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Feb 28, 2010

Freedom of the "International" Press


Art Moore
'Islamophobes' unwelcome at Fox News

Art Moore
Congressman denies probe of Saudi sway on Fox News

Art Moore
Saudi says he nixed Fox News 'Muslim riots' banner

Joseph Farah
Hey Beck! Geert Wilders is a hero

AKA -- Prince al-Walid bin Talal
Move over Osama Bin Laden -- meet Bin Talal

Bin Talal is part owner of News Corp, and hence, a part owner of Fox News.

Did the Founding Fathers, whom did not believe in princes or kings, intend for our Constitutional Freedom of the Press to extent to a FOREIGN PRINCE -- a prince named Prince al-Walid bin Talal?

Did the Founding Fathers, whom did not believe in entangling alliances, envision a day when Constitutional Freedom of the Press, involved a Jewish media-Scribe named Rubert Murdock, from the country of Australia, who would sell portions of his world-wide, multi-national, media-Scribe, Fox consortium to a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT of which we were heavily dependant upon for oil?

Did the Founding Fathers, whom firmly believed in Christian principles, intend for a FOREIGN RELIGION, especially staunch anti-Christian religions like Islam or Judaism to dominate our news media outlets?

Does Freedom of the Press extend to all circumstances?

This web site has been very outspoken about the lack of freedom of the press since the days of the invention of the radio and television, where --one microphone-- talks --one-way-- to 350 million Americans --24 hours a day-- --every day of the year-- in the case of Fox News.

This web site has been very outspoken about every single mainstream press outlet being all minority-owned by the same Jewish minority in each and every case.

Now, it appears that a Republican Congressman believes that the Constitutional freedom of the press extends to international, multi-national control, so long as he believes that the Jews are still actually in control of Fox News?

Forget Muslim or Jewish minority-control manipulating the news Americans are totally dependant upon in deciding how to vote in our Constitutional Right to Vote.

What about the American Christian majority being in control of American news?

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
Ranking Member Darrell Issa (R-CA)
Interviewed at CPAC
(He is against foreign ownership of American News,
if the FOREIGN ownership is
buying into Fox News
from a JEWISH man from AUSTRALIA)

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