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April 16, 2010

The Last Samurai Protestant


Ann Coulter
Stevens: 'I never left sanity, sanity left me'

Bob Unruh
Christians want court to follow Constitution

Pat Buchanan
Are liberals anti-WASP?

Ann Coulter spends a lot of time explaining how John Paul Stevens was not the perfect example of a good Protestant, but I believe her side point is even more interesting.

    NATIONAL MASSMEDIA INC. is committed to valuing diversity. We believe that all (some) employees and applicants should be treated with dignity and respect. At National MassMedia Inc., we do not discriminate in employment based upon
    • race,
    • color,
    • national origin,
    • age,
    • physical or mental disability,
    • marital status,
    • religion, (We take exception to religion here at National MassMedia Inc)
    • creed,
    • sex, or
    • political beliefs

Over on the government side of things, looking out at all of us, wondering who we are, the Federal Census wants to know:
  • Question #2 : Is there any additional persons staying here and how are they related to you?       (Marital Status)
  • Question #6 : What is the person's sex       (Sex)
  • Question #7 : What is the person's age       (Age)
  • Question #8 : Is the person of Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish Origin?       (National Origin)
  • Question #9 : What is the person's race?       (Race)
  • Missing Question : What is the person's -- religion

In other words, the Census does NOT want to know your religion. Why do they need to track your race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, but not track your religion?

Inside the federal government, the United States Supreme Court has the last say in what laws get enforced in America and which are deemed "unconstitutional". Many times, their sole concern is discrimination of one sort or another. Discrimination in sex in the workplace, age discrimination, racial profiling of Muslims at airports, discrimination of immigrant Hispanics, affirmative action in race discrimination, and now marital discrimination in homosexual marriages. And the most important power in relations to this post, they rule on matters of religious separation of Church and State. They are appointed for life and never had to worry about reelections.

The Supremes are the closest America comes to having a King -- indeed -- to having a Pope !!!

So, why did no one complain about the fact that President Clinton's appointment were both of the same religion?

Why didn't anyone complain about the fact that the last three Republican Presidents were only nominating Justices of one single religion?

Why did everyone complain about President George W. Bush nominating a close personal friend when he nominated Harriet Miers from his White House legal team, but then why was everyone so quit later when Samuel Alito was confirmed, putting one religion into the majority on the Supreme Court, a Supreme Court who feels it can essentially delegate all morals to the country?

Why did everyone praise President Obama about naming the first Hispanic to the Supreme Court, but no one complained that it would further put that one religion even more into the majority?

Where are the "Holier-than-God", "Separation of Church and State", complaint brigade?

These anti-religious fanatics get all bent out of shape over some cross the Boy Scouts put up in some God-forsaken forest, but when two minority religions totally dominate the mass media from where we get all our information, and the federal government that rules over us in every conceivable way, they are stone deaf silent!

All Supreme Court Justices are now Jewish or Catholic

The recent resignation of Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens will leave a Supreme Court without any Protestants. None! Nada! Zip!

Other than Bill Clinton's two appointments -- both Jewish, every President since President Reagan has only had Roman Catholics approved by the Senate.

Strangly, all five Presidents, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr, and Obama, and the majority of the Senate has been Protestants.

In fact, of the 12 Roman Catholic Justices ever appointed to the Supreme Court, half are still on the Supreme Court.

Another interesting fact. The seven Jewish Supreme Court Justices we have had were all appointed by the usual "liberal and proud of it" Presidents
  • Wilson -- Louis Brandeis (1916)
  • Hoover -- Benjamin N. Cardozo (1932) -- Yes, Hoover was a Bush W.-style Republican
  • FDR -- Felix Frankfurter (1939)
  • JFK -- Arthur Goldberg (1962)
  • LBJ -- Abe Fortas (1965)
  • Clinton -- Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1993)
  • Clinton -- Stephen Breyer (1994)

If you want the mediaScribes to call you a "Great President", you have to appoint a Jew to the Supreme Court, Hoover the Republican being the exception.

In fact, if you add in Thursgood Marshall, a black man appointed by LBJ in 1967, a Democrat President has not appointed a white Christian to the Supreme Court since JFK appointed Byron White in 1962, 48 years ago.

But our criteria for selection should not a religion quota, but a justice who follows and upholds the Constitution -- regretably, we are not doing so well here either.

Most Talk Show Hosts are now either Jewish or Catholic

Some of these are a guess as to political affiliation and if I didn't clearly know their politics, then I just assigned them as moderates. I also did not add any talk show host that are purely religious based. Of course, I am not interested in sports talk show hosts, as I only considered those which I felt had at least a small amount of political base to the show.

Of all the radio and TV talk show hosts I looked at, only five were Protestants.

Three times as many talk show hosts were Roman Catholic, than Protestant, even though Protestants are 50% of the entire population.

Jews have 500% more talk show hosts than Protestants, even though Jews are less than 2% of the total population.

Jews sure are discriminated against!

What does it all mean?

It is all about divide and conquer for the Jewish Sanhedrin.

If the Protestants are 51% of the population, then they could theoretically run this country. Hence, the Jews use their centralized ownership of radio and TV broadcasting to counter the voting power of the Protestants by promoting not just as many Jews as they can get away with as talk show hosts, but also to promote the Catholic minority as talk show hosts to keep the topic off having Protestants run the place.

