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May 27, 2010

The Power to "Sue" is the Power to Destroy


Charlie Butts
SNAP disappointed by Vatican, U.S. Justice Dept.

SNAP, Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests, expresses disappointment that the U.S. Justice Department has sided with the Vatican against an Oregon lawsuit being appealed to the Supreme Court. Perhaps a Catholic conspiracy will be alleged, since the Supreme Court is 66% Roman Catholic and would never sue the Pope (at this time).

Does SNAP believe that our Supreme Court has turned into the immoral International Court of Justice?

Will our regional, North America based, 200-year-old Supreme Court sue the globally-based, 2000-year-old Roman Catholic Church based in Rome?

To keep government from micromanaging business, we used to say "Let the buyer beware" To keep government from micromanaging religion, we need to say "Let the worshiper beware".

At the basest level, a Church is a Constitutional "right to associate", neglecting the fact that the "right to associate religiously" is itself specifically protected.

Federal courts have NO JURISDICTION, as Congress can MAKE NO LAW!!!!

They certainly have no jurisdiction to sue a Pope, leader of Catholics the world over, living in Rome, who has never set foot on American soil!!!

I have said it before and I will say it again: 1,000 priests over a 50-year period who have been accused of inappropriate sex with under-aged teenagers pales in comparison to the 50,000 public school teachers EACH AND EVERY year who stand accused of abusing under-aged school kids under their care!!!!

I don't see the federal courts bringing Federal RACKETEERING charges against government school districts for the abuse they are perpetuating; although, in order to create a federal school system, I would not put that past them at a later date.

When you place abuse in perspective, with GOVERNMENT school teacher employees abusing at 50x the rate of RELIGIOUS leaders, but only adressing the issue of religious abuse, one becomes aware of the fact that government courts are "plucking the speck out of the church's eye when the government itself has a log in its own eye.

(NOTICE: Rabbi's abusing Bar Mitzva students are never addressed in federal courts.)

This is in fact, PROFILING, in order to achieve the power to merge CHURCH AND STATE, so that the State can control the Church.

When this happens, that is when I will be taking to the streets.

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