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July 12, 2010

Islamic Slavery and Christian Freedom

Slavery, Terrorism and Islam

Peter Hammond
Slavery, Terrorism & Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat

Of Mosques and Men: Reflections on the Ground Zero Mosque

We fight wars to defend our country from foreign invasion. We do so because of our concern about what horrors await us if we were to allow ourselves to be invaded.

What tortures would our families endure? What properties would be stolen away from us. What rape of our daughters await? What enslavement of our sons must be endured? What part of our culture will we be forced to destroy?

But the West takes an entirely different view toward religion.

Freedom of religion in the West is not seen as something to fight against, but rather something to fight for. Religious freedom is seen as the source of our freedom, not as the instigator of our enslavement. Ours are "God Given Rights", which God allows no government to take away.

Unlike invasions of foreign nations or an invasion of a foreign peoples such as Mexicans, Indians and Chinese, foreign religions are just not viewed as an invasion force.

We think this way because we are Christians.

But not all religions are Christian in nature, and both Judaism and especially Islam would have Christians enslaved to them.

And the Jewish-controlled Left is at "Dar-es-Salaam" with the religion of Islam, which is what allows and propagandizes for this invasion. Of course, Jews had already invaded America themselves from the 1880's to the 1930's, taking control of all aspects of society, once their sons and daughters were raised on the English language and started taking positions of influence around the 1960's.

In the 1960's, Christians were to take it easy, not work as hard as their parents, sit back, and let the Jews run the country.

Let's go there again with this statement -- " The Jewish-controlled, Leftist, Atheist-loving, Communists love to death the totally fanatical, total immersion and control of every aspect of life under Islam."

Why do Jews want freedom from freedom-loving Christianity just to come under the influence of freedom-hating Islam?

The answer of course is that they do not -- They are not that stupid and never underestimate their schemes -- They just want both major religions on equal par so they can play them off each other for their own benefit.

This is a defense of the religion of Christianity as compared to the religion of Islam. Other articles in this site address the defense of Christianity against Judaism.

The point being of this article is that being controlled by a foreign, non-Christian religion is far scarier than being controlled by a foreign, Christian nation, as this article points out.

Slavery, Terrorism & Islam
The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat

White African Missionary Peter Hammond writes of the Islamic origins of the modern slave trade in his book Slavery, Terrorism & Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat

While many point a judgemental finger toward the Father of America, George Washington, as being a slave owner, few point an accusatory finger toward the Father of Islam, Mohammad, as being a slave owner.

And the differences in their treatment toward slaves could not be more glaring.

  • In Christianity, slavery existed for only around 3 centuries, over the objections of Christian leaders, and only during the settlement of the New World, never in Christian Europe itself (For an expanded view of this see the section below called "The Christian Sin")
  • In Islam, slavery lasted for over 14 centuries as a ritual part of normal Islamic society, approved by Islamic political leaders and more importantly, approved by Islamic religious leaders

  • In Christianity, two of every three slaves were men, used for agricultural purposes -- picking cotton for a few weeks at the end of each growing season
  • In Islam, two of every three slaves were women, used for sexual exploitation as concubines in harems. The black men worked the most demeaning and hazardous jobs, such as mining salt year-round from the salt mines.

  • In Christianity, a black man could look forward to and enjoy mating with a black women, with today, millions of blacks inhabitting the New World as proof
  • In Islam, virtually all black men were castrated and the babies of black women were killed at birth, with few blacks surviving in Islamic countries, leaving no proof of the evils of Islam

  • In Christianity, over 3 centuries, just 11 million enslaved Africans were brought to the New World
  • In Islam, 10 million Africans were enslaved every century by Islamic countries, 140 million in total over the 14 centuries, with an estimated 112 million of those Africans dying en transit

  • In Christianity, whites could volunteer themselves to become indentured servants, in particular when wanting to find a way to pay for their migration to the Americas, but they were not forced into sexual relationships, and eventually earned their freedom to create families and live in freedom
  • In Islam, white Christian women were routinely captured against their will by raiding parties into Christian lands and placed into harems as concubines, never again to regain their freedom. Once their sexuality had faded, these women could look forward to long years as manual laborers. A particular devilish scheme was the Janissary System of the Ottoman Turks where captured Christian boys were raised as enslaved gladiators to make the raids into their own Christian lands to capture their own sisters to feed to these filthy Islamic demons. Of course, Jewish boys were exempt! (From Murad I to 1648, the Janissaries were gathered through the devsirme system. This was the conscription of non-Turkish children, notably Balkan Christians, but also Armenian Christians and Albanian and Bosnian Muslims; Jews were never subject to devsirme. -- Wikipedia - Janissary)

  • In Christianity, tens of thousands of Christians such as anti-slavery abolitionist William Wilberforce actively pushed political leaders for the abolition of the slave trade
  • Islam never had anti-slavery abolitionists. It took a combined Christian British and French naval blockade to finally end the African slave trade into the Islamic world

  • Christianity ended the African slave trade after the European 1807 and 1815 abolition of slavery in their colonies, and the American Civil War in 1860.
  • Islamic countries continued to import an additional 2 million black slaves into their countries

  • Saudi Arabia and Yemen did not officially abolish slavery until 1962 and Mauritania in 1980, only after much international pressure

    -- Slavery, Terrorism & Islam

  • What Peter Hammond is saying is that slavery was a well known notion in Old Testament days. The empires of Egypt, Greece, Rome and even Judea were built upon slavery. Manuel labor was to be done by slaves, not by free men.

