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March 28, 2010

The Crusades
-- From the Eyes of the Jews --


History of the Jews and the Crusades

Persecution of Jews in the First Crusade

    Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel "pick up your shovel, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land".

    Nearly 75 years ago, FDR said, "Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, light up a Camel, for this is the Promised Land".

    Now the rulers of this country have : stolen your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of Camels, and mortgaged the Promised Land!

Our thoughts about "The Promised Land" are some of the most distorted views the Jewish media-Scribes have ever given us.

We will present all the Jewish propaganda against the Christians of the Crusade, before we then present, from the very mouths of the Jewish media-Scribes themselves, the Christian argument for the Crusade -- How Jews are not the picture of tortured innocents as they love to present to others.

And we will do so without once condemning the Jewish Crusade to take the Holy Lands, completed by Jews in 1948.

FACT OR PROPAGANDA?: Christian Crusaders portrayed as attacking WRONG ENEMY

Try to grasp the meaning of Jewish propaganda which makes statements such as this one:
    "The call for the First Crusade touched off new persecutions of Jews in which peasant crusaders from France and Germany attacked Jewish communities."

    -- Wikipedia: Persecution of Jews in the First Crusade

At first, one recoils in horror that our beloved Christian Crusaders would attack the WRONG ENEMY of Christianity.

After all, we are all "Judeo-Christians" we are told. Christian AND JEW alike, we both want to free "The Promised Land" from the grip of the blood-thirsty Muslims who would behead any Christian OR JEW who dared stepped in front of them. Right?

We are buddies -- pals -- we Christians AND JEWS.

FACT OR PROPAGANDA?: Chrisian Crusaders portrayed as MURDERERS

But, why one would believe the propaganda that the PEASANT CRUSADERS, as opposed to the more ENLIGHTENED CRUSADERS, were so stupid, so ignorant, as to attack Jews living in Germany and France, of all places, as the ally of the Muslims occupying Christian AND JEWISH lands in Palestine.

The next paragraph in Wikipedia clears this up for us:
    The preaching of the First Crusade inspired an outbreak of anti-Semitism. In parts of France and Germany, Jews were perceived as just as much an enemy as Muslims: they were thought to be responsible for the crucifixion, and they were more immediately visible than the distant Muslims. Many people wondered why they should travel thousands of miles to fight non-believers when there were already non-believers closer to home.

    -- Wikipedia: Persecution of Jews in the First Crusade

Here the Crusade is not presented to us as merely a way of Christians freeing the Holy Lands of the Muslim Infidels, but as a need of blood-thirsty Christians to massacre all non-believers of Christianity, in an un-Christian manner. Jews are non-believers in Jesus Christ, so Wikipedia tells us that Christians wanted Jews dead for that sole matter alone.

Do you believe this?

FACT OR PROPAGANDA?: Christian Crusaders portrayed as ROBBERS and THIEVES

Yet, if one wanted to portray the Peasant Crusaders as simply super-religious imposing a Jericho brutality upon non-believers, Wikipedia has the very next paragraph.

We now know thanks to Wiki that they were really greedy, lustful Christians who wanted to violate two of the Ten Commandments condemning not just murder but stealing as well.
    It is also likely that the crusaders were motivated by their need for money. The Rhineland [Jewish] communities were relatively wealthy, both due to their isolation, and because they were not restricted as Christians were against money-lending. Many crusaders had to go into debt in order to purchase weaponry and equipment for the expedition; as Western Christianity strictly forbade usury (unlike Orthodox Christianity, which merely regulated it), many crusaders inevitably found themselves indebted to Jewish moneylenders. Having armed themselves by assuming the debt, the crusaders conveniently rationalized the killing of Jews as an extension of their Christian mission

    -- Wikipedia: Persecution of Jews in the First Crusade

So, in this perverse logical equation in Wikipedia, "the Jews were violating the law against usury", thus "indebting Christians", which "rationalized the killing of Jews".

FACT OR PROPAGANDA?: The Pope is portrayed as the CHIEF ROBBER-BARON

Still, the Jews had always been non-believers, had always violated Christian law, had always indebted Christians. Wiki talks about expulsions and forced conversions to Christianity in the past, but there were no wholesale killings of Jews. So what caused this now?

