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July 31, 2010

Self-Hating Jew
Glenn Beck,
a Self-Hating German Christian


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Glenn Beck knows which side his bread is buttered on

Glenn Beck Radio Talk Show
July 30, 2010
(and we greatly paraphrase):

"I will indirectly agree that Jewish political writer Karl Marx was the source of most of the world's problems, from 1848 when he published "The Communist Manifesto", -- but please, please, please, -- totally disregard the millions upon millions of his Jewish brethren who took up his cause and made Judeo-Communism a bloody reality from Russia to China to Cuba. -- Simply believe me, because I am telling you that Karl Marx was a Self-Hating Jew and so I am telling you that anyone who calls this Self-Hating Karl Marx Jew a 'real Jew' is himself a despicable anti-Semite."

"Believe me when I tell you that
  • Judeo-Communism did NOT free the Russian Jews from the Pale,
  • Judeo-Communism did NOT allow Jews to rule Russia,
  • Judeo-Communism did NOT keep Christian Russian Czars from liberating the Christian lands of the Byzantines,
  • Judeo-Communism did NOT keep Christian Russian Czars from liberating the Christian Holy Lands, and
  • Judeo-Communism did NOT eventually lead to the creation of the Jewish State of Israel in the Christian Holy Lands."

"No believe me when I tell you that Judeo-Communism was a total disaster for Jews, so that means that Jewish Karl Marx was a disaster for Jews and hence means that, Karl Mark could only be described as a self-hating Jew."

"Furthermore, upon visiting the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, I was moved beyond belief by the million reflections of candles in a hall of mirrors and contemplated upon what part my evil and maniacal German Christian relatives played in this wanton destruction of sweet, innocent Jewish life."

"And while in Israel, I might have been somewhat moved by the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus Christ was buried, but I don't see any need to discuss this part of my visit to Israel on my radio show."

-- Glenn Beck (greatly paraphrased)

Calling someone a Self-Hating Jew works both ways Mr Glenn Beck.

If Karl Marx, as evil as he was, does not reflect Jewish history, Jewish ethnicity, and Jewish religious thought, and so can be called a Self-Hating Jew, then same goes for an American of Jewish descent who faithfully follows the United States Constitution and refuses to support the nation of Israel, when it does not serve the best interests of the citizens of the United States.

Such a true-blue, patriotic American Jew would also have to be called a self-hating Jew.

Agreed Mr. Beck?

So excuse me if I don't believe you believe what you are saying.

As for the very moving Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, I'm sure it was very moving, for Jewish artists are extremely creative and moving.

But what I wanted to know was your reaction to visiting a Holodomor Museum?

Oh, right -- you have never heard of a Memorial reflecting upon the 7 million Ukrainians coldly put to their death by Jewish Commissars at the time Adolph Hitler was just coming to power.

I suppose you have no Jewish relatives who you could wonder "How in the hell did my Jewish relatives bring themselves to go along with the inhumane genocide of an entire country."

"How could my Jewish relatives commit genocide against an entire Ukrainian Orthodox Christian religion?"

Glenn Beck, you are shameless!!

You gloss over any damage any Jew have done to Western Civilization and Christianity by dismissing those Jews as "Self-Hating Jews."

Glenn Beck's Conclusion:
"All Jews are innocent as lambs,
for if they are not innocent,
then they are not Jews."
AND, if you insist upon referring to our "non-Jews" as Jews,
then you are an Anti-Semite

Seems that any Christian can say the same about members of their own religion, so I will do it for them.

Mr. Beck, American Christians deserve to have better leaders than yourself, for you are a self-hating German-American Christian and anyone who follows you is an Anti-Christian!

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