It is a religious affirmative action to insure that the powers-to-be are safely in the hands of the Jewish Sanhredrin.

And even a Roman Catholic like me can see this.

Supreme Court
Politics Religion         Appointed by                                    
Antonin Scalia Conservative Catholic Reagan  
Anthony Kennedy Conservative Catholic Reagan  
Clarence Thomas Conservative Catholic Bush, Sr.  
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Liberal Jewish Clinton  
Stephen Breyer Liberal Jewish Clinton  
John G. Roberts Conservative Catholic Bush, Jr.  
Samuel Alito Conservative Catholic Bush, Jr.  
Sonia Sotomayor Liberal Catholic ( Jewish roots ) Obama  
Elana Kagen Liberal Jewish Obama  

Religious affiliations of the General Public
2007 Pew Research Center survey

Protestants make up over half the citizens of this country.
    According to a 2007 Pew Research Center survey, the following is the order of religious preferences in the United States:

      * Christianity: (78.5%)
        o Protestantism (51.3%)
        o Roman Catholicism (23.9%)
        o Mormonism (1.7%)
        o Jehovah's Witnesses (0.7%)
        o Orthodox Church (0.6%)
        o other Christian (0.3%)
      * Unaffiliated, including atheist or agnostic (16.1%)
      * Judaism (1.7%)
      * Buddhist (0.7%)
      * Islam (0.6%)
      * Hinduism (0.4%)
      * other (1.2%)

Talk Show
Politics Religion Additional Description            
Glenn Beck Conservative Protestant* *Mormon, not really Protestant  
Jay Leno Moderate Protestant* *Father is Italian! Why not Catholic?  
Rush Limbaugh Conservative Protestant* *Never discusses religion!  
Neal Boortz Conservative* Protestant *Very anti-Ron Paul!  
Keith Olbermann Liberal Protestant* *Poor excuse for a Protestant!  
Bob Schieffer Moderate* Protestant *Close personal friend of George W. Bush, Brother appointed ambassador to Australia by Bush  
Stephen Colbert Conservative Roman Catholic  
Carson Daly Conservative Roman Catholic  
Jimmy Fallon Moderate Roman Catholic  
Sean Hannity Conservative Roman Catholic  
Hugh Hewitt Conservative Roman Catholic  
Elisabeth HasselbeckConservative Roman Catholic  
Jimmy Kimmel Moderate Roman Catholic  
Laura Ingraham Conservative Roman Catholic  
Rachel Maddow Liberal Roman Catholic Lesbian  
Dennis Miller Conservative Roman Catholic  
Conan O'Brien Moderate Roman Catholic  
Rosie O'Donnell Liberal Roman Catholic Feminist  
Bill O'Reilly Conservative Roman Catholic  
Regis Philbin Moderate Roman Catholic  
Tim Russert Liberal Roman Catholic A Liberal nice guy  
Joy Behar Liberal Jewish  
Alan Colmes Liberal Jewish  
Katie Couric Liberal Jewish Mother is Jewish  
Al Franken Liberal Jewish  
Larry King Moderate Jewish  
Ricki Lake Moderate Jewish  
Matt Lauer Moderate Jewish Father is Jewish  
David Letterman Liberal Jewish  
Mark Levin Conservative* Jewish * A Neo-Con for Israel  
Bill Maher Liberal Jewish  
Michael Medved Conservative* Jewish * A Neo-Con for Israel  
Sharon Osbourne Liberal Jewish  
Dennis Prager Conservative Jewish A Conservative nice guy  
Maury Povich Moderate Jewish  
Randi Rhodes Liberal Jewish  
Sally Jessy RaphaŽl Moderate Jewish  
Geraldo Rivera Moderate Jewish  
Michael Savage Conservative Jewish  
Diane Sawyer Moderate Jewish Jewish by marriage to Mike Nichols  
Laura Schlesinger Conservative Jewish A Conservative nice lady  
Jerry Springer Liberal Jewish  
Howard Stern Liberal Jewish  
Jon Stewart Moderate Jewish  
Meredith Vieira Moderate Jewish Jewish by marriage to Richard M. Cohen  
Barbara Walters Moderate Jewish  
Tammy Bruce Conservative Undetermined Lesbian and Feminist - (not an oxymoron)  
Tucker Carlson Moderate Undetermined  
Don Imus Conservative Undetermined  
Anderson Cooper Conservative Undetermined Son of Gloria Vanderbilt,
related to JP Morgan,
a known front for the Rothschilds  

by Religion
Total Talk Show Hosts
by Religion
Liberal Moderate Conservative
Protestant 5 (1 Lib, 2 Moderates, 2 Con) * 1 2 2
Roman Catholic 15 (3 times as many Catholics !) 3 4 8
Jewish 25 (5 times as many are Jewish!) 10 10 5

* Even with only 5 talk show hosts, the Protestant power is almost evenly divided bewtween liberal, moderate and conservative. The Roman Catholic talk show hosts are conservative to counterbalance the liberal Jews, giving the allusion of "fair and balanced".

American Radio and TV Talk Show Hosts

Notice that Jews have 70% of the liberal talk show hosts, whike Roman Catholics have a little over 50% of the conservative talk show hosts. The Protestant voice is distributed all over the place and one Protestant voice counters out the voice of the other, never getting more than 15% of any one sector; although, I have to admit that Rush Limbaugh may well be the balance to the rest.

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