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August 8, 2010

"By Way of Deception"
"Thou Shalt Do War"
(Part 1)


Victor Ostrovsky
By Way of Deception

StormFront *
By way of deception thou shalt do war

* TCS does not endorse Stormfront's views on White Power, but the book review of "By Way of Deception" was revealing
Mossad The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations
Mossad Motto "By Way of Deception, thou Shalt do War"
Katsa Mossad case officer
Sayanim or Sayan Jewish volunteers inside a country who help Mossad Katsas
Kidon Metsada assassination unit

Operation Sphinx

(Operation to Insure that Israel
is the World's ONLY Nuclear Power
if at least the only Nuclear Power in the Middle East)

American Jews have long called for America to give up all her nuclear weapons in the name of world peace (sic).

American Jews would love nothing better than for all others to disarm themselves, even their home country of America, so long as a safeguard is in place -- that is, so long as Israel is exempt and gets to keep all 300 or so of her nuclear "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

As for potential nuclear powers in Israel's immediate sphere of influence, Israel takes a more proactive stance on disarmament -- She calls in the Mossad.

Operation Sphinx ended with the American invasion of Iraq on March 20, 2003, which deposed Sadamm Hussein and removed Iraq of all Weapons of Mass Destruction, but it all started during the 1973 energy crisis when France agreed to provide Iraq with a nuclear research center and then a nuclear reactor at Osirak, in exchange for oil from their oil embargo.

    The main points of the Mossad Iraqi campaign in Operation Sphinx were...

  • 1973 - During the Arab Oil Embargo, France signs an agreement with Iraq to provide a nuclear research center and later a nuclear power plant
    1978 - France was forced by "international pressure" to substitute a less enriched uranium fuel for its reactors to Iraq, but Saddam Hussein refuses
  • 1978 - A Jewish sayan HR employee in the French top-secret Sarcelles facility helped identify a member for Mossad recruitment
  • 1978 - In August - Mossad recruitment in France of Iraqi Butrus Eben Halim begins
  • 1979 - On April 5, sabotage of the Iraqi-destined nuclear reactor in France, just before being shipped to Iraq
  • 1979 - On December 29 America listed Iraq on its list of state sponsors of international terrorism
  • 1980 - On June 13, Kidon assassination of Egyptian-born Iraqi physicist Yahia El Meshad
  • 1980 - On July 12, Kidon assassination of an innocent French call-girl named Marie-Claude Magal
  • 1981 - On June 7, Israeli aerial raid on an almost functioning Osirak nuclear plant in Iraq
  • 1990 - On August 2, First Gulf War where an American invasion force cleared Kuwait of Iraqi troops and kept Iraq on a short leash for the next 13 years with constant fly-overs
  • 2003 - On March 20, Second Gulf War, where once and for all, American troops cleared Iraq of WMDs, prompted in America by the destruction of the twin World Trade Center buildings. Again, America now keeps Iraq on an even shorter leash

Operation Sphinx
Mossad Tricks of the Trade
-- An established World-Wide Spy Infrastructure --

In international espionage, there are none that can match the Mossad of the State of Israel.

How can such a small country do this without the vast resources of a super-power like Russia or America?

Long before the creation of the Mossad, before the creation of the State of Israel, Jews were in Diaspora around the world, and that continues to this day.

Many have said in the past that French was the language of international diplomacy; or that today, English is the international language of business.

In fact, with a Diaspora Jewish people living in nearly every country, Hebrew has always been the one and only true international language.

In international finance and trade, there are none who can match the Jews.

Thus, a natural spy network of Jews had already been established.

In modern times, following the creation of Israel, the bond between Jews the world over is now strengthed by a form of Jewish pilgramage to the mother country of Israel. Jewish teenagers from other countries are encouraged to travel to Israel to visit family in Israel and while there, to attend a special Jewish "summer camp", more akin to a military boot camp than to learning how to paddle a canoe.

These Jewish kids are graded for espionage potential, return to their native country and later in life, after they have infiltrated that country's power structure, become Sayan for the Mossad. London alone has 2,000 active sayan with 5,000 more on the list. (pg 86)

With family in Israel and a love of the mother country, the Mossad can count on the fact that they can approach a potential spy network of millions without being turned into the host country as a spy.

Sayan in foreign countries may say they do not want to get involved, and that is respected by the Mossad, but the Mossad also knows that these foreign Jews will never turn them in to the authorities for spying, treason, espionage or other violations of their national laws.

They are a great help in recruitment.

"Recruitment," in Mossad terms, is the creation of any informant : from the in-the-know Jewish sayan of other countries -- to the non-Jewish, totally innocent, and unknowing, Marie-Claude Magal type of informant -- to the greedy, but still unknowing, Butrus Eben Halim type of informant -- to the unwillingly blackmailed Yahia El Meshad type of informant, ultimately assassinated -- to the knowingly collusive spy networks of entire nations -- and only lastly, to the recruitment of a nation's entire military to engage in an operation in support of Israel, such as America's recruitment to take down Iraq in the two gulf wars.

