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April 5, 2009

Guide to "The Jewish History of the World"

The Jewish History of the World

The Fourth Diaspora

The New World

Source: The Christian Solution book
Bootstrap of America

It is 1654 and the Sainte Catherine, regaled in full sail, slowly and majestically emerges from the fog bank, into the light of a crisp New England Atlantic, approaching the coast of New England.

On board are poor, wretched Israelites, fleeing in the night from anti-Semitic persecution and seeing, for the first time, the coast of freedom drenched with abundant sunlight from God.

This is how the Pharisee produced media-Scribe DVD propaganda called "A History of Jews in America" and another called "Jews in America" paint the immigration of the first Jews to arrive in America.

And along with this propaganda proving the DVD media-Scribes deceitful, is the propaganda that Governer Peter Stuyvesant was somehow WRONG about these Jews being deceitful.

    "We pray
    that the deceitful race
    be not allowed
    to infect this new colony."

    -- Governor Peter Stuyvesant - 1654

These were not the words of a mere ignorant backwoods anti-Semitic redneck.

These were the words of the highest civilized authority in the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam.

In fact, Peter Stuyvesant would be proven right about Jewish deception, on a much grander scale.

The Slave-trading, Freedom-loving "Pilgrims"

Jewish media-Scribes keep this quote from Stuyvesant alive to imply anti-Semitism exists even on American soil, but the fact is that Stuyvesant's strict Calvinist morality would have been just as adamant of not allowing his fellow Catholic variety of Christian in his settlement.

But, you will never hear the Jewish media-Scribes bemoan the anti-Catholicism of the Calvinist Stuyvesant.

So began the first settlement in 1654, of New Testament Jews (NT Jews) on what would later become New York City.

The French sailing ship, Sainte Catherine, docked in New Amsterdam (New York City), with 23 NT Jewish refugees from Brazil on board.

Governor Peter Stuyvesant tried his best to evict them, but NT Jewish investors in the Dutch West India Company prevailed and the NT Jews were allowed to stay.

In addition to dismissing Stuyvesant, the leading authority in New Amsterdam, as anti-Semitic, the two DVD documentaries, "A History of Jews in America" and "Jews in America", both have our lovely media-Scribes attempting to cast these settlers as the NT Jewish variety of American Pilgrims.

According to the Jewish DVDs -- They were just coming to America in search of religious freedom; a tired, poor wretch of a people, looking for sanctuary, in a land of liberty.

The first deceit in America

Excuse me? Pilgrims? Searchers of freedom? That historical take is pure hogwash!

Governor Peter Stuyvesant called them the "deceitful race" with good reason.

There was only one reason for any European to be in Brazil in that time period -- sugar.

And the sugar trade rested solely on the backs of imported black slaves brought to Brazil on the NT Jewish slave ships which these NT Jews owned.

These 23 unwanted NT Jewish immigrants were slave traders -- merchants of black men and women -- marketers of human flesh.

They had blood on their hands and they would bring slavery to America as well.

These Sadducees and their families were enslavers of men, not enslaved men themselves.

The Dutch had control of long stretches of the Brazilian coast from 1630 to 1654, but were expelled by the Portuguese in 1654.

These NT Jews simply had to find another place to live.

In fact, they had no burning desire to come to America. Matters just forced that decision upon them.

And so, they cannot be painted as American pilgrims yearning for freedom and liberty.

On the contrary, the Jewish Sadducee hypocrites were in the business of enslaving non-Jewish men.

The following passages display the true character of the "poor, downtrodden" Jews who settled in New Amsterdam.

    "Jews also took an active part in the Dutch colonial slave trade; indeed, the bylaws of the Recife and Mauricia congregations (1648) (Towns in Brazil) included an imposta (Jewish tax) of five soldos for each Negro slave a Brazilian Jew purchased from the West Indies Company.

    Slave auctions were postponed if they fell on a Jewish holiday.

    In Curacao in the seventeenth century, as well as in the British colonies of Barbados and Jamaica in the eighteenth century, Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade.

    In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated.

    This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the 'triangular trade' that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses made from the sugar, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa.

    Isaac De Costa of Charleston in the 1750's, David Franks of Philadelphia in the 1760's, and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760's and early 1770's dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent."

    -- Dr. and Rabbi Marc Lee Raphael's book Jews and Judaism in the United States, a Documentary History (New York: Behrman House, Inc., Pub, 1983), pp. 14, 23-25.

In fact, at the time of the American Revolution, Aaron Lopez referred to above, of Newport, Rhode Island, came from Lisbon as a Marrano NT Jew and within 20-years in America had acquired 30 transoceanic ships and more than 100 coastal vessels.

Many used to bring slaves into America.

Another NT Jewish slave trader and Marrano mentioned above, Issac De Costa, actually created the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.

Although most of the 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite existed in parts of previous degree systems, the Scottish Rite did not come into being until the formation of the Mother Supreme Council at Charleston, South Carolina, in May 1801.

Issac De Costa, one of the deputies commissioned to establish the Rite in other countries, formed Scottish Rite bodies in South Carolina in 1783, which eventually became, in 1801, The Supreme Council of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction.

"All extant Scottish Rite bodies derive their heritage from this body, directly or indirectly." -- Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, District of Columbia (

And in a phrase borrowed form Rush Limbaugh, "You can't make this up". The third man listed above, NT Jew David Salisbury Franks, was a traitor to Canada, having lived in French Quebec, and sided with the American Revolutionary Army against the British, where he was the aide-de-camp to America's traitor to the British, Benedict Arnold.

Most likely though, the NT Jew David Franks mentioned above could have been the NT Jew David Franks who was a slave trader and whose daughter married NT Jew Haym Solomon.

Haym Solomon was the NT Jew who negotiated with the Sassoon and Rothschild NT Jews for credit for the American Revolution, being a broker for the Continental Congress.

So, New Amsterdam Governor Peter Stuyvesant may be labeled anti-Semitic for saying that Jews tend to be deceitful, but the Jewish settlers could also be labeled as anti-black for tending to want to enslave black men, women and children for all eternity.

The Marketing of Slavery

These rich early-American Sadducees earned their fortunes talking Christian gentiles into buying non-Christians, like one would buy a new car.

Judeo-Protestant Dutchmen and Englishmen were convinced by the non-Christian "deceitful race" that they could not compete with the Catholic French and Spanish without "bending their morality" a little. The "deceitful race" deceived us into believing that the only economical way to harvest the New World was with "free labor". There is no denying that the legacy of race relations in America begins and ends with "the deceitful race".

The NT Jewish communist revolutions of the early 1800's in Europe backfire, causing European NT Jewish emigration into America

The Judeo-French Revolution came 25 years after our American Revolution, and two years after our Constitution was established in 1787.

It would have an unexpected and profound impact upon American life.

American Revolution -- God-given "individual responsibility" for Right and Wrong

Our American revolution decentralized power to the level of the individual by recognizing his God-given rights.

French Revolution -- Government-given "group responsibility" for Right and Wrong

Their French Revolution on the other hand was on the socialist principle of a flat out equality of "the masses", to be guaranteed by the government.

Socialist governments have a centralized power to correct "wrongs" in society.

Socialist governments decide what is "right" for society.

Jewish Pharisees always work towards socialism

With their limited numbers, they know that if power is decentralized amoung individuals, they will always have limited influence.

However, Pharisees know they always rise to the top of any organization. If they can socialize society, then they will always be the ones in a position of commanding authority.

As even a dictator needs a critical mass of power to stay in power, Pharisees also love dictators who do not discriminate against them, since they know they will be in that critical mass of power. That is why they loved Stalin.

