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Feb 6, 2010

Apocalypse Now !!!
Separation of Church and State of Israel!!!


Abdu Murray
Apocalypse Later: Why the Gospel of Peace Must Trump the Politics of Prophecy in the Middle East

Ali Gharib
Going Undercover at Mad Pastor Hagee's Christians United for Israel Summit

If there were anytime for someone to YELL those words, "Separation of Church and State of Israel!!!" -- Now would be the time!!

The Biblical "End Times" prophesy is being promoted by pseudo-Christian leaders, AND our American political leaders, to garner support among Christians to follow these Herodians into supporting the non-Christian country of Israel.

Abdu Murray, converted to Christianity from Islam, argues that Christians are NOT to know of when the "End Times" will come. Instead, he believes we should have a Christian belief of "Apocalypse LATER", not "Apocalypse NOW".

This is no different than NOT knowing when our personal "End Times" will come. We are to be prepared to meet our maker at "Any Time," not just at the last minute of our dying breaths.

And the only way for a Christian to be prepared to meet his maker, either as a personal end time or as a worldly end time, is to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ at all times.

Pseudo-Christian Pastor Pat Hagee
Helping Non-Christian Israel
with "End Times" Preaching?

Pastor Hagee preaches that the same Jew who have forsaken God's Son for over 2,000 years, will in the last moments of the existence of the world suddenly open their eyes to the existence of Jesus Christ, and that God wants Americans to protect and defend these non-Christian, "forsakers of Jesus Christ" heathens until then.
    Hagee's San Antonio Cornerstone Church magazine, which exhorts readers to "Become a Part of the Fulfillment of Prophecy" by sending money to help Jews resettle in Israel. It is standard to Christian Apocalyptic Premillennial Dispensationalist eschatology that Jews must be encouraged to return to Israel where, according to the prophetic tradition, most of them will be killed in the Tribulation, Apocalypse and battle of Armageddon except for a "remnant," generally held to number 144,000 Jews who have converted to Christianity, who will survive and serve as evangelical "super-Billy Grahams" who will convert all of humanity, surviving the expected (nuclear) end-times conflict, to Christianity. -- Bruce Wilson
Pat Hagee is preaching that nuclear armageddon in the Middle East is acceptable, expected, and actually to be looked forward to.

Pat Hagee is a religious fraud, and is dangerous to both America and to the world, but he is not alone.

In Max Blumenthal's bizarre tour of right-wing Pastor John Hagee's annual Washington-Israel Summit in the video below, his stars are
  • Protestant Pastor John Hagee
  • U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman (Jewish)
  • U.S. Representative Eliot Engel, D-N.Y (Jewish)
  • U.S. Representative Tom DeLay (former)
  • U.S. Senator Rick Santorum
  • Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Dore Gold
Anyone see any Constitutional violations of Church and State here?

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