mossad Katsa Daniel Aitan, under cover as Harry Stoler, a businessman who dealt in "various equipment and materials".

5) German GSG-9 were told that they would be notified of PLO to pick up and given evidence to convict them.

6) The pieces were in place -- now the sting begins. Arafat contacted Isam Salem for the small arms, who then contacted "Harry Stoler" as his man who could get the small arms

7) Arafat had the hashish "currency" to pay for the small arms sent by the Black Bloc terrorists from Lebanon to Greece.

8) On a trumped up charge, the Mossad had the German GSG-9 arrest the man who was to handle the sale of the hash with the interim loan on the Black Bloc side and deal with Isam Salem on the small arms side. Mossad was allowed to interrogate the man, who cut a deal. He would be held incognito until the operation was complete.

9) With shopping list in hand, Mossad went to Khashoggi's Saudi arms dealer friend to fill the order and brought those arms to Hamburg.

10) "Harry Stoler" began working with Isam Salem about shipping details.

11) Mossad Katsa met with Black Bloc second-in-command to inform him of a "change in plans", that the hashish would now be traded directly for arms.

12) Isam Salem was forced to get financing from Abu Taan, the head of the PASC coordination group's armed struggle command, since he could not now get it from the hashish

13) Mossad promised the Black Bloc some missiles and dummy missiles were planned to be delivered.

14) In Hamburg, the PLO leader Aloon was shown the weapons stored in a container at the Mossad secure warehouse. Aloon was given the keys to the warehouse door and the plan was for the lock and the warehouse number to be placed on a warehouse clone with no arms. A problem developed when Aloon insisted upon sleeping with the weapons.

15) The Mossad contacted Francois Ganud, the 65-year-old Geneva banker and financial supporter of Carlos the Jackal for the $5 million dollars in interim financing.

16) The Aloon problem was fixed with a duplicate container on a hoist, lowered in place while Aloon was temporarily distracted. The real weapons were returned to the arms dealer with the Mossad keeping the $5 million dollars.

17) The hashish was exchanged for fake missiles.

18) The hashish in the hands of the drug-pushing Mossad was sold to Noriega's "Rahm Emanuel", Jewish infiltrator Harari, for sale in the United States for $7 million dollars, further enriching the Mossad at the expense of drugged American youth.

19) The Mossad notified the waiting German GSG-9 of the whereabouts of the PLO and they were arrested (pg 255)

All in all, a mediocre Hollywood movie plot done in real life. Except that "the good guys" assassinated a man wanting to negotiate peace, kept all the dirty money for themselves, and were drug-pushers selling drugs on the American market to our young. Otherwise, your typical nice Jewish boys.

Mossad says they do not spy on Israel's best friend, the United States

The Mossad rational for not spying in America.
    "In enemy territory, you don't want to get caught because they're going to shoot you."

    "In the United States, the friendliest country, you don't want to get caught because they're going to shoot your entire country" (pg 272)

American Christians hurt the poor Jews in Israel? Get real!

Anyway, there is still the reality of what Israel says and what it does...

Jonathan Pollard was a Jewish "sayanim" who was selling the entire electronic signal map American forces had documented on all other foreign electronic transmissions.

This vital information for America's security, Israel then sold to the Soviets in exchange for more Jewish emigration out of Russia.

But the Mossad claims its hand were completely clean. The Mossad claims that it does not operate against Israel's best friend in the whole world.

Naw! Never!

And "technically" the Mossad was sort of clean, because it was a "former" Mossad Katsa leading the Israeli military unit called LAKAM who was responsible for spying in the U.S. and compromising American national defense. (pg 267)

Oh, and by the way, the Mossad will admit they are not perfect. They may target one of our U.S. Senators on the Arms Committee, if the U.S. Senator just happens to have a Jewish aid and the aid agreed to become a sayan.

Was Jewish Monica Lewinsky a sayan for the Mossad as she was sucking the presidential staff while the President was discussing America's secrets to congressmen on the phone? Don't know, the book By Way of Deception was written before this incident.

So we are all still friends, America and Israel, right?

Mossad sells our own technology back to us

Expect double dealing in your State with the Mossad.

In January 1986, the Mossad helped Israel win a 5-year $25.8 million dollar contract to supply the U.S. navy and marine corps with 21 16-foot-long drones.

How did they do it?

First off, the Mossad saved the Israeli defense firm the costs of the R&D incurred in developing a drone technology by stealing the R&D work of their American competitor. Without research and development costs to recoup, the Israeli defense contractor could undersell the American developer of the drone.

The Mossad also spied to obtain the bid the American competitor was going to place, so that the Israeli defense firm did not have to undersell the American firm by much at all. (pg 270)

Nobody says that Jews play fair.

Mossad caused the resignation of Andrew Young

President Jimmy Carter's U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations was Andrew Young and the Mossad didn't like him.

Being a civil rights activist, men like Andrew Young would be fully supported by the Jews in inflicting a moral indignation against whites for a historic event none of them had anything to do with -- the slavery of blacks more than a hundred years ago because Jewish slave traders brought them from Africa to the Americas in shackles.

