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May 31, 2010

Christian Private Property
Jewish Central Planning?


William Norman Grigg
'Civil Rights' and Total War

    The last five [of the Ten] commandments have to do with how we should treat one another. We should not kill, commit adultery, steal, lie, or covet what belongs to our neighbor.

    The commandment not to steal presumes the existence of private property belonging to another.

    Therefore, God does not establish a commandment
    to share HIS PROPERTY among all people as common.

    -- Ronald F. Avery (

In other words, the last five Commandments tell us not to take another's property in terms of not taking his life, his wife, his ox or by way of lying, taking away his honor.

In the last blog, we discover that "free markets" are the right of "We the People" to decide our own economic destiny and we see that "free elections" keep and support our free markets and private property.

Linked to free market is the principle of private property.

"Private Property" is the right of "We the People" to have property in our own name for our own private use.

But having property is worthless if we cannot make any decisions about the use of the property, so a real definition of "private property" would have as its central tenet, the personal right of private citizens to make any and all decisions about the private property we privately own.

Central planners do not want private citizens to have private property rights, because they want the power to decide what happens to all property. public as well as private.

So the idea of property is the idea of who gets to decide what is built or destroyed on a property; what is secluded or what is open to the public; what is used or what is un-used.

In short, "A man's home is his castle".

One of the most notorious intrusions into private property is the intrusion of government into what they have euphemistically labeled "public use".

You can pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy a property on a major highway intersection, you can spend several more thousands of your own dollars to build a building in that property, but as soon as you invite people onto your property so that you can sell them items and thus make a living for yourself, you have magically sacrificed all your rights to the land, the building, and your livelihood to the government to regulate at their will.

In other words, if a private citizen, owning private property, invites other private citizens to freely visit his private property, then his private property has somehow now been transformed into a public property that the public government can regulate.

Private property is the exact opposite of central planning, as it pushes decisions made over property to the lowest possible level, and to the level of the one most trusted and interested in the best care and use of the property, the property owner.

Who are
the central planners
in America?

As we talked about in "free markets", with the financial central planners being all Jewish, so is the Jewish media-Scribes belief that they can dictate, by the use of nanny journalism, how private property is to be used, or the President of the United States being the puppet of his Jewish handlers Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod and appointing Jewish Supreme Court justice Kagen, being a central planner by taking control of the private business of General Motors.

The central planners are from the 1.7% of Americans who are Jewish, and not the remaining majority who are Christian.

Once again, Christian owners of private property need to make decisions about the use of their private property, not Jewish central planners.

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