As stated in the European bootstrap section, France unfortunately had too much NT Jewish influence looking out for their own interests of "equality".

Europe became embroiled in years of socialist revolution and counter-revolution, and dealing with the rise and fall of the populist Napoleon, which all resulted in the final chapter, the Congress of Vienna of 1815.

The Congress of Vienna was a coalition of all the monarchies joined together to not just realign borders, but also to insure that these Jewish socialist revolutionaries were harshly subdued.

Many of these revolutionaries escaped justice by coming to America.

Others came to escape conscription into the armies they did not support.

The suppression did not last long, as the NT Jews caused Europeans to revolt again, in the still unsuccessful communist revolution of 1848, resulting in yet more NT Jewish refugees from Europe.

Naturally, with their handiwork in Europe in tatters immediately following the 1812 Napoleonic Wars, and again after the mess they made in the 1848 revolutions, many NT Jews left Europe and traveled to that other revolutionary state which still held out promise of liberty and tolerance, the United States.

Many of these were Azkenazi NT Jews from Germany and in this new world, they took up their traditional European vocation, that of "the peddler".

The Jewish Peddler arrives in America

In 1820, America had less than 3,000 NT Jews.

Interestingly, there were more NT Jews living at the birthplace of the American Civil War in the deep South, than living in New York. Charlestown, South Carolina had 770 NT Jews; whereas, New York City had 650. Philadelphia 550; Baltimore 125; Savannah, Georgia 94. These were mostly Shepardic NT Jews.

Then the Azkenazi NT Jewish revolutionaries leaving central Europe after the put-down of the Napoleon revolution, started invading America's shores around 1820.

And another wave of revolutionaries came to America after the put-down of the 1848 communist revolutions.

So that, just prior to the start of the Civil War, the 3,000 settled Shepardic NT Jews of 1820, were augmented by 15,000 Germanic NT Jewish immigrants doing nothing but peddling all over America's backwoods roads.

Within 30-years, 50% of these peddlers had established wholesale or retail stores.

Now, these relatively small number of immigrants were masked by 1.7 Million Irish Catholic potato famine refugees and 1.3 million German Catholic refugees escaping Protestant persecutions, such that by 1850, Roman Catholics would become the largest immigrant group.

Non-Christian Jews -- Good Immigrant
Christian Catholic -- Bad Immigrant

Should it be any surprise by now to know that American Nativist leaders were Herodians, as they considered NT Jews to be "good" immigrants, while Catholics were considered "bad" immigrants. Remember, most Protestant Christians in America were themselves refugees from persecution in "Protestant" countries. --Quakers, Anabaptists, Pilgrims, Puritans, even Mormons, had they started in Protestant parts of Europe) (DVD - A History of Jews in America, 1820-1880)

The NT Jews could now play their game of "divide and conquer", convincing rich Judeo-Protestants that poor Catholic immigrants were the cause of all of America's ills.

The Peddler Internet

We all know by now from our study of the Bootstrap of Europe, that NT Jewish peddlers were the main means of news and information for backwoods Christian Americans.

It is no mere coincidence that the arrival of 15,000 peddlers from 1820 through 1850 helped antagonize the North and West against the South, leading to the bloody American Civil War only ten years later in 1860.

More important in America's history than the California Gold Rush era '49ers of 1849, were the NT Jewish 48ers, who came to California and other parts of America, from the 1848 revolutions in Europe.

Sadducee Peddler Levi Strauss

Young Levi (Strauss) sailed from Bremerhaven to New York where his two older brothers, Jonas and Louis, had already established a successful wholesale textile and tailoring business. After a stay of two days in New York, he continued on to the ranch of his uncle, Daniel Goldman in Louisville, Kentucky. There he spent the next five years learning the language and the ways of his new homeland in order that he might someday take over his uncle's ranch. But Levi had dreams of becoming an independent businessman, and for several years he walked the roads of Kentucky, selling cloth and notions from the pack on his back. -- Wikipedia -- Levi Strauss

It is well know that the ones who got filthy rich from the 1849 California Gold Rush was not so much the gold diggers, but the NT Jewish peddlers who brought the gold diggers the highly inflated goods they needed.

Prominent among these was NT Jew Levi Strauss and his tough pants made of canvas that could survive the harsh conditions of gold mining. There was so much demand, that Levi ran out of the sailcloth canvas and switched to a sturdy fabric called serge, made in Nimes, France. Serge de Nimes was shortened to denim.

Sadducee Peddler Joseph Spiegal

Eventually, the door-to-door NT Jewish peddlers would set up the local dry-goods store, which often evolved into huge modern-day department stores, but there was one with a different idea.

Fleeing the unsuccessful communist revolution of 1848, NT Jew Marcus Spiegal arrived from Germany. Only 12 years later, he was a colonel in the Civil War for the Union. Marcus died during the Civil War, as he was planning on going into the peddling business with his brother Joseph.

Their business plan envisioned sending a catalog to each isolated farmhouse which contained pictures to thousands of items a simple peddler with a bag on his back could never bring. The residents of the farmhouse or suburb would then send a order form back to Spiegel headquarters and the post office would deliver the goods.

Sadducee Peddler Meyer Guggenheim

Also fleeing the unsuccessful communist revolution of 1848 from Switzerland, was NT Jew Meyer Guggenheim.

Meyer began a business importing lace, but made an investment in Colorado silver mines.

The Guggenheims would become fabulously wealthy from their mining operations. And have a museum named after them.

Sadducee Slave Owner Judah Benjamin

Helping the southern opposition during the Civil War was NT Jew Judah Benjamin. Slave owner of 140 slaves.

    "It is true that I am a Jew, and when my ancestors were receiving their Ten Commandments from the immediate Deity, amidst the thundering and lightnings of Mt. Sinai, the ancestors of my opponent were herding swine in the forests of Great Britain."

    -reply of Judah P. Benjamin to Northerner Benjamin Wade of Ohio, over an argument about slavery

And what was the point of this "brilliant" mind? Israelites at the time herded sheep in a semi-desert. Or was the point that they were the "chosen people"?

Regardless, Freemason Jefferson Davis appointed Judah Benjamin as Attorney General of the Confederacy on February 25, 1861, pretty much proving that the Free-Masons of the South were in collusion with the Free-Masons of the North.

Benjamin has been often referred to as "the Brains of the Confederacy." Yes, part of the secret brains behind starting the entire Civil War.

In September 1861, he became the Secretary of War helping to insure that Confederate Generals P.G.T. Beauregard and Stonewall Jackson were handicapped. The loss of Roanoke Island and 2,500 men without a fight in February 1862, as 13,000 idle men would not be advanced from Norfolk proved his lack of loyalty (or lack of military skill) to most in the South, and he was forced to resign.

Nevertheless, Benjamin had a lock on Jefferson Davis and was appointed Secretary of State in March 1862.

His goal: to bring Britain on the side of the South.

Not that hard a sell as the Yankees were the ones who rebelled against England in the first place with the South reluctantly going along, and it was the Yankees who were restricting trade between the South and England before the war. The tariffs imposed by the Yankees was to cause Southerners to do more business with the North and less with England.

Even in this endeavour, Benjamin failed; England never came to help the South even after Benjamin proposed freeing any slave who would help the South defeat the North.

While England never helping the South even with Benjamin begging, England would help Benjamin personally, as Benjamin fled the Confederacy and lived in luxury in England after the war while the South suffered miserably under Reconstruction.

He worked in England as a barrister and in 1872 became Queen's Counsel.

