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March 16, 2010

The Case for Arbitration Clauses put into Marriages


Mercy Seat Christian Church
5 Reasons Why Christians Should Not Obtain a State Marriage License

Through the innocent sounding name of "no-fault" divorce, the States have made a mockery of the much tougher Biblical grounds for divorce. The resulting devastation to our families and especially the children has caused far more damage than any Hurricane Katrina could possibly havoc.

Some Churches are beginning to fight back. Trying to take back into the Church, God's covenant with married couples.

The Mercy Seat Christian Church has given 5 reasons to forgo a STATE-ISSUED Marriage LICENSE and obtain instead a CHURCH-ISSUED Marriage CERTIFICATE.
  1. The definition of a "license" demands that we not obtain one to marry.
  2. When you marry with a marriage license, you grant the State jurisdiction over your marriage.
  3. When you marry with a marriage license, you place yourself under a body of law which is immoral.
  4. The marriage license invades and removes God-given parental authority.
  5. When you marry with a marriage license, you are like a polygamist.

Great first step and this site has said much the same thing.

Now, to take it to the next step, another very important clause needs to be added to your Marriage Certificate.

The KOOFCAC Marriage Arbitration Clause

KOOFCAC = Keep Out Of Family Court Arbitration Clause

Since both parties have agreed to marry in the same church, then both parties should be agreeable to having any possible divorce proceedings arbitrated in that same church.

Both mandatory and voluntary Binding Arbitration in place of Constitutional-guaranteed jury trials is sweeping America in business and employment.

    What Is Binding Arbitration?

    As an alternative to judges or courts settling disputes between consumers and businesses, binding arbitration works out a deal through an independent, third-party body. Binding arbitration may save time, money, and energy when two parties disagree over a contract, the performance of a service, or the exchange of goods. The arbitrator's decision is final and cannot be disputed or appealed. Increasingly, lenders and distributors are requiring consumers to sign binding arbitration agreements, which might lessen the load on courts, but may also erode a consumer's constitutional rights.

    With mandatory arbitration, a borrower or consumer must agree to use an arbitrator, rather than the courts, to resolve any issues. This is often required as part of getting a loan financed or buying large purchases, such as a car. In voluntary arbitration, after a disagreement arises, both the consumer and the company can agree that they find it mutually beneficial to let a third party intervene.


Jews have been doing so in America in all forms of business and family affairs with their religious courts called BETH DIN.

Why not then have mandatory binding arbitration in Church marriages where, due to freedom of religion, State family law courts cannot touch?

States would have to recognize Marriage Contracts made in your Church which have clauses requiring arbitration in Church; thereby making church marriages immune from family law courts.

By the way, since a Marriage Contract in the eyes of the State is in actuality a Marriage Covenent in the eyes of God, then the State is doubly obligated to honor one's marriage.

In secret from the community, the couple would enter into arbitration with their Church being the arbitrators, and what the church decides should be the only legal guiding authority for the State.

The State should then recognize the Church divorce just as it recognizes the Church marriage.

Only then, IF the couple's religious bonds are agreed to be broken, and AFTER the covenent is actually broken, should the State decide any remaining legal issues.

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