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June 6, 2010

Israeli commando raid on Humanitarian Convoy
Christian vs Jewish Morality


Netanyahu: "Israel Is Guilty Until Proven Guilty"

Pat Buchanan
Lift the siege of Gaza

Bill Press
An act of piracy on the high seas

Bishop's murder should not hurt Islam dialogue: Pope

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu asks,
"Why does the word judge Israel as Guilty until Proven Guilty"?

Obviously, Netanyahu believes the opposite to be true, that
"Israel is Innocent until Proven Innocent".

To judge which slogan is right today, we do remember when the world sat breathless as the tiny, newly-formed, Israeli army, constructed of half-starved Jewish refugees from Europe, stood face-to-face with the long established, combined invading armies of Egypt, Jordan and Syria... and survived?

Now, ask yourself how astonished you are at seeing an Israeli commando raid on a peaceful humanitarian aid convoy in international waters, where the Israeli soldiers ONLY killed less than two handfuls of the unarmed peace ambassadors...and from what the press says are PAINTBALL GUNS !!! (I know, I know, they pulled out their 9mm Glock pistols after the opposing paintball team cheated with lead pipes, but what I want to know is "What was really inside those paintballs"?)

And worst, the "paintball gun" killers slaughtered unarmed members of an humanitarian aid convoy sent to relieve a Jewish blockade of half-starved Palestinian refugees trapped inside their own former country, segregated from those invading European Jews, in a small portion of Greater Israel called the Gaza Strip, which highlighted the fact that Israel was hypocritically blockading 1.5 million people who used to be the owners that country.

Americans have long cheered the underdog and Jews no longer seem to be the underdog.

Using a tactic straight out of the Jewish, agents provocateurs, master guidebook -- Israel took the bait against this Muslim provocation -- calculated to cause international condemnation -- and ensured itself international condemnation. How dumb could they be?

Judgement is what Benjamin Netanyahu asks for, and I believe that the Jewish morals which Jews inflict upon the world does need to be examined and judged.

Christian Morals vs Jewish Morals
-- It's all self-serving --

A former cherished Christian moral would have a young Christian lady wait for a young Christian man, who was so devoted, to her and to her alone, that he would agree to marry her for life. Only then could a man be judged worthy of protecting and defending her and her children. The not-so-moral encouragement for the young man was that if he wanted to see a naked lady, let alone have sex with a naked lady, then he had to marry one and stay married to her.

The new and conflicting Jewish morality was that showing pictures of naked ladies is a Constitutional right and the Jewish-filled sub-Hollywood industry pumped out erotic x-rated material to young Christian men, whose own chances with the real deal didn't look nearly as good. Jewish-owned strip clubs came closer to the "real" deal, but of course was still far off from a Christian family-based morality.

The former American Christian morality of WW2 was to protect and defend American Christian families from vicious Pearl Harbor attacks by non-Christian Japanese.

The new Jewish morality for WW2, as shown by the super-Hollywood industry was to have Christian pity on Jewish Holocaust survivors, encouraging Christians to not harm Jews in any way. (All the while showing no pity for Holodomor Christian survivors of the Jewish-caused Genocide of Christians, began just 2-weeks BEFORE Hitler took power, against whom Hitler was fighting. Or, not showing any pity on Japanese defending against Judeo-Communist Russians invading Asia, using American-made weapons supplied through our lend-lease program, with the excuse of looking for a warm-water port, while America was embargoing oil and steel to Japan.)

Where the former Christian morality was to save for their own hard times and to share with any and all people hit by hard times due to no fault of their own, the new Jewish morality was for Christians to spend all their money buying inflated Jewish goods and to have their government borrowing money from Jewish bankers to help feed the poor who despised tax-exhausted Christians as hard-hearted... and to provide both military and humanitarian aid to Israel as well.

Where Christian morality was self-serving in helping to build up a solid Christian-based society -- Jewish morality was self-serving in enriching Jews and gaining power for Jews, mostly done by helping Christians destroy their own Christian society.

The biggest Jewish hypocricy is that the majority of people in any country are not allowed to rule themselves and establish their own moral code, unless the country is taken over by Jews and the Jews run it.

Israel and Turkey are both Christian Lands

Jews love to talk about thousand year histories and who was promised what lands. Well, let's talk about the Turkish Flotilla to help the residents of the Gaza Ghetto in those terms.

Indeed, Jews did live in Palestine before the coming of our Lord. Every Christian agrees that God long ago gave that land to the Israelites.

Then things get murky to most.

Many Jews became natural followers of Christ, as foretold by Isaiah, and were severely persecuted by the Romans, even though they were strictly non-violent against Roman authority. Did these Jews who came to know the Messiah become God's Chosen People and in a larger sense, did not all people who follow Christ, ethnically or not, become God's Chosen People? As a Christian, I have to believe that.