Those NT Jews always land on their feet, don't they?

Sadducee Unionist Joseph Seligman and the start of anti-semitism

Arriving in America in 1837 at the age of 18 was German born NT Jew Joseph Seligman.

Seligman initially settled in Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania, where he went to work as a cashier/clerk for Asa Packer, who later become a United States congressman (and founder of Lehigh University). His salary was $400.00 a year.

Using his savings from work, Seligman began selling goods door to door in rural Pennsylvania (jewelry, knives, smaller goods), saving outlying farmers the trouble of coming into town to buy their goods. After saving $500, Seligman was able to send to Germany for his brothers William and James, who joined him in peddling.--Wikipedia -- Joseph Seligman

Not only would Seligman save outlying farmers the trouble of coming into town to buy their goods, he would save them the trouble of coming into town to get their news of the outside world as well.

From peddling, He also started a bank with his brothers with branches in New York, San Francisco, New Orleans, London, Paris and Frankfort.

During the Civil War, Seligman helped finance the Union side by selling $200,000,000 in bonds. Seligman was offered the position of United States Secretary of the Treasury, which he declined.

After the Civil War, to help refinance the war debt, it was Seligman who first proposed "cheating" American citizens on backing greenbacks with gold, by proposing retaining only a 40% gold reserve. His proposal was accepted. Thank you NT Jew Seligman!

After the Civil War, Seligman made a number of investments in railroads, I presume as a means of moving more goods to customers.

He underwrote the securities of Standard Oil Company, shipbuilding, bridges, bicycles, mining and a variety of other businesses.

All this money did not come from selling trinkets to poor Pennsylvania farmers.

Old World European NT Jewish investors were obviously helping Seligman.

No freedom of the state level

Arriving in America prior to the Civil War, all these NT Jews indeed found a freedom of religion at the federal level, but not at the state level. That must have been a huge shock to them!

Sure, the Puritan Pilgrim in Massachusetts, who never left his home state, was perfectly content with Puritan ethics in state government.

The Catholic could move to Maryland, if he wanted to enjoy his freedom of religion.

It wasn't even that Jews never had a home they could call their own for Roger Williams founded the colony of Rhode Island and freely welcomed Jews into Newport, guaranteeing that his state would become wealthy with rich NT Jews.

The problem was that the average NT Jew in America was a peddler traveling state to state peddling his wares and objected to this situation.

Instead of founding a purely NT Jewish colony of their own, a New-Israel out West somewhere, the NT Jews instead wanted freedom FROM religion at even the states level.

That is, freedom for them to be NT Jewish peddlers among the gentiles, gaining wealth from the gentiles, while still being safe from them in any state they desired to go.

Indeed, it appears that NT Jews did feel secure in America after the Civil War, and told all their relatives overseas that "the water was safe".

In the 15 years following the Civil War, America's NT Jewish population had grown from a pre-Civil War population of 15,000 peddlers to a post Civil War population in 1880 of 250,000.

That is a 16 fold increase in less than a generation.

The Civil War was said to be over the blacks, but the NT Jews in 1880 were on the cusp of really taking charge and changing America to their liking.

What happened as a result of the Civil War to cause a 16 fold increase in the NT Jewish population in America?

Certainly nothing in Europe at the time. Outside the Jewish assassination of Tsar Alexander II and the pogroms afterwards. But we will get to that later.

But first, how did the Jewish media-Scribes incite America into a Civil War, brother against brother, Christian against Christian?

NT Jewish secret weapon employed

As we know, being a NT Jewish peddler, traveling to the furthermost isolated farmhouse in the backwoods of America, with a superior ability to sweet talk the lady of the house into buying his wares, meant that he was also perfectly situated to 1) bring news of the outside world to this isolated news-starved farmhouse and more importantly 2) tell the news story in a way to advance his cause.

And so, it was no coincidence that Abraham Lincoln came from the "backwoods" of America; promoted by the backwoods people to get rid of "slavery", the "defined conflict" decided upon by the NT Jews to help their own cause.

The strong counter-argument in the South against interference from the North, also came from manipulation by NT Jewish peddlers bringing goods from the industrial North to the agricultural South.

As we have said before, the Jewish Sadducees owned and operated all the slave trading ships, so the black slave trade business of importing blacks from Africa was owned and operated by the NT Jews.

Yet, as a measure of equality, the Judeo-French Revolution had freed all the slaves, while Napoleon re-instituted slavery.

It was in this context that Great Britain finally passed the Slave Trade Act of 1807, making the slave trade illegal throughout the British Empire.

Slavery itself was outlawed in the British Empire in 1833.

All done legally and peacefully, of course.

And this example from Britain and the liberation in France could have set a good example for America to follow, but sensibility would not prevail.

America would need to have a bloody conflict to achieve the real objectives of the Pharisees.

Since Christians did not neuter their black slaves as the Judeo-Muslims always did, the black people in Christian lands reproduced naturally.

Therefore, there was only so much money that could be made by the Judeo-British Sadducees selling blacks from Africa to plantation owners. Once the plantation owners had black children to replace the original black slaves, English Jewish Sadducees getting in front of the bandwagon to get a law passed to outlaw the slave importation trade from Africa was merely a symbolic compassionate non-statement.

In a word, there was no longer any real money to be made in slavery for the Sadducees, so why should they continue to support slavery?

It was time for them to take the high road.

And what a perfect opportunity for mischief by NT Jewish Pharisees.

While their Torah is filled with talk condoning slavery, of enslaving their enemies and even their own people, they could, when the times dictated, moralize about themselves being slaves in Egypt.

While the NT Jews in the North would condemn our slavery in terms of their slavery at the hands of the Egyptian and being led out of Egypt by Moses; at the same time, the NT Jews of the South would just as morally point out to the Christians that neither the Old Testament nor the New Testament ever condemned slavery.

The Pharisees win both arguments -- on both sides!.

    The Civil War plan

  • Objective desired: --- freedom of religion for NT Jews all over America;

  • Means to achieve that objective: --- war over black slavery

In other words, the "selfless" freeing of blacks would "set the NT Jews free" as well.

A peaceful, Great Britain style emancipation would ONLY help the black slaves; it would not help the NT Jews at all, since they were never slaves in America.

So America's emancipation would have to be a bloody hateful one, brother against brother; Christian against Christian.

The extreme trauma of the entire Civil War led to impassioned pleads for equality -- for everyone!

Starting in the 1830's, which coincided perfectly with the arrival of the NT Jewish peddlers from war-torn Europe the decade before and continuing for another 30-years, the NT Jewish peddler would weave his tales to an unsuspecting populace.

First, since the NT Jews started out in the North, NT Jewish peddlers and news publishers in the North had already convinced the Northern states to abolish slavery.

Secondly, the Western dirt farmer was told by the NT Jewish peddler that the Southern plantation owner wanted to expand into the West in order to replace their hard earned labor with cheap black slaves.

And lastly, as you would expect, the NT Jewish peddlers bringing the manufactured goods from the North to the South were telling the Southerner plantation owners that the Northerners were scheming against them.

Of course the Jewish peddler would take the slave picked cotton to Jewish clothing manufacturers in New Your City! No moral problems with that whatsoever!

Thus was created a powerful split in America.

A division ripe for war.

Bloody Kansas

The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 was the stage rehearsal for the Civil War.

The law stipulated that Kansas voters would decide in 1855 if they wanted to be a free state or a slave state. This only established a land rush of settlers from both sides, all trying to swing the majority their way to win the election.

