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May 22, 2010

Signs pointing toward America's Police State


Target: Freedom
Watch 2 Canadians Discover That The US Is Now A Police State

Oklahoma State Trooper arresting EMT Paramedic
In the "right is wrong" and "wrong is right" world we are living in these days, where a devout Christian is a criminal and an illegal single mom from Mexico living in Arizona is a saint, would it be a surprise to you to discover that physiological profiles to screen out the bad are instead now being used to screen out the good, when selecting police officers?

One of the legacies of the Bush Administration was that he created a federal police force encompassed within his newly created Department of Homeland Security.

This week, the chief law enforcement official in the federal government, Attorney General Eric Holder, officially worried about Arizona state laws concerning illegal activity, while not even bothering to read the law. One would presume that he was going to make illegal an Arizona law enforcing the law against illegals.

Meanwhile, Canadian touristas are being arrested for simply asking the basis for their unreasonable questioning.

In the land of "the right to remain silent", peaceful legal Canadian tourists are arrested, while loudly protesting illegal Mexicans are championed by the media-Scribes.

Moral of the Story?

The Oklahoma police officer lost his job. He should have been the one arrested for interfering with the operation of an emergency vehicle engaged in a life and death situation, but at least, pressure was able to be put to bear against this abuse by local authorities. In the balance, local police forces will closely represent the will of the public.

Not so with a federal police force. I am fairly certain that the federal police officers who arrested the Canadian couple in the video below did not even lose their jobs.

The left's concerns with Bush's goose-stepping federales, when in the hands of a leftist Obama, becomes a Stalinist tool.

The Real Moral of the Story

The picture in Oklahoma says it all -- White local cop chocking submissive black man!!

The national Jewish media-Scribes love to show anything to cause a mistrust of local police, especially one that shows a racist cop berating an honest black paramedic performing his duties.

For the Canadian story, pictures are not shown, neither does the Jewish media-Scribe make a big deal of it, but most likely, the Federal cop on the border in all likelihood was a black man, while the Canadian couple was white.

This is an example of a story the Jewish media-Scribes does NOT want to tell -- Black U.S. Federal police arrest white man for free speech.

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Federal Police Brutality

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