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June 20, 2010

Lost Opportunity
The Liberation of Constantinople


William J. Federer
"Backfired: A Nation Born for Religious Tolerance No Longer Tolerates Religion"

Brief Synopsis:

The little known Crimean War was far more deterministic of European history than many have made it out to be, for it determined that Muslims were to stay entrenched in Europe for good and that Jews, not Christians, would be the ones to retake the Holy Lands.

All Russian Czars, anointed protectors and defenders of Orthodox Christians the world over, have felt compelled ever since the fall of Constantinople to barbaric Muslim hordes in 1453 AD, to free and liberate all former Christian lands in Europe controlled by these cruel, inhumane Ottoman Turk Muslims.

Now in 1853 AD, exactly 400 years later, Constantinople was ready to fall, and with the liberation of Constantinople would come the grand consolation prize of all time -- the Holy Lands!

By liberating Constantinople, the former 1,000-year-old Byzantine Empire, centered upon a benevolent Christian life, would be reconstructed.

But it was not to be, for from a most unlikely source, these Czarist Crusaders, leading a Christian fight against the barbaric Muslim hordes, would be stopped dead in their tracks.

Everyone forgets that one group in particular, besides the Muslims, did not want to see Christians liberating Constantinople, for Jews knew that to liberate Constantinople would stymie their efforts to regain the Holy Lands for their own religion -- Judaism.

Jews wanted Jerusalem for themselves and Christians would not be welcome, for the "right of return" to the birthplace of Jesus was only alloted to a racist Jewish population.

To keep Christians out of the Holy Lands, Jewish leaders used their usual tricks of guile, intrigue and deceit to take control of England and France around the time of the 1848 Judeo-Communist revolutions, then convinced Christians in England and France that it was in their own best interests to fight the Christians of Russia in the Crimean War of 1853 AD, in order to protect Muslim lands in Europe and to protect future Jewish lands in the Middle East.

With the conclusion of the Crimean War, the former capital of the Eastern Orthodox Church, Constantinople, remained firmly in Muslim hands.

The World Wars completes our sad play.

At the end of WW1, when the Czars of Christian Russia fell to the Jewish Communist radicals, and when two million Christians were brutally executed in the Ottoman Empire which England and France "saved" from domination by Russian Christians, then the way was paved for the Jews to take control of the Holy Lands, not of course without the help of Christians in England with Britain's infamous Balfour Declaration, which traded America's entry into WW1 for a Jewish homeland in the Christian Holy Lands.

The 1453 AD fall of Constantinople would not become
the 1853 AD liberation of Constantinople.

The 1848 AD Communist Manifesto had paved the way for
the 1948 AD State of Israel.

The Ottoman Empire
Sick Man of Europe

“We have a sick bear on our hands, a bear gravely ill.

The bear is dying -- you may give him musk, but even musk will not long keep him alive.’”

"Turkey seems to be falling to pieces, the fall will be a great misfortune."

"It is very important that England and Russia should come to a perfectly good understanding... and that neither should take any decisive step of which the other is not apprized."

"It will be a great misfortune if one of these days he slips through our hands, especially before the necessary arrangements are made.”

-- Czar Nicholas I on January 9, 1853,

(from Wikipedia -- Sick Man of Europe)

Slip completely through the hands of Christians is indeed what happened!!!!

In Geo-politics, like soccer, you have to keep your eye on the ball.

And the ball seems to be who controls the Holy Lands...

The Christian Liberation of
Eastern Europe Begins Here

The "Eastern Question" about the disintegrating Ottoman Empire, begins with the defeat of the Turks by the Russians in 1774 under the Russian Czarist Catherine the Great.

The Russian fleet totally destroyed the Turkish Navy in the Battle of Chesma.

Despite their naval success, the Russians were unable to capture Constantinople due to the fortifications in the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus strengthened with the help of the French military adviser Baron de Tott.

Wikipedia -- Russo-Turkish War (1768–1774)

Sad to learn that the same Frenchmen who would help America become liberated against tyranny, would side against Christians to prevent the liberation of Constantinople just two years prior, allowing a Muslim tyranny to continue.

Thus began the first attempt by Russia to re-institute the 1,000-year-old Eastern-Orthodox, Christian-based, Byzantine Empire, destroyed by the Muslims with the capture of their capital Constantinople by the Muslims in 1453 AD.