Radical abolitionist John Brown became the most famous leader of the anti-slavery element, fighting to insure that Kansas entered the Union as a free state. He was caught, tried and hanged for a raid on the Federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia in 1859.

Even with the credential of being a descendant of Mayflower settlers, attacking a federal arsenal should raise flags about the character of this man.

Indeed, what many do not know, is who were "following" John Brown. I highlight "following", because John Brown turns out to be nothing more than a Herodian; one of America's first Herodians who believe they are leading but are actually leading a scripted existence!

What is not known is that three immigrant NT Jews were among Brown's small band of antislavery fighters in Kansas:
  • Jewish Pharisee Theodore Wiener, from Poland;
  • Jewish Pharisee Jacob Benjamin, from Bohemia; and
  • Jewish Pharisee August Bondi, from Vienna.

All three radical NT Jewish Pharisee agitators from Europe. (August Bondi: The Jews Who Fought Beside John Brown -- American Jewish Historical Society)

Biography of August Bondi

The most famous of the three, Bondi, had emigrated to St. Louis in 1848. NT Jewist terrorist Bondi had been a member of the student revolutionary movement in Vienna and his idealism carried over to his adopted country.

Meaning: In one year, he was now a true-blue, red-blooded American ready to fight America's moral battles.(Sic)

Civil War

Due to the NT Jewish peddlers of the 1840-1850's playing the part of media-Scribes to American farmers, along with Pharisee controlled media-Scribes in the big cities flaming the passions, to such outright revolutionary terrorists as 1850s Bondi helping to inflame Americans, our resultant Civil War, starting in 1860, claimed 620,000 Christian American lives; more than all our other wars put together, including the World Wars.

Or was the American Civil War really a battle between Sephardic Jews and Azkenazi Jews?

OK, I will cede the point with anyone who wanted to characterize the American Civil War as a war between Southern Sephardic NT Jews, who derived their heritage from the long tradition of Golden Age Judeo-Moorish slave owners, who were getting filthy rich over enslaving their fellow man right here in America, being then pitted against the Northern Azkenazi NT Jewish radical escaping from their terrorist anarchist plots in post Napoleon, post 1848 communist revolution Europe, who saw a golden opportunity to reshape American political power to suit their ends by way of "equal rights" for all -- mostly for themselves.

Real result of the Civil War

Hundreds of thousands of dead Americans later, the crowning achievement for the NT Jews was not the 13th amendment which solely freed the slaves -- the official and only stated reason for the war, but done bloodlessly by Great Britain.

The real crowning achievement was the Amendment after that: the 14th amendment.

It would be the 14th amendment which would finally give the centralized federal government the power to tell the formerly sovereign states that they could no longer promote the religion of their state residents, so long as there was a lone single man of another religion (like a NT Jew) in the state who could file a federal lawsuit claiming a violation of his "First Amendment Constitutional rights".

Never before did the Supreme Court interpret the First Amendment to apply to anyone whatsoever but Congress, because the First Amendment did then (and still does today) say "Congress shall make no law..."

The 14th Amendment was sneaky because the Supreme Court started now saying that the First Amendment says "Congress shall make no law..." and the 14th Amendment says that the 1st Amendment was expanded to say "Nobody shall make no law..."

The States who created the federal government would now begin to see the tide change.

Their Frankenstein's Monster that they so carefully shackled by the Constitution was now becoming unshackled.

The wording of "Congress shall make no law...abridging a freedom of religion" was brought down to the state level to IMPLY, "states shall make no law...infringing the freedom of religion"

Immediately following the Civil War, all State laws that required a candidate for political office to be a Protestant (or even a Christian) were abolished.

Extremely devout Christian Stonewall Jackson was probably one of only a few who knew the battles they were waging were really to defend and protect America's Christianity.

Ironically, the Northerners also thought they were fighting the good Christian fight.

In the end, the winners were the blacks of course.

The losers on the other hand were Christians, black and white.

But the real unknown winners were the NT Jews who could now enjoy a freedom of religion and other protections backed by the raw power of the federal government, even in the most Christian-based community of any State they peddled their wares in.

America was well on its way of establishing a beachhead for a vast immigration of NT Jews from Europe, at the beginning of the next century, but first, another problem had to be fixed. -- The states still had absolute control of the United States Senate.

The Rise of Anti-Semitism

America's 1820 NT Jewish population of 3,000 had by 1890 exploded 30-fold to around 90,000 NT Jews. In comparison, Christian America had only seen a 3-fold increase in that same time period.

With this sizable populations, American NT Jews were now ready to begin exerting their economic and political power, but not yet out in the open.

All this success from NT Jewish businessmen, backed by Old World NT Jewish money was one thing, but now, the NT Jews began using the 14th Amendment to bring home the fact that their state laws requiring their leaders to be Christians were unconstitutional.

This was an unintended result to many unsuspecting Americans, while many more were heard saying, "I told you so". And they were not just Southerners.

And so, many people, facing reality squarely in the eye, took the stance that Christianity can be pushed from their federal and now even from their state governments, but darn it, Christianity could not be pushed from their private property.

The most famous "antisemitic" affair involved Joseph Seligman traveling to Saratoga for a summer vacation and being turned down for a hotel room by the owner, Judge Henry Hilton in 1877. Seligman was know to have helped push through the 14th Amendment, and Henry Hilton was not happy about it.

    "As the law yet permits a man to use his property as he pleases, and I propose exercising that blessed privilege, notwithstanding Moses and all his descendants object."

    --Judge Henry Hilton resentful of Seligman helping remove the influence of Christianity from state governments

Unknowing to Judge Henry Hilton in his day, the 14th Amendment would later be extended even further, to recognize his "private hotel" as a "public business", that cannot discriminate on the basis of religion.

This is clearly unconstitutional, but then a baby is not a human being either, in the eyes of 1960's Herodian judges.

The rise of anti-semitism that the 14th Amendment brought forth would force NT Jewish money underground for a while, placing it into non-Jewish hands, such as those of surrogate J.P. Morgan, in the relentless push of Judaism into America. The Pharisees would have to wait until the 1960's to see the fruition of their work.

J.P. Morgan

Some say America's problems started in the 1960s.

Some others cite the World Wars and to the Federal Reserve as the time that America was taken over.

J.P. Morgan is where the most die-hard conspiracy theorists first start their history in America. (Perhaps now, they will trace back even further to America's NT Jewish slave traders and backwoods peddlers documented herein)

In our country, the first serious bootstrap of America started with the Sadducee Rothschild dynasty of Europe funding Herodian J.P. Morgan right here in America toward the end of the 19th century.

With unlimited Pharisee money, funneled under the table to Herodian J.P. Morgan, Morgan was quickly able to buy up large amounts of American heavy industry, from steel-making to railroads to ship lines. These business monopolies were NT Jewish monopolies ran by Herodian managers.

The Birth of the Modern Media Scribes

The next bootstrap, and by far the most dangerous, was J.P. Morgan buying up every newspaper of any influence in America.

The Jewish Sadducees of the Rothschild dynasty were able to put one of their handpicked Pharisee or Herodian cronies in each newspaper as the editor, thus creating the American media-scribes.

These would be the modern-day propaganda replacements for the NT Jewish peddlers who had now moved on to bigger and better things.

The media-scribes immediately started massive-scale unified brainwashing of the mind of the American public resulting in the next bootstrap, the Progressive Movement.

Of course, J.P. Morgan was trumpeted by his own newspapers as an industrial wizard, much as NT Jewish infested Hollywood parades their own people into our lives.

