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March 6, 2010

From Galileo
to the Age of Enlightenment
to the Age of Global Warming


Patrice Lewis
I wanted to be a scientist

In Galileo-speak, we have come full circle haven't we?
    We left religious witch burning behind,
            to embrace the Age of Enlightenment,
                    to today, having governmental witch burnings.
Governments funds most basic scientific research today, and so government gets what it pays for, doesn't it?

In our case, government wanted GLOBAL WARMING, so as to enable GLOBAL GOVERNMENT, to "fix" the problem.

Any peon scientist who dared to get in their pre-ordained way, were stepped on.

Galileo was Enlightenment

Galileo used his newly invented telescope to discover four moons around Jupiter.

He proposed that this proved objectors were wrong when they disbelieved the Copernican Hypothesis of the Earth revolving around the Sun.

Many objectors had said that if the Earth went around the Sun, then the moon would be “left behind”.

Since Jupiter was known to orbit the Sun and since Jupiter was now proven to also have moons also revolving around it, then the Earth and its moon could indeed have the same type of orbit as Jupiter and its moons.

Father Christopher Clavius told Galileo that several Franciscan priests quickly confirmed his observations of Jupiter.

Contrary to popular public school education, this made Galileo quite a hero in the Roman Catholic Church.

Galileo’s problem with the Catholic Church revolved around his one-sided declaration that Copernicus was now a proven theory and no longer a hypothesis.

Indeed, still having rural Catholic parishioners questioning Copernicus, and Galileo coming so soon after Copernicus, the Catholic Church was indeed being too hyper-cautious with its experimental method to suit Galileo and Galileo was none too deferential about it.

The Catholic Church believed Galileo all along and were not ignorant in the least about his findings. They only wanted time to prepare the ignorant faithful to the new findings. He was too impatient and the Church held him back.

There is nothing wrong about being extremely cautious with new theories, especially if those theories are highly disruptive.

But Galileo was never in danger of being burned at the stake by so-called ignorant clergy.

Hyper-cautious science in our day and age should warn us to be wary when the self-proclaimed "Father of the Internet" government mis-leader, Al Gore, announces that we now know all we need to know about global warming and if there are any dissenters, they will be excommunicated from their positions as scientists and meteorologists.

Galileo, the scientist, turns out in the end to be absolutely right -- Al Gore, the politician, never was right.

Christianity is the most pro-science religion around

The common folklore has Galileo proposing a new view of the universe at odds with Christian theology, trembling in fear for his life from a closed-minded ignorant Christian faith threatening to burn him at the stake.

Truth is that there was no place on the face of this Earth or at any moment in history that Galileo could have safely made his discoveries other than being in a Catholic, and therefore Christian, country.

Galileo would have feared for his life in a Muslim theology that has an all powerful and all knowledgeable Allah whom preordains every event in the world. Causing the sun to come up regularly each day is just "a habit" of Mohammad’s that he could change anytime he wanted.

Galileo may have been in fear of his life in a pagan Roman society or a pagan Mayan civilization which believed the sun was a God who came and went as that God pleased.

Galileo knew Christians believed in the requirement of truth as directed in the Ten Commandments.

Galileo knew God was not part of this world, but that God had created this world from nothing; hence, everything he created including man was a wonder of God to behold and to explore. Christians believe that God created light and dark, heaven and earth, plants and animals; hence, to know these things is to know God.

If you can see a plant or animal closer with a microscope or a star closer with a telescope, then a Christian scientist is directed by God to report truthfully, what he has seen.

On the other hand, if a Christian scientist proposes a hypothesis about the method God used to create the world in seven days, then other Christians are free to debate this point in order to determine its truthfulness.

Real Christian men are not afraid to compare themselves to God’s other creatures for he knows what really separates men from animals are not the number of chromosomes in their cells but the holy spirit in their souls.

Many argue for intelligent design as a better model of the origins of man, but if scientists can gather more evidence to prove evolution, why would a Christian care?

It may matter to someone who believes in reincarnation, who may state that he was a cat, instead of a monkey, just before he became a man.