Ever so slowly thereafter, Russian Czars continued to support and champion a Reconquest of Christian lands.
  • Freedom for Southern Ukraine, Northern Caucasus, and Crimea after the Russo-Turkish War of 1774.
  • Freedom for Moldavia and Wallachia in 1807, during the Napoleonic Wars
  • Freedom for Serbians in 1815
  • Freedom for Greeks in 1821

The Stage is set with the
Judeo-Communist Revolutions of 1848

Jewish political theorist Karl Marx released his infamous book, "The Communist Manifesto" in 1848 and in that year, Europe was covered in blood.

Alexis de Tocqueville remarked in his Recollections of the period that:
    "Society was cut in two:
    • those who had nothing united in common envy, and
    • those who had anything united in common terror."
-- Wikipedia -- Revolutions of 1848

England's attitute just before the Crimean War

In 1848, the Irish Potato Famine was at its height, devasting Roman Catholic Ireland, while Protestant Christian England, not seeing a Christian need to help their Roman Catholic Christian neighbors stood by and did little to help. It would be no surprise years later that England would not only refuse to defend Orthodox Christians, but actively fight Orthodox Christians to protect Muslims in the Crimean War, which can be seen as a strangely illogical way to promote Protestant Christianity.

According to Peter Gray, in his book "The Irish Famine", the government spent seven million pounds for relief in Ireland between 1845 and 1850, "representing less than half of one percent of the British gross national product over five years. Contemporaries noted the sharp contrast with the 20 million pounds compensation given to West Indian slave-owners in the 1830s.

Still other critics saw reflected in the government's response the government's attitude to the so-called "Irish Question."

Nassau Senior, an economics professor at Oxford University, wrote that the Famine "would not kill more than one million people, and that would scarcely be enough to do any good." It is not clear from this quote, however, whether Nassau Senior was speaking from a Malthusian context.

In 1848, Denis Shine Lawlor suggested that Russell was a student of the Elizabethan poet Edmund Spenser, who had calculated "how far English colonization and English policy might be most effectively carried out by Irish starvation."

Charles Trevelyan, the civil servant with most direct responsibility for the government's handling of the famine, described it in 1848 as "a direct stroke of an all-wise and all-merciful Providence", which laid bare "the deep and inveterate root of social evil"; the Famine, he affirmed, was "the sharp but effectual remedy by which the cure is likely to be effected. God grant that the generation to which this opportunity has been offered may rightly perform its part..."

-- Wikipedia -- Great Famine (Ireland)

France's attitude just before the Crimean War

Note that while the Judeo-Communist 1848 revolutions were largely put down in most of Europe, and largely with the help of Czarist Christian-defenders, the Judeo-Communist revolutions were successful in France.

The "February Revolution [of 1848]" in France ... was driven by nationalist and republican ideals among the French general public, who believed that the people should rule themselves. It ended the constitutional monarchy of Louis-Philippe, and led to the creation of the French Second Republic. This government was headed by Louis-Napoleon [Bonaparte], who after only four years, returned France to a monarchy [Dictatorship] with the establishment of the Second French Empire in 1852.

- Wikipedia -- Revolutions of 1848

So the great question after 1848 was "Why would a freedom-loving, Conservative, and Protestant, England, who thought it God's providence for their Roman Catholic Irish neighbors to starve to death by the millions, while England did little to help, then within a few short years, later jump to the aid of Roman Catholic, perennial-arch-enemy France, who had an essentially Judeo-Communist, Anti-Monarchy, government at the hands of Napoleon Bonaparte's nephew -- The same Napoleonic rule that Great Britain had fought so hard against just 40 years prior in 1812? All done in order to help defend Muslims from Christians!!!"

A very good question!!!!

A question which I hope I answer.

England Is Made To Fight Against Its Best Interests

England from 1847 to 1852 was not herself. She was coming strongly under the influence of the Jewish cartel.

In 1847 Lionel de Rothschild was first elected to the British House of Commons as one of four MPs for the City of London constituency.

Jews were at that point still barred from sitting in the chamber due to the Christian oath required to be sworn in as Prime Minister

Lord John Russell introduced a Jewish Disabilities Bill to remove the problem with the oath.

In 1848, the bill was approved by the House of Commons, but was twice rejected by the House of Lords.

After being rejected again by the Upper House in 1849, Rothschild resigned his seat and stood again winning in a by-election in order to strengthen his claim.