Corruption is introduced into American Politics

Money talks and talks big. Soon, J.P. Morgan was using his Sadducee money from their monopolies to fund political campaigns of favorable future Herodians.

Three kinds of political candidates occur;
  1. those that are already on your side
  2. those that oppose you, but can be "bought" to side with your side and
  3. those who will always oppose you.

Unbelievably, Pharisee money can buy all three.

The first candidate does not have to be bought as he already agrees with you. Even though a NT Jewish candidate is a shoe-in with the Pharisees and the Pharisees will gladly fund the political campaign of a fellow NT Jew, too many Jewish candidates will certainly raise suspicions.

Therefore, the second variety is the Christian Judas who is not above taking his 30 pieces of silver. There are certainly plenty of them to be had. This Judas Herodian provides the additional necessary support to create a workable majority in order to govern.

Lastly, and by far the most deceptive, is "the loyal opposition".

A two party system gives an air of competition, of fairness, of hope that everybody will, one day, be on the winning side.

Therefore, an appearance of opposition is necessary for the Pharisees to govern us.

It is important to give the appearance of competition.

The deception therefore is for the Pharisees also to fund their hand picked opposition candidate.

Many times you will see a foundation giving to both sides. The excuse is that they are hedging their bets. But the reality is more often that they certainly are hedging their bets.

Does anyone really see any substantive difference between the Clintons, the Bushs, or the Obamas?

Once McCain lost, he immediately became Obama's greatest cheerleader. Real opposition does not happen that way.

"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer"

Better yet, in an especially devious deception, the Pharisees get you to fund their hand-picked opposition by phoning you at home asking you to give them contributions, so that they will have the money to "fight the other side".

Very sneaky manipulation on their part!

The Pharisees find a Herodian willing to play the part of good cop, by our standards. This opposition Herodian rants and raves about how America and Christianity need to be saved.

The "bad cop" liberal media-scribes will moan and moan about how terrible it will be if this particular candidate would be elected, as they could not possibly stand a chance of getting their way should he win.

Of course, even if our guy wins, we always find they get their way, don't we?

All the while, there is a "Good Cop" conservative media-scribe (Fox News for instance) who even tell us how the "Good Cop" is the only one who can be elected and we must all rally around him for the good of the country, (even though he is far from perfect).

The trick is to pre-stage one of your guys with credible credentials. The media-scribes makes sure their fake stooge candidate has gotten plenty of national name recognition, while "nobody ever heard" of the true honest American Christian, like Ron Paul.

The "good cop" media-scribes will tell us that this "good cop" candidate is the only one who has national name recognition and hence a snowball's chance of winning.

Self full-filling prophecy, isn't it?

The real voices of America and Christianity will never be heard of, or if heard of, the Jewish media-Scribes scandalized the poor unsuspecting guy with some rumor that he played doctor with his female (or male) cousin when he was five years old.

At other times, the Jewish media-Scribes will present a "fresh face" to you and I, an "outsider", who was the governor of some obscure state; however, rest assured that this "fresh face" is well known to the Pharisees and media-scribes, this Manchurian Candidate having been groomed by the Pharisees for years awaiting this opportunity. Think Jimmy Carter!

Birth of the Progressive Movement

The assassination of Czar Alexander II in 1881 by the 7th attempt of a NT Judeo-terrorist cell, in Russia where most of the world's NT Jews still lived at the time, would have a profound influence on America.

The Russian Pogroms began in order to stamp out the NT Jewish terrorist element and resulted in Russia exporting many of its problems to America.

(Not enough obviously, since Russia still succumbed to the 1917 communist revolution)

Of course, long before the final coup d'etat was in place, because Jewish money through J.P. Morgan had so much control of America's infrastructure, American Presidents had to listen when he spoke.

In no time though, the Pharisee Progressive Movement had taken control of America with their election of internationalist Teddy Roosevelt and especially, in their crowning achievement, the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson.

Woodrow Wilson was just a nobody liberal university president with a not much better chance to be President of the United States than you or I before the media-scribes latched on to him for their candidate.

He just happened to have the political viewpoint the Pharisees were looking for.

Woodrow Wilson was someone who had swallowed; hook, line and sinker, everything that the media-scribes had been printing for the previous 30 to 40 years.

He was their prize Herodian. A true believer and one who believed he was acting on his own beliefs.

Of course, they were his own beliefs, but no one would have heard him or believed him, if the Pharisee media-Scribes had not promoted him first.

If the media-Scribes would promote the Christian Solution, that too would happen.

One of Wilson's most famous acts was instead one of his most infamous.

He appointed the first NT Jew to the Supreme Court in 1916. (The Supreme Court's decisions have not been the same ever since.) Indeed, after the nomination was approved, we find that Brandeis was a full-blown Zionist.

Meaning, not really an American, dedicated to preserving and protecting the country.

His goal while judging American laws in our country was to start another country from the stolen lands of yet another country.

Prudent judges are valued for not having a conflict of interest in cases they hear.

Why can we not impeach a judge at the highest levels of our government, who has a conflict of interest against his entire country?

The Pharisees have never lost control of the Presidency ever since, not even when Ronald Reagan was President. George Bush Sr. was the VP waiting in the wings should a serious assassination attempt be required if Mr. Reagan had ever strayed too far out of line. No problem appearing to lose a race every once in a while, as it even made people feel there was a chance and a hope of America being great again; as long as their one step backward was always followed by their five steps forward.

Meanwhile, more NT Jewish refugees were coming into America. This time from Russia following their assassination of the Czar in 1881 and the pogroms that naturally followed. The influx of the 2 million of Russian, Lithuanian and Polish NT Jews was right around the corner.

Removing State Power from Federal Power

Still, the Constitution was a real hindrance to the goals of the Sanhedrin. How do we know? -- Simple. because they saw the need to change it.

The two huge bootstraps that destroyed the de-centralized distribution of power our Founding Fathers wisely gave us between federal and state, was the destruction of the vertical "checks and balances" of power between powerful localized states and a weakened distributed federal power.

Thus, one of the first actions of the Progressive Movement was the passage of both the 16th Amendment and the 17th Amendment.

The 16th Amendment (The Income Tax Amendment) allowed the federal government to fund itself without having to worry about begging the States for money.

Still, even with a 16th Amendment allowing income taxes to be directly collected from the People, State-appointed Senators could squash all income tax bills that actually tried to collect any income taxes. Thus a 17th Amendment was needed along with the 16th.

One could also argue that all spending starts in the House, controlled by the People, but federal spending is ALWAYS said to help the People, so they buy into the taxing, so they can get the spending.

It was spending that the States were doing that the federal government wanted to replace. -- And the power which goes along with that.

Free of the state purse strings dictating how the federal government was to be ran, the feds could now turn the tables on the states by giving the states money from the federal purse strings, while demanding the states to abide by its wishes.

The 17th Amendment allowed for the direct election of Senators by a media scribe brainwashed public, thus bypassing the power the better-informed state legislatures had to appoint the federal Senators.

The Federal Reserve was the Triple Crown of the 1913 coup d'etat

The Sadducee created the Federal Reserve as the means to take control of the finances of America, by creating a bogus money system we call "Federal Reserve notes", or "dollars" for short. There is only one thing to remember about the Federal Reserve -- It is nothing more than a counterfeiting ring, who has bribed our Congress, so that Congress would not shut it down as a counterfeiting ring. (The price of oil continues to match the price of gold; yet neither matches the price of our paper money -- what's really changing here?)

Turn of the Century, beginning of the bloodiest Century known to mankind

The states no longer had any power.

Freedom for the NT Jewish Religion was guaranteed, even at the State level.

