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July 18, 2010

Southern Baptist Oilmen
Northern Jewish Bankers


Tom Diemer
Goldman Sachs Fine in Fraud Case: Wall Street Firm Can Afford It

What would you consider the difference to be between a Southern Baptist oilman and a Northern Jewish banker

Dirty and dangerous respectable job
Clean and cushy dis-respectable job

Off hand, I would say that the Southern Baptist oilman earned an honest living. He provided for his fellow man. He was well paid for the dirty and dangerous work he performed, but not to an excessive extent.

The Northern Jewish bankers on the other hand, earned a dishonest living. He enslaved his fellow man with 30-year mortgages where the end result was the payoff of the equivalent of three homes. Homes he could have given his children, but given in interest payments to Northern Jewish bankers instead. For this safe and cushy job, he was well paid indeed -- often into the millions of dollars per year just in bonuses.

Oil companies portrayed as evil to be destroyed
Banks portrayed as indispensable

The Southern Baptist oilmen were constantly demeaned in the Jewish media-Scribe press as dumb (typical Jewish stereotype of Southern Christians), greedy (Exxon is always reported as making excessive profits), and criminal (Enron was killed for the crime of selling natural gas for a profit to liberal Californians who hate petrochemicals and hate the men who produced the petrochemicals.)

The Northern Jewish bankers, other than the Jewish Bernie Maddoff who defrauded his fellow Jew, were never perp-walked in front of cameras for defrauding all of America. The Jewish media-Scribes wanted the Feds to protect them from failing, by throwing money at them and merging their fraudulent operations into relatively clean operations, making even bigger banks to fail.

Drilling Moratorium
"Please Don't Stop Lending to us!"

The Southern Baptist oilmen had a drilling moratorium placed upon them because one well out of the thousands already drilled leaked less oil into the ocean in the three months it leaked, than the sinking of a supertanker from the Muslim Middle East arriving at a Houston port for refining, a ship which had a four times greater chance of sinking, than an offshore oil drilling rig had of exploding. The drilling platform explosion was portrayed as if the oil companies wanted to see all their oil profits bubble up from the ocean floor instead of sending it to a refinery for even more "greedy" profits.

The Northern Jewish bankers were told that they could not possibly stop lending, as the entire American economy would absolutely collapse if they did so. A Banking Holiday as FDR did was out of the question. There would be no banking moratorium. Our fix for our debts was another fix of debt.

(Footnote: During the Iran-Iraq War, the Jewish Mossad kept the war hot by never allowing more than 48% of the oil-tankers through the Persian Gulf. If one side found a way to sneak their oil tankers past the enemy, the Mossad would have an anonymous tipper tell the enemy where to locate the oil tanker so that it could be sank, spilling all its oil into the ocean. Now that is not exactly environmentally friendly of our Jewish allies, the Israelis! -- By Way of Deception, page 124)

Big fine for innocent accident
Tiny fine for criminal fraud

The foreign oil company operating off America's coast (Now that is interesting in and of itself) British Petroleum, earning 75 Billion dollars in the first quarter, without proof of committing any crime with criminal intent, but just a negligent accident, was fined $20 billion dollars, about 27% of total sales for the quarter, by the Obama administration for putting a few fishermen along the gulf coast out of business, leaving Southern Baptist oilmen poorer in order to help their Southern Baptist fishermen neighbors. How sweet and considerate of Obama!

For the most part, instead of fining the Northern Jewish bankers $20 billion dollars for their fraud, they gave the Northern Jewish bankers blank checks totalling well over $1 trillion dollars ($1,000 billion dollars). Must have been hush money so that the Northern Jewish bankers would not tell American Christians how much money the Congressmen were making under the table from them to look the other way.

But in the end, there was one fine levied.

The Northern Jewish banker owned company Goldman-Sachs, making $3.3 Billion in the first quarter, having committed civil fraud with criminal intent, and having been proved guilty in a court of law to being a criminal corporation, was fined $0.55 billion dollars, about 17% of total sales for the quarter, by the Obama administration for putting Americans all over the country out of work.

Because of the Mortgage Fraud Depression Goldman Sachs helped create, many unemployed and underemployed Americans are happy as clams to commiserate with Goldman-Sachs by personally paying a 10% penalty to the federal government for early withdrawal of their 401K accounts, a federal government who was not regulating Northern Jewish financial companies like Goldman Sachs as required by law, and was even encouraging them to be fraudulent with minority housing; a 10% penalty innocent people have to pay for the crime of living off their 401K savings after its value already tanked and knowing that those retirement savings will not be there when they really need it, all the while Goldman-Sachs Northern Jewish banker employees still take home million-dollar bonuses.

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