Well, in a word, according to Wikipedia, it was all the fault of the Pope who authorized it.
    The passions aroused in the Christian populace by Urban IIís call for the first crusade moved persecution of Jews into a new chapter in history where these previous constants no longer held.

    -- Wikipedia: Persecution of Jews in the First Crusade

FACT OR PROPAGANDA?: Peter the Hermit is portrayed as an EXTORTIONIST

Perter the Hermit, a Catholic priest, had attempted to go on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem before the Crusade of 1096, but was prevented by the Seljuk Turks from reaching his goal and was tortured.

Sources differ as to whether he was present at Pope Urban II's famous Council of Clermont in 1095; but it is certain that he was one of the preachers of the crusade in France afterward, and his own experience may have helped to give fire to the Crusading cause.

Peter the Hermit therefore was the spiritual inspiration of the Peasant Crusade.

Not to be left out of the libel of this propaganda then, and "while no sources claim he preached against the Jews", this Wikipedia "source" nevertheless accuses Peter the Hermit of extortion against Jews.
    Not all crusaders who had run out of supplies resorted to murder; some, like Peter the Hermit, used extortion instead. While no sources claim he preached against the Jews, he carried a letter with him from the Jews of France to the community at Trier. The letter urged them to supply provisions to Peter and his men. The Solomon bar Simson Chronicle records that they were so terrified by Peterís appearance at the gates that they readily agreed to supply his needs.[4] Whatever Peter's own position on the Jews was, men claiming to follow after him felt free to massacre Jews on their own initiative, to pillage their possessions.

    -- Wikipedia: Persecution of Jews in the First Crusade

FACT OR PROPAGANDA?: Godfrey of Bouillon is also portrayed as an EXTORTIONIST

The most famous figure of the First Crusade was Godfrey of Boullon, but famous and well respected does not save you from the barbs of the Jewish media-Scribes here at Wikipedia.
    Later in 1096, Godfrey of Bouillon also collected tribute from the Jews in Mainz and Cologne, but there was no slaughter in this case.

    -- Wikipedia: Persecution of Jews in the First Crusade

FACT OR PROPAGANDA?: Jews in Jerusalem learned of coming Crusaders

All subsequent parts of this Wikipedia article chronicles how, outside a "Satanic Pope", and "extortionists Crusade leaders", all other Roman Catholic and secular leaders were sympathetic and supportive of the Jews against the barbarian hordes of Crusaders.

But this then becomes the most mystifying section.

This Wikipedia article says that the Jews who lived among their most hated foe, the Muslims, were NOT SLAIN by the otherwise totally without morals Christians.

Not only were these Jews still non-Christian, still filthy rich to steal from, but also, these particular Jews were collaborating with the enemy, and yet, they were not slaughtered by the "murderous", "greedy", "ignorant peasant", Crusader Christians. Why?
    News of the attacks spread quickly and reached the Jewish communities in and around Jerusalem long before the crusaders themselves arrived. However, Jews were not systematically killed in Jerusalem, despite being caught up in the general indiscriminate violence caused by the crusaders once they reached the city.

    -- Wikipedia: Persecution of Jews in the First Crusade

FACT OR PROPAGANDA?: Jews are portrayed as united only after the Crusades

Indeed, the Wiki article explains why the Jews living in Muslim lands are not attacked. They were innocent! They had nothing to do with Jews living in Christian lands, whom the Christian Crusaders hated.
    Previous to the Crusades, the Jews were divided among three major areas which were largely independent of one another. These were the Jews living in Islamic nations (still the majority), those in the Byzantine empire and those in the Roman Catholic West. With the persecutions that began around 1096, a new awareness of the entire people took hold across all of these groups, reuniting the three separate strands

    -- Wikipedia: Persecution of Jews in the First Crusade

What discriminating hatred these peasant Christian Crusaders had. They hated ony Jews living with Christians and only Muslims not living with Christians, yet they loved Jews living with Muslims.

Which after the next section will really make one wonder.