Not so peaceful were the Jesus-denying Jews who became violent terrorists against Roman rule, who were just as violently crushed and expelled by harsh Roman rule to Spain. Many of these Jesus-denying Jews escaped to Persia and Arabia, while other Jesus-denying Jews in the countryside escaped the Roman roundup of Jews.

By 600 AD, all the Holy Lands were majority Christian, as was all the lands that Turkey now occupies.

And so, in 614 AD, the Jesus-denying Jews who controlled the Persian (i.e. Iranian) government, sent Persian troops to retake the Holy Lands from the Christians, virually handing control of Jerusalem back to the Jews. This held until Byzantine Emperor Heraclius retook the Holy Lands and reestablished Christian rule, restoring Christ's Cross in the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem in 630 AD. Emperor Heraclius devastated Persia over this and Persia rightfully blamed the Jews for their misery. But both the Persians and the Christians were severely weakened by the grudge match conflict.

And so, a mere 2 years later follwing the restoration of the Holy Christ's Cross, the Jesus-denying Jews had regrouped in Arabia, now under the military commander Mohammad. A second and more permanent attempt was initiated to steal the Holy Lands away from the despised Christians in 634 AD. Just as all the leaders of Christianity were former Jews, all the leaders of the new Islamic religion were former Jews, but ones with a vengeance against the Jewish followers of Jesus.

This new Judeo-Muslim religion conquered Jerusalem in 634 AD, and spread until in 1453 AD, when the capital of half of Christianity fell. Constantinople was now firmly in the hands of the Judeo-Muslim empire after being Christian for well over 1,000 years. Constantinople was renamed Istanbul and made the capital of the Turkish Muslims.

Judeo-Muslims now controlled all the lands from the borders of the birthplace of Democracy, Greece, to the Holy Lands, all the way around the Mediterranean to the borders of the land of the Franks where they were stopped by Frankish King Charles Martel in the Battle of Tours in 732 AD, the 100th year following the death of Mohammad. Thus laying the groundwork for Christian Europe to unite into the Holy Roman Empire of the grandson of Charles Martel, Charlemagne, King of the Franks from 768 AD, crowned Emperor of the Romans in 800 AD, a Holy Roman Empire which protected Europe from Muslim invasion, invaded Muslim lands itself in the Crusades, and lasted until the Judeo-French Revolution, where the last Holy Roman Emperor abdicated in 1806 during the Napoleonic Wars.

So it is misguided for Christians to take either side in this struggle against the other. Christians should kick both of them out of those traditional Christian lands.

Genocide against Christians
was done by both
Turkish Muslims and Jews

The Turkish Muslims committed the first genocide of the 20th Century by slaughtering 2 million Armenian Christians at the close of WW1.

The Russian Jews, with their Jewish Commissars and Stalin puppet, committed the biggest genocide of the 20th Century -- the Ukrainian Holodomor -- between WW1 and WW2, where Ukrainian Christians were deliberately imprisoned inside their own country with no food and denied all humanitarian aid until 7 million of them had died of cruel starvation.

Again, no reason for Christians to side with either side in this dispute.

Comparisons to the Warsaw Ghetto

Jews love to point to Hitler and to Hitler's collective blame of all Jews, and especially sufferings inside the Warsaw Ghetto.

Fine, let's go there. Let's talk about the Gaza Ghetto, with Netanyahu's collective blame of all the residents of the Gaza Ghetto and his lack of compassion for their suffering.

Palestinians rightfully feel like Jews from post-WW2 Europe illegally invaded Palestine and stole their country right out from under them. They were left in the Gaza Ghetto and the West Bank Ghetto, under Israeli military occupation. To a Palestinian, Jewish leader Netanyahu is little different than Hitler was.

Would Jews have cried foul if American aid had to be "inspected" by Hitler's troops before delivery to Jews in Warsaw? Absolutely, and at a time when Hitler had no blood on his hands. Yet there was a Warsaw Uprising that Hitler was forced to put down and no one defends Hitler's use of force as a necessary evil.

Jews in Warsaw believed their actions to be brave self preservation. A distinction lost on modern Jews living in Israel, who call all Gaza Ghetto residents to be terrorist Hamas.

Residents of Gaza are guilty until found innocent.

Right to Self Defense

In fact, Americans declared war on Britain in 1812 for stopping American ships at sea to search for mutinied British sailors. America should be disgusted with Israel that foreign ships are now being stopped by the Israeli military and searched.

In fact, many patriotic Americans who are against the actions of Israel, agree that the residents of Gaza cannot have weapons. But what part of that God-given right to self defense enshrined in America's Second Amendment does not apply to residents of Gaza?

There are many pundits in America who would be aghast that Jews, Hispanics or blacks would not be allowed guns for self-defense here in America, even though American Christians had told the world that they had all the humanitarian aid they would ever want. Why then does Israel get to deny guns to Palestinians for self-defense, who have time after time had violence enacted upon them.