The nest was made. Now was the time to send out the invitations to NT Jews the world over.

From the turn of the century to the middle of the Roaring 20's, two million Sephardic NT Jews would arrive in America. To reduce alarm, their tracks were covered by tens of millions of Southern European Catholics also immigrating to America.

These Catholics would also help provide the counter-weigh to Protestant power in America, as the NT Jews knew they were perfectly capable of creating animosity between these two Christian groups, thus taking the spotlight off anything they chose to do to America.

Forwarts - i.e. Forward (and a synonym of Progressive)

Moreover, a prime example of the abuse of Freedom of the Press in America, with 14th Amendment backing, was the New York City Yiddish newspaper Forvert (Forwarts or just, Forward). Forverts was the fourth newspaper named "Forward".

The first NT Jewish "Forward" was a German language newspaper first appearing in Paris in January 1844.

This first "Forward" featured NT Jewish socialists' writers such as Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. The Prussian government shortly issued arrest warrants for these NT Jewish news publishers and a year later France shut it down.

    Karl Marx -- Political Emancipation requires the Abolition of Religion

    Regardless of what this says, Karl Marx essentially agrees with Hegelian Bruno Bauer:

    "The essay criticizes two studies by fellow Young Hegelian Bruno Bauer on the attempt by Jews to achieve political emancipation in Prussia. Bauer argued that Jews can achieve political emancipation only if they relinquish their particular religious consciousness, since political emancipation requires a secular state, which he assumes does not leave any "space" for social identities such as religion. According to Bauer, such religious demands are incompatible with the idea of the "Rights of Man." True political emancipation, for Bauer, requires the abolition of religion."

    -- Wikipedia -- On the Jewish Question, by Karl Marx

Forwart Ties to Spartacus

The second Forvert (or Forwarts) was founded in Leipzig in 1876 by NT Jew William Liebknecht. Closed by the Prussian government in 1878 as part of an anti-socialist campaign, it started up again in 1891 in Berlin promoting socialist revolution. Liebknecht eventually was replaced as editor, but it continued publishing until Hitler shut it down in 1933. Marcus Liedknecht, son of William, was executed by German police along with ringleader NT Jewish Rosa Luxemburg who participated in the socialist revolution called the Spartacus Uprising in 1919 which captured the capital of Germany for a short while and opened the eyes of German citizens to the communist threat in their own country, only two years after the communist October Revolution in Russia.

Forwart ties to America

With this "proud" heritage of socialism, communism, bloody revolution and anarchism, NT Jew Abraham Cahan, in 1897, started up his Yiddish newspaper, selling in the streets of New York City. (Still "proudly" publishes today on the Internet as The Forward would reach a quarter of a million NT Jewish readers.

"Forward" heavily promoted trade unionism, not for a concern for workers, but for the cause of socialism.

It would endorsed Franklin D. Roosevelt on the cover of its November 1, 1936 magazine as "Labor's Choice."

Yes, labor votes would be bought off by strong labor unions "helping" American laborers, but at what cost to the security of our country? With "Labor's Choice" candidate FDR and their choice Woodrow Wilson, let us look at what "ordinary American Labor" got for their votes.

Jewish controlled World Government

Herodian Wilson's One World government, the League of Nations, was signed by all major nations but our own, proving two things; 1) that the Pharisees had control of Europe who all signed up, while also proving, 2) that they had miscalculated their amount of brainwashing and infiltration of America's Senate. Our Senate, still half-full of state-appointed Senators from pre-17th Amendment days, rejected the League of Nations. This was only a minor setback for the Sanhedrin. -- A Great Depression, an even larger World War, and a Senate now fully Pharisee-controlled, with post-state-appointed, post-17th Amendment Senators, would soften up America enough to agree to enter the League of Nations Part 2. What we call today -- the United Nations.

At first the American Jews were against America fighting Germany in WW1. Recent German Jewish immigrants had a fondness of Germany for tolerance toward them and Russian Jews did not want to side with the Tsar who they thought were oppressing their people.

However, one can change their minds, can't they?

When the Judeo-Communists, all controlled by the Pharisees deposed the Tsar, the Russian Jews now wanted to help the new Judeo-Communist Russia.

Then, once England took control of Jerusalem from the Ottoman Turks, they sealed a private deal with England where they would agree to get America into the war if England were to create a Jewish State for them. This was the infamous Balfour Declaration.

Now, all Jewish media-Scribe newspapers screamed for America to enter WW1 -- "to make the world safe for Democracy."

Truth be said, it was more like -- "To make the world safe for Judeo-Communism."

Henry Ford and Aaron Shapiro

There is no one who waves the First Amendment's freedom of the press more than the NT Jewish media-Scribes.

Pharisee media-Scribes can and do call white people the name of white supremacist against blacks, Christians as intolerant of anything, men as abusive toward their beloved wives, straights as immoral toward immoral homosexuals, and Americans as bigots against Hispanic immigrants.

But, lo is the man who exercises his freedom of speech or freedom of the press against a NT Jew.

Henry Ford, America's greatest industrialist, started the Dearborn Independent on May 22, 1920. Around 1924, the Independent began publishing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The NT Jews always depict the Protocols as being proven to be a hoax. Even so, if fiction, their real allure is in coherently explaining, in the minds of Europeans, the basis of many of the problems Europe has faced since the French Revolution, those problems being that is, the NT Jews.

In March of 1927, NT Jew Aaron Shapiro filed a $1 million defamation lawsuit against Henry Ford. (Around $1 billion dollars today?)

Henry Ford, supposedly a staunch anti-Semite to his grave, immediately caved to this intimidation.

No free speech allowed.

Herodian Progressive and editor of The Nation for 20-years, Carey McWilliams, exercising his free speech rights, would say, "In one sense, Hitler began where Ford left off."

If you need that translated, Herodian Carey is saying that America's greatest industrial hero gave Hitler his inspiration, making America an accomplice to the Holocaust.

Talk about defamation!

World War 2 and its aftermath

  • There is no doubt that Stalin was a communist.
  • There is also no doubt that Hitler was a Fascist.
  • Both espouses the total control of government over the "means of production", the economy, but communism also controls the people as well, which means that fascism is a subset of communism, which are both forms of socialism
  • There is no doubt that Stalin slaughtered tens of millions of Christians.
  • There is no doubt that other tens of millions more were deliberately starved in Russia by Stalin (called the Holodomor).
  • There is no doubt that Stalin did not slaughter NT Jews, as there were still millions of NT Jews left over in Russia to help populate Israel after WW2.
  • There is no doubt that our ally, Stalin, signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler, keeping Russia out of the war.
  • There is not doubt that, our ally, Stalin, signed a non-aggression pact with Japan, keeping Russia out of the war, even after America was attacked at Pearl Harbor by the Japanese.
  • There is no doubt that Stalin helped communist Mao fight against our Chinese ally, Chiang Kai-shek, who was helping us fight the Japanese.
  • There is no doubt that "Labor's Choice" candidate FDR would choose communist, Christian-murdering, Fascist Stalin, friend of Germany and Japan, as an ally in WW2, instead of anti-communist, anti-Jew, Hitler.
  • There is no doubt then that the only moral criterion of importance was in defeating a man who complained of NT Jewish influence in his country.
  • There can be no doubt that Japan had to be provoked into attacking our fleet at Pearl Harbor.
  • There is no doubt that Stalin subjugated all of Eastern Europe after the war.

