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Jan 2, 2010

Israel-First Ben Stein
Ron Paul an anti-Semite

Ron Paul "They're Terrorist Because We're Occupiers!

Did you see "Israel-First" Ben Stein calling Ron Paul an "anti-Semite" today?

Freudian slip-up? Stein knows America is fighting Israel's wars and he let the cat out of the bag.

Stein is not thinking of Ammerica, he is thinking of Israel.

Happened at 6:40 into this youtube video:

Seems that many Jews honestly believe that "every bad thing that happens in the world is caused by anti-Semites!" LOL!!!

Ben Stein
Ron Paul
an anti-Semite
(@ 6:40 & 7:21)

Paul: Why are they Terrorists???

Stein: Because they are crazy!!

Is that all?? With an IQ over 140????

-- Ben Stein, alias BS !

At least he didn't slip-up with the Congressman by saying: "Ferris Bueller, you're an anti-Semite"

And, with an IQ of 140, we hope you didn't believe in Ben Stein and take any of his "Bear Sterns is a wonderful investment at $150" advice.

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