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April 13, 2010

Agents provocateurs
"Crash the Tea Party"


Jason Levin
Crash the Tea Party

Mark Whittington
'Crash the Tea Party!' to Inflitrate April 15th Anti-Tax Protests

Chelsea Schilling
Tea-party crasher: Teacher blogging from school?

Chelsea Schilling
Tea-party crashers: 'I'm gay for Palin'

Meghan Cox Gurdon
Meghan Cox Gurdon: Pay no heed to tea party crashers

Chad Groening
Tea Party 'crashers' a media darling

Chad Groening
Why does tea party need infiltrating?

William F. Jasper
Agents Provocateurs Fuel Anti-Right-wing Propaganda

Thugs working as media-Scribes

The media-Scribes never really condemned the thuggish behavior of their fellow media-Scribe journalists who misnamed the Tea Party participants by the derogatory name of "tea-baggers".

And that was thuggish behavior from outside the Tea Party Movement.

Now leftists want to infiltrate the Tea Party as agents provocateurs to be thugs from the inside. -- And of course, the inside thugs are also not denounced by the media-Scribe thugs.

There is a long list of agent provoceteurs in America as told by The New American.

What were the Possibilities
for the Responsible Party?

This section is an update, as when it was originally published on 4/13, the perpetrator was only known as Jason Levin. However, as of 4/14, we now know that the perpatrator was indeed a liberal public school teacher. Still, it is interesting to note what the possiblitities could have been.

What would have been the possibilities of who was behind this organization to infiltrate the Tea Party Movement?
  1. A stupid man who was letting the TEA party folks know what is up.
  2. A radical man from the left trying to get the TEA party to feed on their own paranoia.
  3. A "plant" from the establishment Neo-Con conservatives, trying to get the TEA party folks focused on the threat from the left, rather than challenging the RINO Republicans.
  4. A "plant" from the Tea party folks, trying to drum up a "martyr" cause.

So think about it. Number 4 was a long shot, as Tea Party people don't plan using the Sal Alinsky types of methods. They use reason and logical argument to win.

Number 3 could have happened. And Jason Levin could still be a Jewish Neo-Con, but as a public school teacher from one of the most liberal areas of this country, Beaverton, Oregon, it is highly unlikely that Jason Levin was a Jewish Neo-Con.

I would rule out number 1, simply because I don't underestimate my Jewish enemies.

Leaving as the final and most probably answer -- number 2 -- he is a radical trying to make the Tea Party paranoid.

Jason Levin and his merry band are agents provocateurs.

A short time ago, a man philosophically aligned with Jewish Pharisee Jason Levin, a man named Stalin, wanted to make Hitler and his fellow Germans look evil and vile, so he dug up the dead decaying corpses of the Polish officers he had killed in the Katyn Forest, and placed documents on the corpses dated to time frame Hitler was in Poland. Then he showed the world the dead Polish officers Hitler had supposedly wiped out.

Less gruesome, but not much different, Jason Levin also hits below the belt with methods to dishonestly discredit his opponent, for he plans to have his fellow liberals dress as neo-Nazis.
    But mask-wearing has darker manifestations, too, and has throughout history: Hamas militants have donned Israeli army uniforms to attack Palestinians, knowing the world press will unite in blaming Israel. By the time anyone realizes who was doing the killing, the guilt is assigned and the narrative is set. And just this week in the Philippines, Muslim militants disguised up as policemen and soldiers killed a dozen people in bomb and gun attacks.

    -- Meghan Cox Gurdon

Although, I would argue that the Israel's Mossad engages in far more agents provocateur scenarios than Hamas does, simply because they can sucessfully carry off the "Hollywood" acting needed to make it work.

And the world's press does unite behind Israel in these forms of atrocity.

The Infiltration Plan

Can this be more daring?

"Who are we?"

Well, can I guess moslty Jewish?

In plain site, a Jewish Pharisee named Jason Levin, and his friends, plan to infiltrate a Christian-based, patriotic-based, political movement. And in an ironic twist, most of the Tea Party members are the most supportive defenders of Israel one can find in the entire world. How's that for back-stabbing!

He begins by stating his beliefs that people in the Tea Party are "racists, homophobes and morons."

He did not call them ANTI-SEMITIC, but I will add anti-semitic, since I know the real agenda behind his "Crash the Tea Party" is to keep his Jewish people empowered here in America. Can't have real Christians leading the "save Israel" brigade, as that would be too risky should the real Christians ever wake up about being manipulated.

Most rational people of course would like to see some hard evidence that the best citizens America has to offer are anywhere close to the evil he is implying.

But that's OK, we all have differences of opinion, right?

NOPE !!!! And he tells us what he wants to do about it.

"What We Want?"

Does he want spirited discussion? a lively debate?

Does he believe in "May the best man win?"

NOPE !!!

His goals are simple -- Complete and utter destruction of the Tea Party, as was done to ACORN.

"How Will We Succeed?"

Will they succeed with logical arguments? Succeed with a better plan?

NOPE !!!

  • They will bring misspelled signs to make the Tea Party look dumb
  • They will make wild and outlandish claims on TV
  • They will spy on the Tea Party to learn how to disrupt them
  • They will dress up in Nazi uniforms
  • They will come unshaven and in dirty clothes
  • This plan itself is calculated to cause paranoia in the Tea Party

    This is not a Hannah Giles / James O'Keefe undercover operation where a corrupt organization like ACORN is filmed exactly as they truly are.

    For that you have to remark:
      "Who exposed this latest bit of corruption at ACORN?
      • The FBI?
      • The local police?
      • A congressional investigating committee?
      • The mainstream media?
      No, no, no, no. It was a 20-year-old-girl named Hannah Giles and a 25-year-old law student and investigative journalist named James O'Keefe."

      -- James Rainey, writing for the Los Angeles Times

    With an evil corrupt organization like ACORN, to destroy it, you simply had to show them as they are -- evil.

    For a Christian, moral, and patriotic organization like the Tea Party, an expose would only make the Tea Party stronger, by showing how moral and upright its members truly are.

    So how do you make good look bad?

    In order to destroy the Tea Party, Jewish Pharisee Jason Levin knows well that he must inject evil from the outside and then only look at that fake evil part.

    All he has to do is to get former ACORN members to pretend to be Tea Party members.

    All he has to do is to get fellow Tea Party members to question each other, fight and break up.

    And then - "Mission Accomplished!"

    Jewish-looking Infiltrators
    at a Sarah Palin Event
    on the Boston Common

  • Photographed by Paul Keleher

  • Photographed by itripped42

  • Photo Courtesy of Paul Keleher

  • Photo courtesy of Tim Pierce

  • Photo courtesy of Tim Pierce

  • Photo courtesy of Tim Pierce

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