    NT Jew Maxim Livinov was the Russian Foreign Minister in 1939; married to Ivy Lowe, daughter of one of the most distinguished NT Jewish families in Britain. Miss Lowe's ancestors had emigrated from Hungary to England after the unsuccessful 1848 revolution. Her father was a close friend of H.G. Wells.

    Livinov was successful in having Britain end its economic blockade of the Soviet Union after the Communist Revolution and was responsible for the United States recognizing the Soviet government in 1933.

    During the war, from 1941 to 1943, NT Jewish Livinov would serve as Ambassador to the United States and significantly contributed to the lend-lease agreement signed in 1941, where American taxpayers would enrich NT Jewish businesses selling war material to the U.S, government, to be given to our great moral ally, Stalin.

    Stalin knew in May of 1939 that Hitler would not accept a NT Jew to negotiate with, so Livinov was replaced by Molotov. By August 22, 1938, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was signed promising peace between Stalin and Hitler. Stalin was our ally.

    Much more than peace, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact was an agreement between Stalin and Hitler to split Poland between them. Many believe that WW2 started simply because Hitler invaded Poland. In fact, he only invaded the German part of Poland that had been taken from Germany after WW1, while at the same time, our ally, Stalin, with no territorial claims to any part of Poland invaded the Polish-speaking part of Poland. Hitler was deemed the only evil in the world. Stalin was our ally, a freedom fighter!

    On April 9, 1941, Stalin signed the Molotov-Matsuoka neutrality treaty, signifying peace between Russia and Japan. Stalin was our ally.

      "What does this mean for our interests in the Pacific?"

      asks Secretary of State Cordell Hull.

      "Simply put, Mr.Secretary, it means Comrade Stalin has sounded general quarters for every American sailor from Manila to San Diego...."

      answers General George Marshall

    April 22, 1941, free of worrying about Japan attacking from the east, Stalin breaks his Molotov-Ribbentrop peace treaty with Hitler and attacks the Nazi-occupied side of Poland. He attacks from the Russian-occupied side of Poland. Stalin was our trustworthy ally.

    Eight months later, with no fear of Russian attack, Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Stalin was still an ally with Japan throughout the war, because of the Molotov-Matsuoka neutrality treaty, while at the same time Stalin was still our ally after Pearl Harbor.

    In a word, Stalin sided peace treaties with both our enemies.

    Stalin supplies Mao throughout the war, but Mao only attacks Japan 30% of the time and attacks Chiang Kai-shek 70% of the time. Chiang Kai-shek is a staunch ally of the U.S. Stalin is our ally.

    After WW2, Stalin occupies East Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Austria, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Hungary, Albania, and Bulgaria, changing them into communist puppet states. Stalin was our ally.

    So, getting specific about FDR, the "Labor's Choice", how specifically was FDR instrumental in helping spread communism?

    At Yalta in February 1945, FDR finally met his ally Stalin -- Uncle Joe.

    FDR's top advisers were Harry Hopkins and Alger Hiss. Hiss would be proven a Russian spy, while Harry Hopkins openly admitted to being a fan of the Soviet Union and had arranged for the shipment of the plans and the parts for the atomic bomb to Russia. Our ally Stalin, still neutral towards Japan, was given control of Manchuria and Mongolia, several strategic Chinese ports and the Japanese Islands of Kurile and Sakhalin.

    To be specific, NT Jews Ethel and Julius Rosenberg was the conduit to transfer nuclear secrets to our ally, Stalin.

    On March 6, 1951, NT Jewish lawyers for the defense and NT Jewish lawyers for the prosecution plead their case in front of a NT Jewish judge. The only Christians were the jury. The Christian jury convicted the Rosenbergs of treason against America and the normal reflex of the NT Jewish community was overwhelmingly that they were innocent. (NT Jews are always innocent victims.)

    Only after the betrayal of America by NT Jews had subsided in the minds of Americans, along with the declassification of Venona and documents from Russia after the fall of Berlin conclusively proving they were wrong would some NT Jews admit that the Rosenbergs were spies for our ally, Stalin.

    Meanwhile, our real ally Chiang Kai-shek was not consulted about the Yalta decisions.

    During Yalta, Roosevelt begged our ally Stalin to come help in the war with Japan.

    Stalin held off and held off, but finally came to our assistance six days before the end of the war and three days after the first atomic bomb was dropped.

    Without shedding a drop of blood to defeat the Japanese, and having helped Mao fight Kai-shek, Stalin was given all the lands agreed upon at Yalta.

    Stalin took possession of the huge stores of Japanese arms in Manchuria and immediately gave them to Mao.

    Meanwhile, America's NT Jewish controlled media-Scribes would relentlessly describe Chiang Kai-shek as a corrupt dictator and Mao as the noble leader of an agrarian reform movement.

    The truth of course was the exact opposite, as Mao slaughtered 60 million of his people and Chiang Kai-shek's people left for the Chinese Island of Formosa, turning newly named Taiwan into a shining example of freedom and capitalism.

    U.S. Ambassador to China Patrick Hurley found much communist propaganda coming from the State Department's Foreign Service Officers and the Institute of Pacific Relations (IPR), a private entity that started out as a branch of YMCA missionary work in China from the 1920's.

    The IPR would become captured by pro-soviet communists and become the monopoly voice to Americans about what was happening in China.

    Hurley sounded the alarms and nothing happened. He resigned and was replaced by George Marshall, patron of General Stilwell.

    Stilwell had made preparations to assassinate Chiang Kai-shek in 1944, per testimony of Frank Dorn. Stilwell's secretary.

    George Marshall forced Chiang Kai-shek, who was winning against Mao into a truce and later after being named Secretary of State, George Marshall, surrounded by IPR veterans, demanded that Chiang Kai-shek form a coalition government with Mao.

    Chiang Kai-shek was now cut off from arms shipments and the tide started turning in Mao's favor.

    Dean Acheson replaced Marshall as Secretary of State and in the summer of 1949 commissioned IPR veteran Philip Jessup, shown by McCarthy to be a communist, to head a committee that eventually published its "white paper" announcing that the United States was finished with Chiang.

    Mao declared his People's Republic in October and the next year, in February 1950, signed a 30-year pact with the USSR.

    A few months later, the Korean War began.

    U.S. warships patrolled the straits between China and Taiwan, but only to protect China from an invasion by Taiwan, not to protect Taiwan from an invasion by China. General Douglas MacArthur, the commander of our forces in Korea, noted years later in his autobiography, Reminiscences,

      "I was specifically directed to prevent any Nationalist attacks on the mainland."

      -- General MacArthur

    Prior to the Chinese entering the Korean War, they had begun a huge build-up of men just across the Yalu River from North Korea. MacArthur was also give orders not to bomb this Chinese concentration; nor was he allowed to bomb the bridges, as the Chinese started to cross the river.

    To complete the discussion of China, today, 90% of China's billionaires are children of senior Communist officials. The wealthiest, Li Ka-shing of Hutchison Whampoa has close connections with the People's Liberation Army. China's socialism works today only because of American business expertise, loan guarantees, capital and technology.

    Other NT Jewish actions

    Many American NT Jews started laying the foundation for the formation of Israel, by illegally sending dynamite and arms to Palestine. (DVD -- The Jewish Americans -- David Grubin)

    Beauty Queen Propaganda

    Even with all these anti-American activities on the part of NT Jewish Americans, sympathy for NT Jews in the Pharisee controlled media-Scribe would insure that the Miss America candidate from New York, NT Jewess Beth Meyerson, would win the nomination 4 months after Hitler was defeated in 1945.

    The 40-year calm, before the 40-year anarchy

    The NT Jews of the massive 1920's immigration would sit quiet for several generations while they worked their way into positions of power over all elements of our society. By 1960, the Baby Boomer NT Jews were ready to take on "the Establishment".

