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Jan 20, 2010

Europe with colonies
Europe as a colony
Europe being colonized


United Nations Decolonization Program
The United Nations and decolonization

Wikipedia: List of European Colonies
List of European Colonies

Wikipedia: Decolonization

Wikipedia: António de Oliveira Salazar
António de Oliveira Salazar

The United Nations General Assembly adopted,
in 1960,
the Declaration on the Granting of Independence
to Colonial Countries and Peoples.

Known as the Declaration on decolonization,
it stated that all people have a right to self-determination and
proclaimed that colonialism should be brought to a speedy and unconditional end.

-- History of the United Nations Decolonialization Progam

Americans are not at all in favor of colonies.

We were a colony, we appreciated being one, after all, we could not have done it without immense help from Mother England, but after a while, it did get old to always be number two and so we split -- we revolted.

Americans are for rugged independence, freedom, self-rule, self-determination.

Is that not what this web site has been arguing for in America? The majority of Americans -- who are Christian -- wanting self-determination, and not control by the smallest minority in the country?

Portugal's leader
António de Oliveira Salazar

I was asked to look at the Wikipedia record of Portugal's leader for 36 years by a professor from Portugal. I had recently gotten to know this professor in a chat room over the last several months and he told me he felt it was a fairly accurate portrayal of him.

Upon reading the article, I was quite impressed that this man singlehandedly steered Portugal through the trauma of the Great Depression without revolution, through the horrors of World War 2 as a neutral, and through the decolonization period of Europe as one of the last to participate.

Salazar was what one would call a "benevolent dictator." Meaning, he was a dictator, but was well grounded in Christian morality. He never allowed the false atheism of Judeo-Communism to take root, nor the false paganism of anti-Communist Fascism to march through his land.

With that, Salazer naturally expected to fight insurrections in his colonies, for he knew from fighting Judeo-Communist agitators inside Portugal, to expect them to target Portugal from the outside as well, from her colonies. Indeed, these colonies were incited and agitated to revolt, without of course knowing the global agenda of the ones leading the revolt.

Europe gives up her colonies

How do I know the real reason Europe felt the urgent need to shed all her colonies? At first, I had no hard evidence, but I did have plenty of circumstantial and historical evidence.

Ask yourself -- "Who, besides of course the colonies, would gain by colonial independence?"

Why after hundreds of years of colonization, did all the European countries give up all their colonies within a few short years?

If you had said interference from the U.S., I would agree wholeheartedly. I remember hearing our "leaders" tell us how we Americans were the beacon of freedom in the world for the downtrodden. This was self-serving for the real interests in the world, because I have also documented how nothing happens in America without the Jewish Israeli Lobby giving their blessing to it.

So if we dig deeper, we have to ask two questions, "Why now in the 1950s and 60s do all colonies gain freedom? But, more importantly, what is replacing the colonial system?"

And for the answer you only have to look at the newly created United Nations from the 1940s.

Europe becomes a colony

For the UN to gain power, national governments had to first lose power.

It has happened before. For the American Federal government to gain power, it had to first take power from the States who created it.

In chemistry, you can break the bonds holding two elements together and then recombine those elements into a completely different molecule.

The bonds between European countries and their colonies had to be broken, so that a new bond would be formed between each country directly to the UN.

The same people who told Europeans that it was wrong to have bonds with your colonies on their own terms, are now forcing Europeans into making bonds between other European countries on the terms of the United Nations.

This super-state of the EU has become a mere state of the UN.

Portugal gave up her colonies, only to find herself a dependant colony of the UN.

Sadly, in an ironic reversal, the third world is now colonizing the former colonial powers.

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