In 1850, he entered the House of Commons to take his seat but refused to swear on a Christian Bible asking to use only the Old Testament. This was permitted but when omitting the words "upon the true faith of a Christian" from the oath he was required to leave.

In 1851 a new Jewish Disabilities Bill was defeated in the House of Lords. In the 1852 general election Rothschild was again elected but the next year the bill was again defeated in the upper house.

-- Wikipedia -- Lionel de Rothschild

Meanwhile, another Jew, turned Christian, by the name of Benjamin Disraeli was coming into prominence in British politics.

[In 1847, Benjamin] Disraeli spoke in favour of the [Lord John Russell introduced Jewish Disabilities Bill], arguing that Christianity was "completed Judaism," and asking of the House of Commons "Where is your Christianity if you do not believe in their Judaism?" While Disraeli did not argue that the Jews did the Christians a favour by killing Christ, as he had in Tancred and would in Lord George Bentinck, his speech was badly received by his own party, which along with the Anglican establishment was hostile to the bill.

-- Wikipedia -- Benjamin Disraeli

Benjamin Disraeli still had many Jewish relatives and helping a Rothschild does wonders for your career, doesn't it?

Disraeli would be a prominent leader of the British fight against a Russian Orthodox Christian victory in the Crimea over the Muslims.

The Heir of Napoleon Bonaparte Gains Power

Few Frenchmen knew, or even if they knew, few Frenchmen even gave it much thought, that Louis Napoleon, who was being presented to them by the Jewish media-Scribes as their next leader of France, had a history of fighting for Italy, not France. And worst yet, had a history of fighting the Pope, leader of all Christians.

As a young man, [Louis Napoleon] settled in Italy, where he and his elder brother Napoléon Louis espoused liberal politics and became involved with the Carbonari, an organization fighting Austria's domination of northern Italy. On 17 March 1831, while fleeing Italy due to a crackdown on revolutionary activity by Papal and Austrian troops, Louis-Napoléon's brother, suffering from measles, died in his arms.

-- Wikipedia -- Napoleon III

While ordinary Frenchmen did not make much of Louis Napoleon's past, to Jews in France, Louis Napoleon would have been a super-hero for standing up to the Christian ideals of the Pope. French Jews would have given him their unquestioned support and did everything possible to promote him into political office.

France was one of the revolution's success stories with the win of Louis-Napoleon, but Czar Nicholas I had been a primary defender of Christianity in helping put-down the Judeo-Communist revolutions across Europe. For that, he would suffer the scorn of the Jewish Communists.

The Jews had been desiring the communist ideals of "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity" since the Judeo-French Revolution of 1789. Largely defeated in 1848, they were about to get another chance just three years later when Louis-Napoleon consolidated the power he received in the 1848 Judeo-Communist Revolution.

"From August 20, 1851, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte meticulously planned and plotted a coup d'état in France. On 14 October, Louis-Napoleon asked the Parliament to restore universal suffrage, but the request was turned down. His request for a reconsideration of the constitutional reform proposal was also turned down on 13 November."

-- Wikipedia -- French Coup of 1851

Anyone who supports universal suffrage -- meaning the right of Jews to vote -- will be fully supported by the Jews. It is not a point of this article to allude that Jews orchestrated the French coup état of 1851, nor to attempt to prove such an accusation, but it will suffice to say that it fits the Geo-Political picture, as you will see later.

Nor does it misfit the picture that this new Napoleon had a previous history of fighting against the Pope. Anyone who fights the Christian Pope would also be considered a great friend of the non-Christian Jews.

The coup d'état was commenced on December 2, 1851.

Convinced that the coup was now inevitable after the latest refusal, Louis-Napoleon fixed the anniversary of the coronation of Napoleon in 1804, and the victory of Austerlitz in 1805, as the day for the coup. The operation was christened Rubicon, alluding to Julius Caesar.

-- Wikipedia -- French coup of 1851

The Heir of Napoleon Fight for the Holy Lands

To the unobservant, it would seem strange that one of the first official act of Naploleon III would be his attempt to wrestle the Holy Lands from the Ottoman Empire.

Especially strange in that his attempt would not be in the name of the Roman Catholic Pope, since as we have seen, Napoleon III had a history of fighting the Pope.

Napoleon III sent his ambassador to the Ottoman Empire to attempt to force the Ottomans to recognize France as the "sovereign authority" in the Holy Land.