But the Jews were not about to support any civil rights for the poorly-treated Palestinians in modern Israel and Andrew Young was known for expressing the same moral outrage against white Jews in Israel in regards their treatment of Palestinians-of-color, that he was holding American white Christians to in regards to American blacks.

He had to go, so a sting operation was set-up to entrap Young.

The Kuwaiti ambassador was to have Young over to his home and unofficially, the PLO representative to the UN, Zehdi Labib Terzi was to just happen to be there at the same time.

The Mossad released a tape of Young negotiating with the PLO in violation of U.S. policy and Young was forced to resign against a blaze of Jewish media-Scribe moral gnashing of teeth.

Black leaders were livid by the double standard when U.S. Ambassador Wolf, a Jewish leader, was not also asked to resign for meeting with the PLO. (pg 279)

The defense of Wolf by Jewish media-Scribes? -- It was OK for Wolf to violate U.S. policy since Wolf did not lie about doing so. Jews may violate the Constitution, the laws under the Constitution, its regulations and any Christian or Jewish moral codes, but Jews never lie -- The Ten Commandments tell them not to lie. Andrew Young lied about wanting to help negotiate peace, so he was a bad public official who had to go.

Mossad establish an Israeli version of the Boy Scouts

Your State needs to train its youth in Mossad techniques and counter-measures.

In Israel, every boy and girl belongs to the eduday noar ivry (Battalion of Hebrew Youth)

These hets va-keshet (Bows and Arrows) playgrounds include training in security, intelligence gathering, investigations, as well as how to use a sniper rifle and Uzi assault rifles.

And these summer camps are open to Jewish youth from other countries, many of whom later become sayam in their host countries. (pg 291)

Mossad establish an Operation Moses sting and slaughter an innocent man

Make it clear inside your State that the Mossad considers anyone to be an enemy of Israel and their life has no value to the Mossad.

Israel decided to help the Ethiopian Jews or Falashas escape from drought-ravaged, war-torn Ethiopia to Israel. They first had to smuggle them to the Sudan.

A fake European resort developer, in actuality ran by the Mossad, approached Sudanese officials to establish a scuba-diving resort 75 miles north of Port Sudan, across the sea from Mecca.

Soon, European tourists and Arabian officials were being entertained by the Mossad. Israeli navy frogmen were volunteered to be tourist scuba diving instructors.

An airfield was created in the desert a short distance away and a flight path was developed that avoided all foreign radar tracking. The Falashas were to be trucked out to the airport then flown to Israel.

Meanwhile, Israeli high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft located Sudanese roadblocks.

Everything was going as planned until one trip back, a truck was intercepted by a missed roadblock. The Israeli drivers were without proper ID and were handcuffed for a few days awaiting the guards release a few days hence.

Having discovered the truck missing, a search party quickly found them at the guard station.

A plan was worked up and the Israeli saviors raced up in another truck, yelling in Hebrew "GET DOWN" as they sprayed the Sudanese guard with submachine gun bullets.

The guard tent was burned down, making it look like a guerrilla attack. (pg 299)

Once again, our Israeli boy scout soldiers killed, in cold blood, an innocent man who was just doing his duty for his country.

Mossad utilize the expression "Loose Lips Sink Ships!!!"

There used to be an old expression during the World Wars that "loose lips sinks ships!"

Here is how your State could be suckered into helping the Mossad destroy your State using the good moral character of your own people against them.

The Mossad wanted to take out PLO boats bringing military supplies into the Gaza Strip. They knew that many went by way of Tripoli, so they needed to know when the ships arrived and which docks they were loaded and unloaded from.

How were they going to get this critical information?

Working with their chief psychiatrist and a sayan French Insurance company, a Katsa, posing as a French insurance investigator, called the Tripoli harbor-master offering him a "reward" for helping the "marine insurance company" find ships which were reported sunk for the insurance money.

The harbor-master, being a good man, was more than happy to help catch bad guys scamming the system and not unhappy at all for being paid a little sum in order to save the insurance company a large sum.

The fake "insurance investigator" would give him the names of ships they insured and he was to report back when they entered and left the harbor. Of course, some of the ships were the PLO boats the Mossad was looking for.

After the harbor-master reported the arrival of two PLO boats, an Israeli PT boat approached close to the harbor, launched a wet-submarine with frogmen aboard who came into the harbor, attached explosives to the hull of the PLO boats and left.

When the PLO boats exploded, the harbor-master called the Jewish Katsa, whom he thought was a marine insurance agent to say that, "You won't believe what happened"

"They blew up two ships right in the middle of the harbor."

"Who did?"

