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May 23, 2010

Birthright Anchor Babies are a Fraud


Author of Arizona immigration law wants to end birthright citizenship

    All persons born or naturalized in the United States,
    and subject to the jurisdiction thereof,
    are citizens of the United States
    and of the State wherein they reside.

    -- Fourteenth Amendment to the US Constitution

Sen. Russell Pearce, the Arizona author of the Arizona immigration law wants to end birthright citizenship, commonly called "anchor babies".

What is the fundamental difference between a former black slave that a Southern State refused to recognize as a citizen and a Mexican woman who illegally and fraudulently crosses the U.S. border with the intent of gaining citizenship for her child?

For the former black slave, his ancestors were brought to America by force and had lived in America by force for generations. The States had tacitly given approval for them to be in the United States. These black slaves were "subject to the jurisdiction of the United States".

Mexican citizens are subject to the jurisdiction of Mexico, not the United States. Mexican children are subject to the jurisdiction of their parents, who themselves are subject to the jurisdiction of Mexico.

If the United States declares the mother to be illegal, then how can it thereafter declare the children to be legal?

It is a grand fraud upon the American public to declare Mexican babies under the jurisdiction and hence responsibility of the United States.

AMNESTY (from the word amnesia) would perpetrate fraud upon fraud. Americans no longer have amnesia and will remember when it comes to the integrity of our soil.

Comparison to Israel

Israel is America's best buddy (sic) -- Israel is the closest friend to America. (sic) -- Israel is a Democracy (sic).

In fact, Israel is an immigrant country. -- Israel is a Jewish-styled Crusader State.

Following WW2, many Jews immigrated to Israel. Prior to statehood, most of these Jews were illegal immigrants within the British-mandate of Palestine. Watch the movie Exodus and you will see that those evil British in control of the Palestinian Mandate were trying to keep Jews from freely immigrating.

Alas, British immigration control was even worse than American immigration control and the Jews took control of the entire country from the native population.

(NOTE TO JEWISH MOVIE DIRECTORS: How about a Jewish "Kingdom of Heaven"?)

But it doesn't stop there.

When Palestinians asked for a Palestinian State, Israel's official policy is that there never was a Palestinian people. That all the so-called Palestinians came from other parts of the Muslim world in order to enjoy the riches Israel created. They are feasting at Israel's table, the Jewish media-Scribes will say.

It was if the Holy Lands were devoid of people before the return of the Jews (and as if the Promised Lands were devoid of people before Moses)

Israel is crying foul. They say that the so-called Palestinians are really just dirty-rotten illegal immigrants who now want to steal a part of Israel for themselves.

Just like the Jews say that Israel used to belong to them, the Mexicans will also say that California and Texas used to belong to them.

Like a Don King boxing promoter, the Jewish media-Scribes want enough Roman Catholic Hispanics into America with a "claim on the prize", in order to battle the reigning king of America -- the Protestants. -- A classic Sal Alinsky style divide and conquer tactic.

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