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August 8, 2010

The Mossad Arm of the Texas Rangers


Victor Ostrovsky
By Way of Deception

The Christian Solution
By Way of Deception, Part 1

The Christian Solution
By Way of Deception, Part 2

"No State shall,
without the Consent of Congress
engage in War,
actually invaded,
in such imminent Danger
as will not admit of delay."

-- U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 10, Clause 3

This quote formed the basis for the recent TCS article concerning an alternate method to deal with the invasion of illegal Mexicans into the State of Arizona.

However, this site will contend that the real urgent need is for a declaration of war to be initiated by each and every State against the actual invasion of the super-secret Mossad spy ring instigated on behalf of the State of Israel against the States of the United States and for which said agency of said country has caused irreparable damage to the interests of the United States.

Proof of this invasion and damage by the Mossad can be discerned in nearly every page of the Victor Ostrovsky book "By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War", as interpreted by The Christian Solution here and here.

Perhaps this site has been a little naive to believe that "The Christian SOLUTION" to the subjugation of Christians in America could be effected by simply having States propose and fund their own candidates for U.S. Senate, who would then propose and repeal the 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, allowing the States to regain their rightful place as part of the federal Checks and Balances, which worked so well for America prior to the elections of 1932, when the last of the pre-1913 State-sponsored Senators were finally forced out of the U.S. Senate by a federally-created Great Depression.

Perhaps this site was a little naive to believe that The Christian SOLUTION was simply to decentralize the Jewish mass media oligarchy, burdoned upon civilization with the centralizing influence of the invention of the nation-wide broadcasting of electronic radio, television, telephone, movie houses, and Internet, with a bought-off, complicit, do-nothing-good federal FCC, to be replaced by way of a State-based, State-controlled FCC that would emphasize Christian morals and American ideals, if not simple-minded fair play.

But a great truth revealed itself to me in the Ostrovsky book and that is that we are not dealing with a people who play by the same rule book we Christian Americans play by.

  • I CAN NOW SEE that any State-sponsored Senator who would put America and Christianity first, if he could not previously be bribed, or scandalized out of office first, would simply be assassinated by the Mossad, with Non-Jewish rivals made to look the culprits. The Mossad has proved themselves quite capable of engaging in such operations time after time. (see The Kennedy Assassination)

  • I CAN NOW SEE that a State-sponsored FCC would be bitterly and cleverly fought against by the existing Jewish media-Scribes, who would rile the ignorant and gullible general public up in anger against it's supposed "McCarthy-like suppression and censorship of free speech", thereby protecting the Jewish oligarchic control of all mass media outlets to be the ones who get to suppress and censor the free speech of the rest of us.

  • I CAN NOW SEE that the federal repeal of Arizona and California law proves that any State-sponsored initiatives would be squashed by a federal government who has come under the almost total control of the Jewish Rahm Emmanuel's and Jewish David Axelrod's, members of the Israeli Sayanim.

    No, it appears to me now that the invasion and imminent Danger foisted upon the States of the United States by the Mossad must be fought on the Mossad's own turf -- not by the CIA who are their bosom buddies, but in secret by State of Texas and State of Virginia Mossads. Fighting fire with fire.

    A war against America must be met by a State-declared Article 1, Section 10 war against the State of Israel.

    And this must be a war of propaganda, a guerrilla war fought "BY WAY OF DECEPTION, SHALL WE WIN THIS WAR".

    A Method to Fight the Mossad

    A detailed accounting of Mossad mischief must be read and understood first and formost here.

    Any State resolution which openly declares war against Israel in a Constitutional manner will no doubt be squashed by the federal government. Expect it!

    But since the federal government itself fights wars all the time in the name of the Citizens of all the States, without itself constitutionally declaring war, then their decision to squash the State Declaration of War, will have neither a moral nor a legal effect upon the decision of the representatives of the good citizens of the State.

    So the States must pass the Declaration of War resolution anyway, knowing full well that federal courts will invalidate them, but they MUST state as a provision of the law, for one and all to see, that no unelected federal court nor unelected federal agency can negate the State law legally passed by the elected representatives of the State.

    By making it a law that members of the federal government cannot nullify a State law written by elected members of the State, the States will then be justified in turning the tables on the feds by nullifying the federal ruling.

    Twice now, the States will stear toward the moral and ethical high road.

    Having now done due diligence, and to prevent a threatened imposition of federal troops, the States will at this time have to pretend to "give in" under the pressure.

    By now WE WILL KNOW that the States will be justified to initiate their war against the Mossad terrorist gangsters by creating their own super-secret State Militia Mossad.

    Fire must be met with fire.

    Deception must be met with deception.

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