Paintball Gun????

Speaking of which, why in the heck would ordinary paintball guns be used by IDF forces?

My gut instincts are that there was no paint in those paint balls. Perhaps, concentrated tear gas?

Selma Marches

Netanyahu and others have relabeled the humanitarian mission as a provocation, as if one can justify shoot to kill orders with such a provocation.

Again in complete hypocrisy, most of the so-called "whites" who helped in the Selma marches for black liberation from white suppression in the South were Jewish. And yes, Selma was all about provocation. We now know that many of the Ku Klux Klan were Jewish agents provocateurs.

Netanyahu claims he can justify stereotyping a complete people based upon the need of the Jewish people to be safe.

Netanyahu claims he can justify discriminating against an entire people based upon the need of Jews to feel safe.

So too were Southern whites complaining about their daughters being in harms way of rape and their homes being invaded and family members being killed. They worried about epidemic Gonorrhea and Syphilis rates infecting their teenagers so they forbid their daughters from dating black men. They too worried about theft and bodily harm. Why didn't the Christians in the South get a pass like the Israelis do today?

Let's use that International Court of Justice to declare the Jewish-Muslim school systems integrated so that Jews and Muslims can learn to live together in peace. We will bus Jewish girls and boys into Gaza and we will not allow Palestinians to sit at the back of the bus.

Cyprus and the Pope

Given that Turkey is the latest "devil" working against the "poor innocent but civilized" Israelis with guns and nuclear bombs of their own, it is odd that the Muslim stabbing of a Catholic Bishop in Turkey did not make the news.

Perhaps that horrific story would take international attention off Turkey for sailing humanitarian ships to aid fellow suffering Muslims in the Gaza Ghetto and place the international attention on Muslims slaying Christians.

But then again, it may backfire by focusing attention on the fact that the Pope was to meet with Italian Bishop Luigi Padovese before his Muslim driver stabbed him to death. And that the Pope was supposed to meet him in Cyprus, a land divided by the 1974 political intrigues of Jewish Henry Kissinger when sometime in his shuttle diplomacy following the Arab Oil Embargo of the previous year, Kissinger had Turkey agree to take part of Cyprus from the Christian owners, in exchange for Muslim Turkey agreeing to stay out of Israel's business.

With the Turkish-led peace flotilla, is this old deal now off the table between Muslim Turkey and Jewish Israel to divide Christian Cyprus?


Israel is
Guilty until Proven Guilty

Add it all up.

1) Israel illegally occupies Christian Holy Lands, but calls the Palestinians as wanna-be usurpers of rightful ownership

2) Israeli Jews have taken over Muslim Palestine since 1948, but let Christian Crusaders do the same in 1099 AD and The Crusades are condemned by the Jews, as well as Jewish condemnation of the Palestinians who want back what they had prior to 1948.

3) Israel say they had a claim on the land from 3000 years ago, while Christians claim the land from the exact same time and subsequently past that time due to peaceful conversion of Jews to Christianity from 33 AD to 600 AD, making them the real God's Chosen People, while Palestinians claim the land only since 632 AD until just 60 years ago.

4) Jews committed Genocide against Christians in the Holodomor, but complain that the Palestinians want to wipe their innocent bodies off the map.

5) Israel has an illegal blockade of land that does not belong to them -- the Gaza Ghetto, but still wants world sympathy for the Warsaw Ghetto

6) Israel says that the people of Gaza have no right to self determination, but expect the world to recognize its own right of self determination.

7) Israel says that the people of Gaza have no right to anything, food, water, medicine, unless previously approved by Israel, yet what world condemnation would ensue if anyone dared to inspect anything going into Israel?

8) Israel says that the people of Gaza have no right to self defense, but show off to the world its own right to unquestioned "self defense" by a violent military commando raid on a peace convoy.

9) Israel brings forth state of the art military from the U.S. yet complains of unarmed men defending themselves with pipes, and yet unarmed Jews in the Warsaw uprising against the might of the German war machine is the fountain of 250 Holocaust movies of Jewish mythological bravery.

10) Israel gives a collective guilty to all Gaza Ghetto residents for the war of liberation of fellow Palestinians, but complain bitterly when Hitler gave a collective guilt upon all Jews for actual crimes of fellow Jews.

11) Israel racially and ethically discriminates against the people of Gaza in the name of their safety and would never agree to bus Israeli school children into Gaza to teach Israel tolerance toward Muslims, but Jews marched with blacks in Selma to rub Christians noses in manure over intolerance toward blacks

12) Israel complains of Turkish interference in its affairs, but helped coordinate the Turkish invasion and permanent takeover of part of Christian Cyprus.

In sum, Israel is a bully, Israel is a hypocrite, and Israel engages in criminal piracy on the high seas.

Why shouldn't Israel be "GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY"?

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