Russia disputed this newest change in "authority" in the Holy Land. Pointing to two more treaties, one in 1757 and the 1774 Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca, the Ottomans reversed their earlier decision, renouncing the French treaty and insisting that Russia was the protector of the Orthodox Christians in the Ottoman Empire.

Napoleon III responded with a show of force, sending the ship of the line Charlemagne to the Black Sea, a violation of the London Straits Convention.

France's show of force, combined with aggressive diplomacy and money, induced Sultan Abdülmecid I to accept a new treaty, confirming France and the Roman Catholic Church as the supreme Christian authority in the Holy Land with control over the Christian holy places and possession of the keys to the Church of the Nativity, previously held by the Greek Orthodox Church

-- Wikipedia -- Crimean War

Wasn't it the Pope who had indirectly been responsible for the death of Napoleon's brother??? Now, why would Napoleon III fight a Holy War in the name of the pope if he was not that holy?

A Good Question!!! -- A Very Good Question!!!!

Because the real Crusader was Christian Czar Nicholas I, not Christian-In-Name-Only (CINO) Napoleon III.

The Czars
The New Crusaders for the Holy Lands

For decades before the Crimean War of 1854, the Czars had been slowly and meticulously expanding Christianity into former Ottoman Empire lands -- pushing the Muslims out of former Christian lands.

The Czar was an Orthodox Christian, leading a nation of Orthodox Christians. Nothing would be more satisfying for Eastern Orthodox adherents than to regain the center of the Orthodox-Christian-led Byzantine Empire -- the former capital of Constantinople -- captured by the Muslims in 1453 AD.

And if the capital of the Ottoman Empire fell, then the province of Palestine would automatically become Christian lands once again.

By 1853, the 400th anniversary of the fall of Constantinople, the Ottoman Empire was on its last legs, with Czar (CaeSar) Nicholas I on the verge of re-constituting the entire former Byzantine Empire.

Victory was within his grasp! This new Byzantine Empire would be a "Mecca" for Christians the world over.

And hence the Jews could not allow Istanbul (Constantinople) to fall, for if the Jews allowed Constantinople to fall, then Palestine would revert to Christian rule as well, and Jewish hopes of recapturing Palestine for themselves would be dashed for another thousand years.

The Crimean War of 1853

Continuing with Napoleon III introduction of the French fighting ship Charlemagne to the Black Sea in 1851, in violation of the London Straits Convention, Russia countered this military provocation with its own show of force.

Tsar Nicholas I then deployed his 4th and 5th Army Corps along the River Danube, and had Count Karl Nesselrode, his foreign minister, undertake talks with the Ottomans. Nesselrode confided to Sir George Hamilton Seymour, the British ambassador in St. Petersburg:
    [The dispute over the holy places] had assumed a new character - that the acts of injustice toward the Greek church which it had been desired to prevent had been perpetrated and consequently that now the object must be to find a remedy for these wrongs. The success of French negotiations at Constantinople was to be ascribed solely to intrigue and violence - violence which had been supposed to be the ultima ratio of kings, being, it had been seen, the means which the present ruler of France was in the habit of employing in the first instance.

-- Wikipedia -- The Crimean War

"By Way of Deception" is the Jewish motto of the Mossad and intrigue is another name for the same. France was clearly looking for a fight with Russia.

And Jewish-led England was more than happy to join in the fun.

Benjamin Disraeli blamed Aberdeen and Stratford's actions for making war inevitable, thus starting the process by which Aberdeen would be forced to resign for his role in starting the war.

When on 2 July 1853, the Tsar sent his troops into the Danubian Principalities, Britain, hoping to maintain the Ottoman Empire as a bulwark against the expansion of Russian power in Asia, sent a fleet to the Dardanelles, where it joined another fleet sent by France.

-- Wikipedia -- The Crimean War

Were common Christian Englishman on the street worried to death that Christian Russia was going to expand into former Christian lands stolen by the Muslims? Or, probably more correctly, were Lionel de Rothschild and Benjamin Disraeli, in the name of England, concerned that Russian Christians were going to expand into former Christian lands?

Disraeli may have disgraced Aberdeen in an "Obama-style denouncement of war making", but in fact, it was Disraeli who was instrumental in getting Great Britain into the Crimean War.

Falsely saying the Britain and France were "neutral", they both rejected further negotiations, and declared war on Russia, AFTER Turkey declared war on Russia!!

Not a great attribute of neutrality.