    Jesus Christ, being the son of a carpenter, changed the mindset of men and made manual labor respectable and the enslavement of man disrespectable.

    Not so for Islam.

    Islam brought the rebirth of slavery.

      Islamic Basis for Slavery

      Ibn Khaldun (1332 - 1406) the pre-eminent Islamic medieval historian and social thinker wrote: "The Negro nations are as a rule submissive to slavery...because they have attributes quite similar to dumb animals."

      -- Slavery, Terrorism & Islam

      Ibn Timiyya wrote: "Slavery is justified because of the war itself; however, it is not permissible to enslave a free Muslim. It is lawful to kill the infidel or to enslave him, and it also makes it lawful to take his offspring into captivity."

      -- Slavery, Terrorism & Islam

    In contrast to the teachings of Islamic scholars, Peter Hammond quotes Christian actions.

      Christian Basis for Freedom

      From the very beginning of the Christian Church, Christians freed slaves.

      During the 2nd and 3rd centuries, many tens of thousands of slaves were freed by people who converted to Christ. St. Melania was said to have emancipated 8,000 slaves. St. Ovidius frees 5,000. Chromatius 1,400 and Hemes 1,200. Many of the Christian clergy at Hippo under St. Augustine "freed their slaves as an act of piety"

      In AD315, the Emperor Constantine, just two years after he issued the edict of Milan, legalising Christianity, imposed the death penalty on those who stole children to bring up as slaves.

      The Emperor Justinian abolished all laws that prevented the freeing of slaves.

      St. Chrysostim in the 4th Century, taught that when Christ came He annulled slavery. He proclaimed "in Christ Jesus there is no slave...therefore it is not necessary to have a them, and after you have taught them some skill by which they can maintain themselves, set them free."

      By the 14th Century, slavery was almost unknown on the continent of Europe.

      -- Slavery, Terrorism & Islam

    The Christian Sin

    Allowing Jewish Manipulation of Christian Moral Beliefs

    Why after centuries of Christian thought that all men were created equal before God, where the thought of freeing all men was a Christian grace before the eyes of God, did Christians become sinful and start again embracing the slavery of their fellow man in the 15th Century?

    If you know the answer to that question back in those times, then you will also comprehend why Christians in today's times allow the murder of babies through abortion.

    Naturally, the answer is that real Christian followers and real Christian religious leaders never promoted slavery back then, just as they have never promote abortion today.

    Other forces were and are stronger, and their Christian voices of compassion were overridden.

    The Christians were powerless to resist this sin until the majority of Christians finally realized the sin they acquiesced in and pushed Satan out of Europe and America.

    So again, why?

    The New World of 1492 was a vast wilderness and the task of taming it was daunting. Slaves were already tempting enough.

    But more important than that, due to King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella taking Christian control over the 800-year-old Morrish empire which encompassed the bulk of the Sepharidic Jews, Jews were now in Christian lands more than they had ever been before.

    The expulsion decree of all Jews from Spain in 1492 had the effect of pushing the Jews underground into the Christian New World and dispersiong them throughout Europe, especially the Spanish mandate of Holland, where the Jews there would push Holland into super-wealth status with its Dutch East Indies and Dutch West Indies companies.

    In the book, "Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean", it was well established that Christopher Columbus was extremely tolerant of Jews and provided a safe haven for them on the island King Ferdinand granted him as a reward for his explorations.

    As for the rest of the New World, "Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean" documents well the fact that the majority of the trade between the Old and New World was controlled by Covert Jews pretending to be Christians.

    But what was the moral beliefs of these Jews?

    Long before the time of Christopher Columbus, Jews were already well established in supplying the Islamic Empire with African slaves. Sephardic Jews had been in Muslim countries for the last 800 years, especially in Spain before King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella took Christian control of Spain and kicked them out in 1492 AD. Throughout these 8 centuries, Jews in Islamic lands accommodated Muslim slavery by trading in slaves as they also trade in every other kind of sin. From whiskey to the American Indians, to Opium to the Chinese, to pornography to Americans today, Jews will trade anything for a profit and slavery was very profitable.

    These covert Jewish slave traders were able to seduce Christian leaders with untold wealth and power in the race to colonize the New World should they agree to allow the trade and importation of black slaves from Africa.

    In fact, as we see in Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean, the first Jews to America were Jewish slave traders from the Dutch sugar slave plantations of Recife, Brazil, arriving in New Amsterdam under the fruitless protest of the colonies leader, overridden by Jewish owners in the Dutch West India company, who was directly responsible for the slave trade in the Dutch West Indies amd Brazil.

    Thankfully, Christianity won in the end and slavery in Christian lands was eventually stamped out, just as one day abortion will be stamped out in our time, by good Christian men and women.

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