And so the greatest asset Israel has is this web of Jews spread around the world, guaranteed traitors to the country of their birth, spy assistants for the country of their heritage.

Operation Sphinx
Mossad Tricks of the Trade
-- Traitorous Jewish Sayan infiltrators --

The deception in "By Way of Deception" requires that the Mossad know more about an enemy's operations than the enemy does.

Lucky for the Mossad is the fact that most highly placed operations in the world are naturally infiltrated with foreign Jews native to that country, whom the Mossad call Sayan (assistants), and whom can almost always be counted on to "help the home team" in a pinch.

With that in mind, the Mossad needed an inside informant at the French Sarcelles nuclear power plant construction site.

Indeed, there was a Jewish Sayan named Jacques Marcel, who worked in the HR department of the Sarcelles manufacturing plant, with access to all the personnel records, and who was more than happy to allow the Mossad to pillage through the personal files of all employees at the plant for two days.

And so it all began...

Operation Sphinx
Mossad Tricks of the Trade
-- Eavesdropping and Tracking --

From the names on the Sarcelles personnel file, a 42-year-old Iraqi named Butrus Eben Halim, the only Iraqi with a home address listed, was selected for recruitment.

A French real estate Sayan, no questions asked, arranged for the Mossad to have an apartment set-up for Mossad use near the apartment of Halim, in order to make trailing Halim convenient.

Another sayan named Dina was sent to Halim's door as a perfume saleslady so as to get a good look at Halim's wife. Lucky for the Mossad, Samira invited "Jacqueline" into her apartment and spilled her heart out about how unhappy she was in her marriage to Halim. How she was used to rich surroundings which Halim was not providing and triple-BINGO -- she was going to Iraq for several weeks to visit family, leaving her husband vulnerable to recruitment with money and sex.

"Jacqueline" gave Samira a special present in the form of a key-chain, and asked for her apartment key to put it on the new gift, not knowing that a duplicate was going to be made of the image pressed against a special container.

With a duplicate key in hand, "Jacqueline" was able to talk Samira into going out several times with her, so that a special break-in Mossad team could safely be sent into Halim's apartment to place listening devices in every conceivable place, in order to learn his routine and later to keep tabs on his conversations.

Once in place, the eavesdropping and tracking his every move produced an extensive map of Halim's life. His almost cold relationship with his wife, his method of getting to work that varied except for the bus stop by his home, among other things.

The listening devices on the phones told them the exact dates Samira was going to Iraq.

Mossad was ready to get to work...

Operation Sphinx
Mossad Tricks of the Trade
-- Honey traps of young sexy girls and fabulously rich businessmen --

...Halim, on assignment in France from his native Iraq, could not help but notice the sultry blond wearing tight pants and low cut blouses who started showing up at his bus stop every day for the past week. Each day she would be picked up by a light-skinned, blue-eyed, sharply dressed man driving a red Ferrari BB512.

The bus would take Halim to his job at a top-secret project to build a French nuclear reactor for Iraq.

But after a week of drooling over the sultry blond, Halim's bus was "delayed" when a Peugeot pulled in front of it just blocks away (a Peugeot driven by a Jewish Sayan) At the same time, the Ferrari, (driven by a Mossad Katsa), also arrived late and the Jewish Sayan girl not seeing the Ferrari, got on another bus. When the Ferrari arrived, the "businessman" looked around for the girl with a worried look.

Halim walked over to the Ferrari to tell the "businessman" what had happened to his "girlfriend"...

... The fish had swallowed the hook -- Halim was recruited...

Halim was offered a ride to work, for as luck would have it, the businessman worked very close to where he worked. (No coincidence at all of course as the Mossad already knew where Halim worked and lived.)

Donovan, the "businessman", eventually took Halim to an expensive cabaret where of course the rich Donovan would pay for all the drinks.

Donovan told Halim of his plans of selling old cargo containers to poor African countries where windows and doors would be cut in them to make into homes. Halim was asked to go along in his proivate jet as a friend to purchase some of the containers.

When the containers were hoisted, Halim was to see the bottoms rusted and tell Donovan his "discovery", to which Donovan was so thrilled, that he started paying Halim to help him. A thousand dollars at first for noticing the rust and hence for saving him a lot more money than that.

Mossad knows that money, sex and some type of psychological motivation can buy almost anything.

Therefore, next Halim would be exposed to the sex part in Donovan's luxurious hotel suite where young hooker Marie-Claude Magal was awaiting to provide the entertainment. Donovan had to leave on business and told them to enjoy themselves -- which they did, all while being filmed by the Mossad.

Now for the final hook...

    Donovan said to Halim, "I've got the chance of a superb deal from a German company on some special pneumatic tubes for shipping radioactive material for medical purposes." Continuing, "It's all very technical. There's big money involved, but I don't know the first thing about it. They've put me on to an English scientist who's agreed to inspect the tubes. The problem is he wants too much money and I'm not sure I trust him, in any case, I think he's tied in with the Germans."

