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March 6, 2010

"Big Tent" CPAC
Infiltrated by GOProud


Joseph Farah
What's wrong with CPAC?

CPAC (February 18-20, 2010)
Straw Poll Results

Joseph Farah
An epitaph for CPAC


Strange happenings at the 2010 CPAC convention.

For instance, Ann Coulter says that, other than for foreign policy, she agrees entirely with Ron Paul.

But isn't foreign policy an integral part of American life nowadays? We have a Department of Homeland Security whose main job is to call everything it wants to control inside America a foreign terrorist threat.

She certainly never endorsed Ron Paul for president.

In another strange incident, speaker Ryan Sorba should be getting a standing ovation from conservatives, but instead he gets jeered at.

There is not much more which can be added to Joseph Farah's words on this topic :
  • Homosexual marriage has been rejected in every State it has been put on the ballot.

  • Homosexuality is against conservatives morals

  • Homosexuality is against Christian morals

  • Homosexuality is against Western Civilization morals

  • Homosexuality is against nature

  • Homosexuality is a sickness, not a virtue

  • Homosexuality is not a reproductive act

  • Embracing Homosexuality is not what has made America great

  • AND, not even Barrack Obama or Hillary Clinton support the Homosexual Agenda

What indeed has happened to the conservative movement.

"Bring It! I Love It!"
CPAC Speaker Gets Booed
For Condemning CPAC
For Inviting Gay Organization

Strange to see Ron Paul supporters being so fervent about gay rights?

I am personally disappointed in seeing that repealing the 17th Amendment did not even make the list, let alone restoring the State's Checks and Balances in regards to the 10th Amendment, an Amendment which was working until the 17th Amendment passed in 1913 stripping it of its enforcement powers.

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