The representatives of the four "neutral" Great Powers — Britain, France, Austria and Prussia — met in Vienna, where they drafted a note which they hoped would be acceptable to the Russians and Ottomans. The note met with the approval of Nicholas I; it was, however, rejected by Abdülmecid I, who felt that the document's poor phrasing left it open to many different interpretations. Britain, France and Austria were united in proposing amendments to mollify the Sultan, but their suggestions were ignored in the court of St Petersburg.

Britain and France set aside the idea of continuing negotiations, but Austria and Prussia did not believe that the rejection of the proposed amendments justified the abandonment of the diplomatic process.

The Sultan formally declared war on 23 October 1853 and proceeded to the attack, his armies moving on the Russian army near the Danube later that month. Russia and the Ottoman empire massed forces on two main fronts, the Caucasus and the Danubian front. The Ottoman leader Omar Pasha managed to pull in some victories on the Danubian front. In the Caucasus, the Ottomans were able to stand ground with the help of Chechen Muslims, led by Imam Shamil.

Nicholas responded by dispatching warships, which in the Battle of Sinop on 30 November 1853 destroyed a patrol squadron of Ottoman frigates and corvettes while they were anchored at the port of Sinop, northern Turkey.

The destruction of the Turkish ships provided Britain and France the casus belli for declaring war against Russia, on the side of the Ottoman Empire.

By 28 March 1854, after Russia ignored an Anglo-French ultimatum to withdraw from the Danubian Principalities, Britain and France had formally declared war.

Russia then withdrew its troops from the Danubian principalites, which were then occupied by Austria for the duration of the war. This removed the original grounds for war, but Britain and France continued with hostilities.

-- Wikipedia -- The Crimean War

Christian Englishmen and Christian Frenchmen were fighting and dying alongside Muslims, against Christian Russians to prevent the peoples of Constantinople and the Holy Lands from being liberated from that dark and sinister Islamic religion.

Years later, Christian Englishmen and Christian Frenchmen would not fight against Christian Russians under a Christian Czar, but alongside the new and very bloody, atheist, Judeo-Communist Russians, under ruthless Stalin, while the target this time being a Christian German people led by a man named Hitler.

Our worst enemy is ourselves -- when manipulated to do so by the Jews.

Czar Alexander the Liberator

By the end of the Crimean War, Czar Alexander II was now in the throne and negotiated the Treaty of Paris in 1856 where Russia would humbily admit defeat. Constaninople was safe for Muslims for now.

But Russia was not completely out of the picture quite yet.

  • This Czar would humanely liberate all the Russian Serfs and thus gain their everlasting allegiance, on March 3, 1961, the day before 7 American States succeeded from the Union in alarm over a new President named Abraham Lincoln.

  • Alexander the Liberator would modernize the military.

  • By 1866, Czar Alexander The Liberator had expanded the Russian Empire from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and across the Bering Strait into Alaska.

    And thus, with this Christian leader becoming an ever-growing threat to the Jews in their ability to gain control over the Holy Lands for the Jews, the year 1866 was also the first year that the Jews tried their many assassination attempts against Alexander the Liberator.

    Things would come to a head in 1871, with the removal of France's Napoleon III.

    With France now an ally of Russia, and England standing alone against Russia, Russia was free again to establish a naval fleet in the Black Sea.

    Czar Alexander the Liberator was once again free to help freedom-loving Christians free themselves from the Muslim yolk, fully living up to his reputation as a great liberator of enslaved Christians.

    The hardships of the Ottomans had increased; their treasury was empty, and they faced an insurrection not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but also in Serbia, Montenegro and Bulgaria (the so-called April uprising). Still, the Ottoman Empire managed to crush the insurgents in August 1876.

    After the uprising was largely suppressed, however, rumours of Ottoman [Muslim] atrocities against the rebellious [Christian] population shocked European sensibilities.

    -- Wikipedia -- Eastern Question

    Along with the Eastern Question was the Jewish Question. Benjamin Disraeli would become Prime Minister of England from February 20, 1874 to April 21, 1880.

    While Jewish-born Disraeli was leading Christian England, Russian Jews made four more assassination attempts against the Czar -- Two in 1879, one in 1880 and the one that killed him on March 13, 1881.

    Russian Christians were outraged that their beloved leader was cold-heartedly blown up with a Jewish made bomb.

    Disraeli never condemned the Jewish assassins.

    For the first time in Russia, Jews were blamed and pogroms were instituted across Russia. The son of Alexander the Liberator was in no mood to establish peace and the protector of the Jews in England was coming to the end of his leadership, having left office the next month.

