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April 9, 2010

Secession History Month


Pat Buchanan
The New Intolerance

"Rebellion to Tyrants is Obediance to God"
Bronze Medal struck at the behest of Virginia Governor Thomas Jefferson (1780)

Virginia's Civil War Dates

May 14, 1607Virginia became the first successful English colony with Jamestown
June 1, 1774Virginia's House of Burgesses dismissed by Virginia's Governor Lord Dunmore
April 19, 1775Cause of Virginia's First Seccession -- Massachusetts' Battle of Lexington and Concord
April 20, 1775Virginian Patrick Henry led militia against Virginia's Governor Lord Dunmore
Nov 7, 1775Governor Lord Dunmore issues Emancipation Proclamation -- no slaves are freed
July 4, 1776Virginian Thomas Jefferson's Declaration of Independence makes history
June 25, 1788Virginia ratifies the Constitution of the United States
March 4, 1861Lincoln was inaugurated President -- Virginia was still in the Union.
April 12, 1861Lincoln's federal reinforcements to Fort Sumter -- Civil War begins
April 15, 1861Lincoln mobilizes the state militias to crush the new Confederacy
April 17, 1861Cause of Virginia's Second Secession -- Secede rather than forced to war on their brethren
April 18, 1861Virginian Robert E. Lee turned down Lincoln's offer to be a Major General
April 20, 1861Virginian Robert E. Lee resigned his commission in the United States Army
April 23, 1861Virginian Robert E. Lee took command of the Virginia State Forces
Sept 22, 1862President Abraham Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation -- no slaves are freed
April 9, 1865Virginian Robert E. Lee surrenders at Appomattox Courthouse

Virginia began both her secession movements in April. Virginia had her first surrender at Appomattox Courthouse in April.
    • April, the beginning of a new season
    • Virginia, the beginning of a New England
    • April, the beginning of Virginia
    • April, the enslavement of Virginia

Virginia freely joined the Union of States, and did not leave it without heavy thought.
  • Other States seceded when Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated -- not Virginia.
  • Other States feared losing slavery -- not Virginia.
  • Other States attacked Lincoln's Federales -- not Virginia
  • Other States sent militias to fight against their fellow States -- NOT VIRGINIA !!!
  • The Virginia-born Declaration of Independence recognized a right of secession.
  • Lincoln nullified the Declaration of Independence, "once in, cannot get out!"
  • Virginia seceded from the Union
  • Virginia was also invaded and attacked by Lincoln's Federales.
  • Virginia had more battlefields, with more blood let, including losses outside of Virginia where Virginia fought, in places like Gettysberg, than the sum of any war this country has ever had, including the World Wars, all because of Lincoln. (Note, these numbers include both Virginians killed and those of Virginia's enemies)

The Textile Barons in the North went to war with the Cotton Barons of the South -- both dependent upon blacks to pick the cotton that was spun into thread that was weaved into clothing.

Yes, Lincoln enslaved Americans with debasement of their wealth through the issuing of non-gold-backed "greenbacks", suspension of basic liberties such as Habeas Corpus and Freedom of the Press, and forced conscription of Irishmen who just 5 years earlier had stepped off the boats escaping the Great Potato Famine of Ireland; Irishmen which Northerners treated as bad, and in some respects, worst than slaves. Some things never change.

Initiating preparations for April, 2011, the 150th Anniversary of the historically critical month of April, 1861, where all Americans were all enslaved to free the slaves, Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell had declared April to be "Confederate History Month" in the Old Dominion of Virginia.

In a country that racially celebrates black history month, black caucases, Miss Black America, and where every move of Martin Luther King is imortalized with holidays, the Virginia Governor was castrated for suggesting a celebration and commemoration of part of his State's past history.

Virginia's History of Rebellion

For over 100 years, from 1658 to 1776, thanks to the influence of slave-trading Jews in America, Great Britain had a black slave trade in the New England colonies.

Virginians George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were all slave-owners from a slave State when they supported the 1776 secession from Great Britain. And their English governor had a worthless Emancipation Proclamation to free any slave who fought with England against George Washington's troops.

But, here as in the Civil War, the main reason for that 1776 secession was not slavery, but over an overbearing tyrannical English government who was not following the natural rights of all Englishmen to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Once independant of Great Britain, the Founders wrestled with the idea of eliminating slavery. Thomas Jefferson personally eliminated slavery on his own plantation. But, in the end, in order to unify as one nation, one and all were in agreement to keep slavery.

All States, slave or free, "agreed to disagree" about slavery, and all willingly signed the Constitution of the United States as a treaty to create an umbrella government whose primary role was to protect and defend, one and all.

Virginia signed the Constitution, under the solemn assurances that the federal government would NEVER impose its will upon Virginia or Virginians on ANYTHING other than the few delegated powers Virginia agreed to give to the new federal government.

It was bad enough that only 73 years later, Virginia would discover that the federal government, under the guise of "compassion" and "tolerance", now planned to unconstitutionally impose its will upon the States in violation of the Constitution, but much worst than that, and shockingly unaccpetable to Virginians, the federal government planned to impose its will by brute force.

The federal government was to invade and suppress a secession, done with the same brutal force as Great Britain wielded when all 13 States had seceded in 1776.

It was in the Northern State of Massachusetts where "the shot hear round the world" was first heard. Virginia could not believe that Massachusetts was sending militia to put down a peaceful secession from a threatening federal government.

Secession is for Lovers

    "This was a recognition of American terrorists."

    -- Reaction of CNN Roland Martin to Virginia Gov's proclamation of Confederate History Month

Given Virginia's sterling record in the Civil War, these are fighting words indeed!

But instead of fighting a losing battle, and in the mode of "turning the other cheek", perhaps Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell would be better served with changing his "Confederate History Month" proclamation into to a mushier, sweeter-sounding slogan for Virginia's 150th anniversary of secession, along the old lines of the old Virginia tourist slogan -- "Virginia is for Lovers"

Would it be, "Virginia is for Secession" or "Secession is for Lovers"?

Or, perhaps the slogan could just be lengthened a little -- "Virginia is for Lovers of Liberty"

He could have added a jingle such as "Nobody doesn't like Sara Lee", by replacing the name of Sara Lee with Robert E. Lee.

Robert E. Lee was the man who freed his slaves before beginning the Civil War; not US Grant who kept his. Robert E. Lee was the Virginian whom Abraham Lincoln trusted and asked to lead his troops into battle, but in the end, General Lee had to side with his home State of Virginia. Nobody hates Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, because he arguably lead the most honorable, moral and compassionate army this world has ever seen and even Northerners have to agree after Sherman's "March to the Sea" scorched earth policy.

Or perhaps the best slogan I can think of for April 2011:

    "Secession History Month"
    "Tyranical Governments Beware!"

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