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May 22, 2010

Rand Paul for President 2012


How Rand Paul's civil-rights views escaped media scrutiny

Paul changes course, now supports Civil Rights Act in full

Rand Paul
Let The Christian Solution be one of the first to endorse...

Rand Paul for President in 2012

Barack Obama was a two year Senator before becoming President, so the cast is set.

Contrary to what either side said, Rand Paul is the only politician, besides his dad, whose integrity remains intact after intense media-Scribe scrutiny.

Rachel Maddow and her media-Scribe enablers tried their best to paint Rand Paul as a racist over the 1960 Civil Rights Laws.

And the media-Scribes crowed that he had changed his position over the weekend while on the Laura Ingraham show.

But upon close scrutiny, the integrity of Rand Paul stands tall.

This is a man of granite-hard principles.

In a land of blatant black racists being media-Scribe celebrities and where every single word utter by a white man is dissected to discern any hint of ill-will toward blacks, Rand Paul stood like a giant among men.

We admire Rand Paul's principled stand against the race-based media-Scribe machine who want to keep the Feds constricting throat-hold on private business.

The Jewish media-Scribe focus is to keep the Feds in total control over all private business.

TCS Takes Exception to Rand Paul
The States should dictate to Fed,
Not the Fed dictating to the States

Ww actually take issue with Rand Paul not wanting to eviscerate the entire 1960 Civil Rights Law, instead of just one of the ten parts, and American Christians need to put more pressure on honorable men like Rand Paul to move the opposite way.

For instance, in his interviews, Rand Paul stated that he was absolutely and unquestionably in favor of the Federal government imposing desegregation upon the States, only that he was against the Federal government imposing desegregation upon private business.

Technically, Rand Paul is correct in that the 13th and 14th Amendments gave the Federal government Constitutional authority to impose their will upon the States, while it did not restrict any existing freedoms of private individuals. By cleverly redefining a person's ownership of a convenience store as a public accommodation though, the Federal government was able to extend the Civil Rights Amendments into the private arena anyway.

This "abuse" of the Civil Rights Amendments seems to be the only issue Rand Paul has with our Civil Rights laws.

The Christian Solution has an issue with the Civil Rights laws in their entirety.

The Christian Solution would prefer that Rand Paul takes an even more principled stand on integrity. We would have hoped that Rand Paul would state that the Civil Rights Amendments and most amendments past those amendments violated the original principle of the Federal Constitution.

And that principle was that the States created the Federal Constitution and should dictate to it, instead of the Federal government dictating to the States.

The laws in the South prior to the Civil Rights Act were abhorrent, but there is no proof that an overwhelmingly powerful Federal government would not be many times more abhorrent. We only have to look at Stalin's Russia to realize this fact.


On balance, Rand Paul is as close to perfection as we will ever see in a politician in this country, whose conscience is constantly being molded by the ever intrusive Jewish media-Scribes.

So, even with this glaring defect, The Christian Solution wholeheartildy endorses Rand Paul for our next President.

Rand Paul discusses Civil Rights on Rachel Maddow

Rand Paul on Laura Ingraham

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