    America Enters the Fray

    To keep pressure on the next Czar from liberating Constantinople, the American Jewish press sprung into action.

    The Czar Alexander III was viciously denounced as cruelly anti-Semitic and to prove how "cruel" he really was, they printed pictures from the Ottoman Empire of entire Christian villages being burned alive by Muslims.

    Yes, the Jewish media-Scribes used Muslim torture of Christians to show what a Christian Czar MAY DO WITH THE JEWS IN RUSSIA, if a moral Christian America did not keep pressure on the Christian Czar to remain a Christian.

    The new Tsar Alexander III initially blamed revolutionaries and the Jews themselves for the riots and issued the May Laws, a series of harsh restrictions on Jews. The pogroms continued for more than three years and were thought to have benefited from at least the tacit support of the authorities, although there were also attempts on the part of the Russian government to end the rioting. Altogether, the pogroms claimed the lives of relatively few Jews. Two Jews were killed by the mobs, and 19 attackers were killed by tsarist authorities; but the damage, disruption and disturbance were dramatic.

    -- Wikipedia -- Anti-Jewish pogroms in the Russian Empire

    In three years, 2 innocent Jews and 19 not-so-innocent Jews were killed, or in relation to the slaughter of Christians by Muslims, a slow morning in the Ottoman Empire.

      U.S. Presidents
      Arthur, Cleveland and McKinley
      complain of
      Christian Armenian attrocities
      in Muslim Turkey

      U.S. President Chester A. Arthur to Congress Dec. 6, 1881

      “The insecurity of life and property in many parts of Turkey has given rise to correspondence …The condemned [Muslim] murderer of the eminent {American Christian] missionary Dr. Justin W. Parsons has not yet been executed, although this Government has repeatedly demanded that exemplary justice be done”

      President Cleveland Dec 11, 1894 –

      “alleged cruelties committed upon Armenians in Turkey…because of their being Christian”

      President Grover Cleveland to Congress Dec. 2, 1895 –

      “Occurrences in Turkey have continued to excite concern. The reported massacres of Christians in Armenia and the development there, and in other districts, of a spirit of fanatic hostility to Christian influence….”

      President Grover Cleveland Dec 7, 1896

      “It would afford me satisfaction if I could assure the Congress that the disturbed condition in Asiatic Turkey had, during the past year, assumed a less hideous and bloody aspect… Not infrequent reports of the wanton destruction of homes and the bloody butchery of men, women and children, made martyrs to their profession of Christian faith…the outbreaks of blind fury, which lead to murder and pillage in Turkey occur suddenly and without notice”

      President William McKinley to Congress Dec 5, 1898 –

      Worried about “destruction of the property of American missionaries”

      U.S. Presidents
      Arthur, Cleveland
      complain of Jewish mistreatment
      in Czarist Russia

      President Chester A. Arthur to Congress Dec 6, 1881 –

      “It is desirable that our cordial relations with Russia should be strengthened by proper engagements assuring to peaceable Americans who visit the Empire the consideration which is due to them as citizens of a friendly state. This is especially needful with respect to American Israelites, whose classifications with the native Hebrew have evoked energetic remonstrance [protest or complaint].”

      President Chester A. Arthur to U.S. House May 2, 1882 –

      “resolution…for correspondence respecting the condition of Israelites in Russia”

      President Chester A. Arthur to Congress Dec. 4, 1882 –

      “Our long-established friendliness with Russia has remained unshaken. It has prompted me to proffer the earnest counsels of this Government that measures be adopted for suppressing the proscription which the Hebrew race in that country has lately suffered.

      It has not transcribed that any American citizen has been subjected to arrest or injury, but our courteous remonstrance has nevertheless been courteously received. There is reason to believe that the time is not far distant when Russia will be able to secure toleration to all faiths within her borders.”

      President Grover Cleveland to Congress Dec. 2, 1895

      “Correspondence is on foot touching the practice of Russian consuls within the jurisdiction of the United States to interrogate citizens as to their race and religious faith, and upon ascertainment thereof to deny to Jews authentication of passports of legal documents for use in Russia”

      A note: Notice that President McKinley did not make Presidential pronouncements on the behalf of NT Jews. An anarchist associated with NT Jewish radicals later assassinated him. In his place, Progressive Teddy Roosevelt, the man who hired the first Jewish police officers in New York City, became President.