It may matter to a Muslim who believes that fellow men outside their own religion are a lower life form than even rodents.

But to a Christian, what does it really matter?

Christians already knew before Darwin that God worked sequentially. Most likely that is why Darwin could make such an assumption and why many Christians believed it, as it fit the Biblical story fairly well.

In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth before he did anything else. Somewhere in there, he created light and dark, land and water, plants and animals.

The Bible tells us that the plants and animals did not come before the land and water or the light and dark.

So on the last day before he rested, he may have grabbed a boy and girl Neanderthal ANIMAL which he had created, and blessed them each with a soul, calling them Adam and Eve.

Or he may have completed mankind as just another of his ANIMALS and then picked a boy and girl human animal from among them to make in his image by giving them a soul and allowing them to join him in the Garden of Eden, also calling them Adam and Eve.

Or he may have started completely from scratch once again, making Adam and Eve.

Again, nothing to make a BIG DEAL, over, for God’s sake!

The first two “theories” could even explain how Cain found someone to marry since he murdered his only sibling, further proving the Bible correct.

Every life on Earth runs completely through Evolution

Moreover, why are Christians so worked up over the thought of a tiny one-cell parasite evolving into a complex human being anyway, for they witness this miracle every day in their own children.

From a one-cell egg and a sperm which join together into one cell again, come two cells after an initial split, then four cells when each of those two split.

These cells differentiate taking on different assignments; some become nerve cells, some become muscle cells, some even become the cells making up the highly complex eye.

Is this cell differentiation much different from animal differentiation, where some becomes lions and some becomes sheep?

If there is intelligent design, it has to be in the DNA, because that old story about a watch found in the sand evolving itself does not hold water when anyone can witness the complete 18-year “evolution” of a beautiful bride resulting from only the love between her mother and father!

It is like all of evolution happening in…well the short time span that God may desire.

The point to remember is that no other religion has allowed science to flourish as much as it has flourished in the Christian world.

It is no coincidence that modern DNA knowledge was began by a Christian monk named Mendel, who marveled at God’s creation as he discovered genetic traits.

How exactly did DNA knowledge “evolve” into a religion for the anti-theists?

The answer is that Darwin is the straw horse Pharisees use to weaken Christianity.

My Protestant brothers have bought into the strict interpretation of the Bible only when it comes to the Old Testament side in the story of Adam and Eve.

They are not nearly as strict when it comes to the New Testament side which clearly states that Jesus proclaimed himself as the sacrificial “Lamb of God”. Following his sacrifice by the Pharisees, we are to partake of the real sacrificial “flesh and blood of Christ” during communion for our spiritual nourishment, grape juice not being an allowed starting material.

Media-scribes pit anti-thesis a-theists bent on destroying Christianity, against either, Christian frauds or any ignorant Christians that media-Scribes can provoke into a silly argument guaranteed to make Christians look like fools.

Look to Government for a Real Inquisition

The same media-Scribes who make Galileo the poster boy for a closed-minded Roman Catholic clergy, are the same media-Scribes who proclaim global warming to be unquestionably Biblical.

The media-Scribes of today have raised the art of ignorant condemnation of science to a vastly new level.

Any scientist who proposes alternative theories to global warming were being summarily rejected and offered up for burning at the stake.

The biggest threat to the Scientific Method today are not priests, but bureaucrats.

He who has the Gold
Rules the Scientific Method

Since modern science requires vastly expensive super-computers and cyclotrons and Manhattan Projects, all provided by government bureaucrats, then any conclusions of the Scientific Method had better conform to the expressed outcomes, whims and desires of the bureaucrats.

Government wanted GLOBAL WARMING so they could fix it with a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT.

It was pre-ordained that any result obtained by the Scientific Method had to conform to the "government's theory" or else it was summarily rejected and the men or organization who proposed the unwanted theory were ostracised from further government grants.

If your pay comes from bureaucrats, you may have no other option if you want to continue a career in science.

Almost makes you reminiscent of the enlightened Dark Ages doesn't it?

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