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Feb 9, 2010

Sarah Palin does NOT endorse
Debra Medina for Texas Governor


A Sarah Palin-Rick Perry GOP ticket in '12? She endorses him in Texas primary

Sarah Palin Endorsing Rick Perry for Texas Governor

Sarah Palin has once again shown her true colors.

She is as much a fake and a fraud for the Republicans, as Obama was for the Democrats.

She is no maverick. A real maverick would have chosen a real Tea Party maverick to endorse for Governor of Texas, such as Debra Medina.

This makes the second time she has chosen poorly. First time was in lining up with the most liberal Republican in America, John McCain, and NOW, since her "Going Rogue" book, she once again picks an establishment Republican to endorse -- Rick Perry -- protege of George W. Bush.

See this poll
to know
whom Texans are excited about
and whom they distrust.

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