The Christian Solution
presents another Interpretation
for the Motivations of
the Peasant Crusaders

Now, if you believed all the representations made in the section above, I can't help you. But I think there are other motivations, not covered above, for the Christian Crusaders to not trust Jews living in Christian lands.

To see this motivation, we have to look at a different, but related, Wikipedia article.

FACT OR PROPAGANDA?: Jews are portrayed as fighting the Christian Crusades

In this Wiki article, you see Jews openly and violently fighting against Christians for their own defense in Jewish Settlements under Muslim control.
    The Jews almost single-handedly defended Haifa against the crusaders, holding out in the besieged town for a whole month (June-July 1099) in fierce battles. At this time, a full thousand years after the fall of the Jewish state, there were Jewish communities all over the country. Fifty of them are known and include Jerusalem, Tiberias, Ramleh, Ashkelon, Caesarea, and Gaza.

    -- Wikipedia: History of the Jews and the Crusades

That is fine for the Jews to defend their own communities. Doesn't mean that they are pro-Islam does it?

FACT OR PROPAGANDA?: Jews are portrayed as fighting with the Muslims

Unlike the invasion of Islam upon Christian Jerusalem in 638AD, where Jews all over the countryside rose up in rebellion against Christian rule and joined as a Fifth Column with the Muslims against the Christians, this time, once again, the Jews are still loyal to the Muslims.

The Muslims are occupying THEIR JERUSALEM, but we now see in the Wiki article that the Jews sided and fought alongside the Muslim occupiers.

The city called the Holy of Holies, has Jews defending Muslim control of Jerusalem as being better than Christian control of the city.
    Jews fought side-by-side with Muslim soldiers to defend Jerusalem against the Crusaders.

    -- Wikipedia: History of the Jews and the Crusades

FACT OR PROPAGANDA?: Christians see Jews as traitors for siding with Muslims

Facts are that the majority of Jews at the time, both in Jerusalem, surrounding territories, and in Sephard (Spain), were living comfortably among Muslims.

Many Christian pilgrims over the years had made or tried to make pilgrimages to the Holy Lands, under the control of the Muslims, and had to have come across many of these Jews probably running merchant operations in the "tourist" spots of Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

The Jewish media-Scribes writing these Wikipedia articles cannot be counted on to indicate how much affect these Muslim-loving Jews had on the stories devout pilgrims brought back to Europe with them from visiting the Holy Lands on pilgrimages, but the presumption, when you see the "intolerance" and "hate" of the pilgrims toward innocent Jews in Europe could not have been positive.

The only presumptions one could make about the Jewish pogroms in Christian lands is:
  • THAT the Jews in Muslim lands were abusive toward Christian pilgrims to the Holy Lands;
  • THAT these Jews persecuted Christians when the Jews knew that they had the back their Muslim defenders;
  • THAT these Jews extorted, kidnapped, injured and killed Christian pilgrims, knowing they were helpless to resist;
  • THAT these Jews were in the Holy Lands, while Christians were not allowed;
  • THAT these Jews were in close communication with Jews in Christian lands.

This current knowledge of Jews being cozy with Muslims in 1096, was supplemented by a history of knowing:
  • THAT when Jews were living among Christians in Christian Palestine around 638 AD, the Jews had sabotaged Christian defenses to aid Mohammad's hordes of Muslims;
  • THAT Muslims and Jews alike had stormed across North Africa and up into Spain, where Sephardic Jews living among Christians there;
  • THAT the Sephardic Jews had literally given the keys to the Spanish cities over to the invading Muslims,
  • THAT the Sephardic Jews lived in peace with the Muslims for those next 350 years, and
  • THAT the Jews in Christian lands were quite close to the Jews in Muslim lands who were helping Muslims on the verge of taking Christian Constantinople, which they finally did in 1453 AD, almost making Vienna, Austria a Muslim city before being stopped.
  • THAT Jews will side with Muslims to kill Christians anytime it suits them.

But for the sake of harmony, we don't need to know this part of history, as it doesn't bring us all together in happy fellow-hood. We only need to know how brutal and barbaric Christians can be to Jews and Muslims for no apparent reason.

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