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May 31, 2010

Christian Free Trade
Jewish Central Planning?


Ludwig von Mises
The Alleged Absence of Depressions Under Totalitarianism

Dan O'Connor
Capitalist Rothschilds

In a country enjoying free trade, the consumers and entrepreneurs alike make all the economic decisions about when to buy and when to sell -- What to buy and how to use it.

Free Trade is not the federal government making sweet-heart deals with the Communist Chinese to give them favored trading status, but that is another discussion.

When consumers buy en-mass, we have a boom. When consumers stay home en-mass we have a recession. But most times in a free market, by the law of averages, the economy just hums along on an even keel, constantly righting itself and re-centering itself to the whims of the vast majority of consumers, with specialty sellers handling the fringes of extremely rich and extremely poor.

The booms and busts are never caused by market conditions, but instead reflects external disturbances upon the market such as drought, war, gross fraud, new inventions, ect. Needless to say, it has been proven time after time that a free market restabilizes from an external disturbance back to normal faster than any other mechanism known to man.

In a free trade system -- We the People -- make all the decisions about what to buy, when to buy it, and how much to pay for it. These free market decisions are never made by a politician or a dictator.

When things are amiss in a free trading country, certainly adjustments have to be made, but by the law of averages of millions upon millions of buyers and sellers, the deviation is never more than a slight variation and hence the necessary adjustments are also ever so slight and automatically centered toward the majority of consumers.

Not so with a dictator or his more innocent sounding name of central planner.

Central planning does not have to accommodate the masses, as their socialist spokesmen would have us believe. The only rule one can be certain of is that -- Central planning accommodates the central planners.

In fact, in a free market, since the People themselves already make all decisions for themselves, one can rest assured that central planners want power to make economic decisions at odds with the will of the majority of the People, not for the will of the People.

When a central planner
screws up the market
he screws up bad.

In engineering terms, a free market has a damping effect upon external disturbances; whereas, external government interference tends to induce more oscillations from boom to bust and then back to boom again.

Governmental authorities tend to wait for a boom to peak and start heading back to normal before they apply the brakes really hard by tightening credit, which causes the boom to swing past normal market activity into a bust cycle. Once again, in a bust cycle, government waits for the economy to reach rock bottom and start heading back to normal market conditions before they apply too much stimulus, which again causes the market to swing way past a normal mode and into boom territory again.

These ever increasing oscillations, like someone pushing their kid higher and higher on a swing, and people ignorantly screaming for politicians to push harder, keep power in the hands of government. It is like having a fireman start your house on fire and then asking the fireman to put out the fire.

Mao, the consumate central planner, planned for all the Chinese to return to the land to become agrarian farmers as in the days of old, except that with all those farmers there was still not enough to eat and 40 million starved to death or otherwise died not pleasing the central planners.

Seven million Ukrainians starved to death under the central planning of Joseph Stalin and his Jewish commissars, except that the Holodomor was not a central plan to feed the Ukrainians but a central plan to deliberately starve the Ukrainians.

Here in America, the Federal Reserve, created in 1913 with its control over interest rates and the money supply, was promised as the central planning tool to prevent any future business cycles, only we started having even worst economic troubles afterwards, like Great Depressions, Savings and Loans Scandals, Dot Com Bomb Depressions, Fannie Mae Housing Scandals, and the worst of all, loss of all our critical industry to foreign countries with "outsourcing". All the while, the central planners were saying that the real problem was they never had enough central planning authority to do the job right.

The rule is that when things go wrong, the fault is never with the central planners. They never take responsibility, with one noted exception when former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan admitted that the Federal Reserve caused the Great Depression, but that was only to say that they had now learned their lesson and would right all wrongs from now on.

Don't get me wrong. Central planners exist in State and local governments as well, but if for instance, the government of California badly screws up that state, then California businesses can and will move to Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho, as is happening now. But as an American citizen, I can also move out of California and into Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Oregon or Idaho to work in those moved jobs.

This forms a competition between all 50 States for the least intrusive government. The Feds have no such competition.

However, if the federal government central planners screws up business, they move to India and China.

Who are
the central planners
in America?

Well, most bankers at major banks are Jewish. The Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner is Jewish. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is Jewish. The current Fed Chairman Ben Shalom Bernanke is Jewish.

It is only natural to assume that our Jewish central planners are centrally planning for the interests of the Jewish people, and not centrally planning for the interests of the Christian American People.

Next, we will see how "private property" is tied to free markets and how "free elections" keeps it that way.

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