"The Israelis, of course!" I don't know how they found the ships, but they did. Fortunately, they weren't any of yours, so you don't have to worry" (pg 309)

Mossad befriends a "Jesuit-educated" thug

The Mossad has no respect for the religion of your State citizens.
    Lebanese Pierre Gemayel founded the Phalangists and Bashir Gemayel took over the feudal-based organization....Gemayel, the Jesuit-educated thug who would become Israel's "friend" through the efforts of the Mossad... (pg 313)

In the title above, scare quotes are place around "Jesuit-educated" just before the word thug; whereas, the Jewish ex-Mossad agent puts scare quotes around the word "friend" just after Israel.

Two lessons we can possibly learn here? 1) Jews honestly believe that the Jesuits train thugs and 2) Jews do not believe they can be friends with Jesuit-educated Catholics.

Mossad employs the best people

As our Founders told us, "put faith in no man". Expect the Mossad to bribe every one of your State officials.

Everyone who was anyone was on the Mossad payroll in Lebanon.
  • Bashir Gemayel, Christian Phalangist leader of the Christian militia
  • Major Sa-ad Haddad, a Christian leader of the Shi'ite Muslim militia
  • Nabih Berri, the Muslim leader of the Shi-ite Muslims
  • Walid Jumblatt, the Muslim leader of the Druze Muslim sect

Thank goodness American leaders would not be so corrupt as to be on the payroll of the Mossad and favor Israel's interests over American interests each and every time.

Mossad monitors Israeli segregation laws

Your State must control its borders during this war, unlike the way the federal government controls all our borders.

Each day before the Intifada, 60,000 Palestinians from the Gaza Strip would travel into Israel to work. And each night, those 60,000 Palestinians would leave Israel, because by law, they were not allowed to stay overnight. (pg 333)

I suppose one could identify the Palestinian migrant workers as tourists, but Cesar Chavez would have had them unionized and Martin Luther King would have had them sleeping overnight in a hotel in civil disobedience.

Oh, the violent Intifada would allow the Jewish media-Scribe press to show the Palestinians as cruel animals, instead of the victims of racial and religious Jim Crow laws in their own country.

Mossad lets 241 marines die for their cause

Your State should not support anything that would help Israel.

On Oct 23, 1983, a large truck plowed into the U.S. Marine barracks, killing 241 marines.

The Mossad could have stopped it but did not want to.

Mossad informants told the Mossad of the fitting of an unusually large truck bomb, giving the description of the Mercedes truck being fitted.

The planned target of the Mercedes truck was unknown.

While Mossad leader Admony gave his people all the information to be on the look-out for, including a complete description of the truck and what it contained, he only gave American forces under Ronald Reagan a non-descript generic general warning.

    Admony said, "No, we're not here to protect Americans. They're a big country. Send them only the regular information." (pg 321)

After the fact, within a few days, the Mossad passed along to the CIA the names of 13 Syrian intelligence, Iranians, and Shi'ite Muslim Mohamed Hussein Fadlallah.

Too late for the 241 dead American marines, but the Mossad could count on that making Americans back home mad as hell at the Muslims.

We are not to be mad as hell at the Mossad, our Jewish ally who could have insured that those 241 marines would still be alive today.

The Mossad attitude?

The marines died for the cause of Israel -- to keep American hate alive against Muslims. And to teach America a lesson...
    "Hey, they wanted to stick their nose into this Lebanon thing. Let them pay the price." (pg 322)
I believe America is paying the price for sticking her nose into "this Israel thing" for the last 50 years.

Mossad has a dream of cooperation with Muslim countries

Your State Mossad-style militia should eliminate all Muslim influence within your State as being a ploy of your State's Mossad enemy.

Many times The Christian Solution has stated that Jews and Muslims are peas of a pod. Want proof?
    Since the countries beginning, many Israelis have a dream of being able to live in cooperation with the Arab countries -- of becoming part of a world where its people could cross those borders and be greeted as friends. The idea of an open border, such as the much-celebrated U.S.-Canadian border, is still virtually incomprehensible to Israelis. (pg 311)

Besides the fact that helping Israel fight the entire Muslim world has gotten our open border with Canada closed for security reasons, Jews believe one day that they will be as close to Muslims as Americans "used to be" with Canadians.

Really? Close to Muslims? Close to terrorism, be-headings, women clothed from top to bottom, genital mutilation, and all the other lovelies the Muslims are known for.

And what about America's marriage to Israel?

Is America expected to embrace Islam the way Israel wants to?

Or, do Jews abandon their current Christian saviors and make Islam the new Jewish savior, as they did for the first one thousand years of the existence of Islam?

Here are the facts.

Fact #1) Jews wanted to pluck their new nation of Israel smack down in the middle of all of Islam in 1948.

Fact #2) Jews have a much longer history of friendship with Islam than they do with Christianity, from 600 AD up until 1492 AD.

Fact #3) Jews don't believe Christians are their real friends or they would stop making all those Holocaust movies smearing Christian noses in the do-do.

I say that given another generation or two to forget that Jews stole their lands, the surrounding Muslims will become Israel's new best friend.

Meanwhile, America will help keep Jews safe and redirect Muslim hatred away from Israel, placing their hatred upon our own shoulders.

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