      -- "Backfired: A Nation Born for Religious Tolerance No Longer Tolerates Religion"
      by William J. Federer

    While Turkey was murdering our Christian missionaries, slaughtering innocent local Armenian Christians, burning their homes, torturing them, raping them, all without provocation in the Muslim Holocaust, America was worried that Russia would not validate passports for American Jews wanting to travel to Russia.

    While our U.S. Presidents were admitting that America had great relations with the Christian Czarist Russia, we just thought we should point out to the Czar to be just a little more "Christian" toward "Jews".

    Did you get all that?

    The treatment of the Jews in the hands of the Czar was mild, while the treatment of Christians in Muslim lands was atrocious, and yet, American Presidents expressed as much concern for the safety of Jews at the hands of Christians, as they did for Christians in the hands of Muslims.

    Now how did things turn out in the end?

    Well, America opened her heart and allowed over 1 million Russian Jews into our Christian country, all because the Christian country of Russia was not respecting them perfectly well after some of their Jewish brethren assassinated Russia's great leader and liberator, the Czar.

    With our “lackluster support” of the Russian Christian Czars due to their mild mistreatment of Jews, this led to anti-theist Judeo-Communists, with Jewish Pharisee backing, taking over Russia after WW1, who then mistreated 60 million Christians with their very lives.

    If these slaughtered people were 60 million dead Jews, instead of 60 million dead Christians, we would have heard much more of it in countless Russian Holocaust movies, instead of German Holocaust movies crying over one-tenth as many Jewish deaths, set at 6 million, but the truth is that they were just ordinary Christians who were slaughtered in Russia; hence, of no concern. The 6 million in Europe were innocent Jews and of great concern.

    For a Jewish depiction of "mean and cruel" Czarist Russians, in a Jewish-produced Russian Holocaust movie, the beloved movie "Fiddler on the Roof" comes as close as you can get in depicting how "terribly horrible" the Russian people are. Meaning, not that bad compared to the Jewish-led Holodomor slaugher of 7 million Christians.

    The facts are that the Czar we complained of in that period, had allowed more Jews to live in his country than any other country at the time, including ours.

    America had no basis for condemning the Czar.

    Did the Czar have to try to control the Jews?

    Sure, he had to control them; especially, after the Jewish media-scribes started falsely and unfairly beating up on him, causing the brainwashing of the populace against his rule, and after they started assassinating his top officials, including his father, the beloved Czar Alexander the Liberator, but he was never an Ottoman Muslim type mass-murderer headed for a Muslim style Holocaust and never would have.

    In fact, there were millions of Jews still in Russia to take control of Russia after WW1, many millions to immigrate to America between 1917 to 1922, and still many millions left over to populate Israel after it became a country in 1948.

    Jewish media-Scribes never ask how many Christians were left in the Ottoman Empire of the same period?

    World War 1

    One way to keep Russia from conquering the Ottoman Empire and securing the Holy Lands for Christians was to keep it occupied fighting against the Christians of Europe.

    And WW1 was a grand diversion.

    By meddling in the Balkans, Russia and Germany came to blows. Jews wanted the Czar weakened to such an extent that Judeo-Communists would have no problems taking over, and with Jews in control of Russia, the threat against Constantinople was also eliminated, while Jews inside Russia were free to immigrate to America.

    Sure enough, the Czar was overthrown, and the Jews immediately stopped supporting Germany against Russia.

    Not that it was bad in Jewish eyes that Christian Germans were fighting Christian Englishmen with the Jews supplying the food, clothing, guns, bullets and were brewing up the mustard gas for delivery to the trenches, all for a tidy profit, but they now had their focus turned elsewhere -- toward Zionism -- toward Palestine.

    Which brings us FINALLY to our main point.

    The Jews keep their Eye on the Ball

    Having defeated the Russian Christian threat to the Holy Lands, Jews turned to securing the Holy Lands for themselves. A deal was struck called the Balfour Declaration that traded the Ottoman Empire's Palestine for the Jews talking Americans into finishing the World War for England.

    In 1453 AD, Ottoman Turks butchered Constantinople, but Russia was stopped from liberating the city in 1853 AD, by a combined English and French mercenary army, at the behest of the Jews. To this day, Constantinople is still enslaved under Islam.

    In 1948, one hundred years after the Judeo-Communist Revolution of Karl Marx, the Holy Lands are not Christian -- They were now the Jewish State of Israel.

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