    "Maybe I could help", said Halim.

    "Thanks, but I need a scientist to examine these tubes."

    "I am a scientist," said Halim.

    Donovan, looking surprised, said, "What do you mean? I thought you were a student."

    "I had to tell you that at first. But I'm a scientist sent here by Iraq on a special project. I'm sure I could help."

Donovan arranged for Halim to meet with Benjamin Goldstein, an Israeli nuclear scientist pretending to be a German carrying a German passport. They hit it off well and Halim started confiding details of his job to the Mossad thinking he was arranging an outside business deal with untold riches to be had.

Now they were going to design nuclear power plants for third world countries. To do so, they needed plans for a nuclear power plant and that is where Halim came in. He was to sneak the nuclear power plant designs out of the Sarcelles facility.

At each stage, he was paid handsomely.

Shortly, Halim began to feel like things were not right. He called Donovan and told him that he felt like these guys were CIA.

What to do? Donovan told him that he checked everything out and they were CIA. After another hooker to soothe his nerves, Donovan told Halim that all they wanted to know was how Iraq would respond when France offers to substitute enriched uranium for what is called "caramel"?

Halim told them that that decision would be made by Egyptian-born physicist Yahia El Meshad who would be arriving in a few days.

Halim was to set up a meeting with the visiting El Meshad to recruit him, but much smarter El Meshad was not to be recruited.

Halim did supply one last important piece of information -- the schedule date for the shipment of the nuclear reactor core to Iraq.

By the time Samira returned, Israeli bugs learned that Halim told her all about what had transpired. Not as dumb as her husband, she twice screamed to her husband that they were probably Israeli security, not the CIA.
    "Why would the Americans care? Who else except the Israelis and my mother's stupid daughter would even bother to talk to you?"

Operation Sphinx
Mossad Tricks of the Trade
-- Deception --

Now, knowing of the exact shipment date and the location of the recently assembled nuclear reactor core, the Mossad was ready to blow the reactor shy-high.

On April 5, 1979, a third truck joined two others en-route to Sarcelles with Mirage fighter engines. In a modern Trojan Horse, it is far easier to break into a facility than to break out. Guards worry more about things being taken out of a facility than things being brought into a facility. In this truck were concealed a team of 5 neviot saboteurs and a nuclear physicist.

Five plastic explosives were strategically positioned on the reactor cores.

But the saboteurs needed an escape plan.

Just outside the gates, an attractive young lady had just been brushed by a car. She was unhurt, but screaming obscenities at the embarrassed driver.

The guards did not notice the men exiting the nuclear plant. Suddenly, an explosion re-diverted their attention back to the nuclear plant and all the pedestrians disappeared into the shadows.

A leftist group claimed responsibility. Others blamed the Libyans, while others the FBI.

When some blamed the Mossad, the accusers were labeled as anti-Semitic.

Operation Sphinx
Mossad Tricks of the Trade
-- Assassinations --

The top Iraqi nuclear scientist, Yahia El Meshad was still a problem.

The Mossad doesn't execute people unless they have blood on their hands.

This man would have had the blood of Israel's children on his hands if he'd completed his project.

So why wait?"

-- By Way of Deception (pg 23)

On June 13, 1980, the official story was that Meshad was accosted by a hooker in the elevator as he was returning to his ninth-floor room. The hooker name Marie Express, (our very own Marie-Claude Magal), was the hooker in the elevator. A few hours after Magal entertained Meshad, two men slipped into his room and slit his throat.

A professional job in the eyes of the French police, and they found a towel stained with lipstick on the bathroom floor.

To protect herself, Magal went to the police and reported that Meshad was angry about being approached for recruitment. She had always thought she was working for the local French police; hence, proof that she had some morals.

Despite all her good work for the cause of Israel, even though she never knew, Magal had become a liability to the Mossad.

On July 12, 1980, Magal was deliberetly ran over by a Kidon assassin on St-Germain Boulevard.

Poor Marie Magal never would have had the blood of Israeli children on her hands, but in the eyes of the Mossad, she had become an "operational emergency."

Officially, the Kidon assassination unit is not a part of the Mossad, so the Mossad claimed that they did not assassinate either Yahia El Meshad or Marie-Claude Magal.

Operation Sphinx
Mossad Tricks of the Trade
-- Call in the Israeli Military for the heavy lifting --

On June 7, 1981, the Mossad had a French technician recruited to place a homing device inside the soon-to-be operational nuclear generating plant in Baghdad. Ironic isn't it that Mossad's inside man was the only casualty when 24 U.S.-built F-15s and F-16s swooped in with U.S. built laser-guided bombs to destroy the reaction dome.

Operation Sphinx
Mossad Tricks of the Trade
-- Propaganda to Recruit an entire Nation --

In the end, America was convinced by a willing media-Scribe press that Sadaam Hussien was a serious threat to America's heartland, and so America completed the job Mossad had started, by taking out the Iraqi regime with two Gulf Wars, at devastating expense for America in both blood and treasure.

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