    The establishment meant Protestant Christians.

    The baby boomer generation was the first generation in the history of the world totally raised by media scribe propaganda with total saturation of TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers.

    This bootstrap used the techniques of the Glorious Revolution, 1848 Revolutions, French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Spanish Civil War, Chinese Revolution and all modern day, Madison Avenue, marketing techniques.

    The media-scribes would first create hostilities, as they always do, between clearly identifiable groups -- blacks and whites (civil rights), city and country (rednecks, but only if Southern), men and women (feminism), husbands and wives (no-fault divorce), young and old (generation gap), Americans and Mexicans (illegal immigrants to replace the aborted babies), rich and poor (war on poverty; progressive taxes), Catholic and Protestant (Kennedy, priest scandal), straight and homosexual (more civil rights).

    Then the Pharisees would align themselves with the "powerless" blacks, women, wives, protestants, city dwellers, young, poor, Mexicans, and homosexuals to create a "majority", commonly called by these types as "the masses".

    Earlier it was stated that NT Jewish peddlers and Jewish terrorists were at the heart of the 1860 Civil War to free the blacks.

    One hundred years later, 1960, would begin the second American Civil War. This one a cold war.

    Second American Civil War

    Martin Luther King's speech of "Let my People Go" sounded as if it were written by a NT Jew.

    MLK was an obvious Herodian.

    Around 50% of the civil rights lawyers were NT Jewish.

    More than 50% of the Freedom Riders were NT Jewish.

    Of the white volunteers, over 66% were NT Jewish.

    The huge FBI case involving the murder of Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwemer and James Chaney involved one local black man, Goodman, and two outside NT Jewish agitators, Schwemer and Chaney.

    The basic plot of the story: NT Jews helping black Christians fight against white Christians -- Not in a way to reduce tensions, but in a way to enhance tensions to the (civil war) boiling point.

    It pleases me to note that the game was up (but briefly) for the NT Jews.

    In 1968, the largest African-American community in America was Ocean Hill and neighboring Bedford-Stuyvesant in New York City proper. The New York Board of Education began allowing more freedom for local school districts and this new administration in predominantly black Ocean Hill exercised its authority to lay off many teachers -- white NT Jewish teachers.

    It appears that the white NT Jews were oppressing the blacks in New York City.

    Furthermore, NT Jewish retailers were taking money out of the black communities, further suppressing and oppressing them.

    Of course, the parable of throwing the first stone is lost on NT Jews.

    Thus, as happens in all these revolutions, "the mass of the masses" of the 1960s Revolution, who helped the Pharisees gain power, were themselves removed from power, leaving only the real culprits in charge.

    The blacks were undermined by the huge influx of Hispanics taking their jobs, which were destined to help in the next bootstrap of creating the North American Union.

    (The blacks still vote Democratic, never knowing what hit them.)

    As a side note, the black Hollywood macho male star of recent fame is always paired with a NT Jewish female star by the NT Jewish movie director.

    The poor part of "the masses" are even poorer with the middle class soon to join them and may soon find themselves dying by the millions in famines.

    The easily idealistic revolutionary young has become old and irrelevant.

    The "women" of "the masses" have found out too late that their motherhood had been stolen away from them. They learned too late that their real source of power was their own power to create the next generation and to raise the next generation of Americans, totally, as they saw fit.

    That education would now fall to government controlled pre-schools, government regulated day care centers, and Hispanic mothers, willing to the do job American mothers did not want to do -- have babies!

    Sometimes the Pharisees just had to back-stab to push their agenda along.

    The end result of the 1960 Revolution completed the federal government's power grab -- A federal government safely in the hands of the Pharisees.

    Where Judge Hilton could have at one time told the world that his hotel was his own personal property protected by the Constitution and get away with it, the Pharisee lawyers now had the power to get away with saying that the Constitution, by way of their beloved 14th Amendment, does not allow any private property (other than perhaps ones own dwelling for the time being), because, in a twist on words, the Constitution protected the customers of Hilton's hotel from discrimination by Hilton even if Hilton did not want them to be his customers.

    Since the 1960's, all areas deemed to be for the "public", lost their "private property" status. From the 60s revolution onwards, the owners of a store selling sodas, could no longer call his property his own. The government now told him he had to open his soda counter to everyone. All laws on trespass were thrown out. All Constitutional laws on the pursuit of happiness in owning property, to do with as one wished, were thrown out. All constitutional laws on freedom of association were thrown out.

    In another example, on privately ran bus systems, they too had to admit any person who wanted to jump into their bus.

    Today, the federal government may not let you fly on an airplane with personal protection, but heaven forbid if you were to prohibit anyone on your private bus that wore baggy jeans and black skin.

    Or for that matter, looked like a Muslim terrorist.

    You may allow the government to eavesdrop on private telephone calls in your private telephone company, but just try to restrict access to your telephone system if the applicant has a bad credit history and also happens to be a protected minority.

    Even the area of our lives most private, our families cannot live free of government anymore. Our families are being watched by government informants no different from the communist informants of Gulag-era Russia.

    Women now have abortion-on-demand and divorce-on-demand.

    Our governments are kicking husbands and fathers out of their own homes without ever being accused of violating any law, without a trial by jury and without any due process.

    Later, when mom cannot discipline their children by saying "Wait until your dad gets home", the child who saw mom kick dad out of the house, knowing that mom could have legally killed them earlier if she had wished, find that they too are being kicked out of the house, especially after mom loses control over a teenager bigger than her and calls Child Protective Services, the defacto father of our children, to be the disciplinary father they needed, but never got.

      Mothers are now saying to their children, "I can turn you over to child protective services."

      -- Taken Into Custody: The War Against Fathers, Marriage, and the Family by Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D., is assistant professor of government at Patrick Henry College and President of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children

    And what is keeping Christian Churches out of the cultural battle? -- That would be the "Johnson Amendment" of 1954 that Herodian LBJ used to muzzle Christian churches, by threatening them with never-ending IRS audits if they ever exercised their First Amendment Constitutional rights of free speech and freedom of religion.

    The NT Jewish media-Scribes who used lots of fancy talk and psycho babble to convince Christian Americans to live in these cages they have designed for us, have a lot of explaining to do.

    Conclusion of the Fourth Diaspora

    To gain control, it was not just a matter of enacting the 14th Amendment, which allowed the federal government to prevent the States from promoting Christianity over Judaism, and also to prevent any State, by way of the "freedom of the press", from exposing the lies and propaganda of the Jewish media-Scribes.

    To gain control, it was not just a matter of enacting the 16th Amendment, which allowed the Federal government to directly tax workers, and thus bypass the States who used to be the tax collectors for the Federal government, returning that money as a bribe and blackmail.

    To gain real control, it was absolutely necessary to enact the 17th Amendment, which allowed the Federal government to bypass the States entirely in selecting Senators to Congress.

    Sure the 14th and 16th "could" allow a dissolution of Federalism and "could" allow an uncontrollable centralization in the federal government, but all laws attempted to be enacted under them could easly be blocked with the "checks and balances" which the States enjoyed in the Senate.

    Sure a federal judge or a Supreme Court "could" do the same, but a State-appointed Senate would never confirm such anti-State judges.

    Sure a President "could" enact a United Nations treaty to subvert the States to an interntional power, but a State-appointed Senate would never confirm the treaty.

    Hence the real damage to the Constitution was the 17th Amendment, which totally neutered any power the States had over the Feds.

    The only tool the States have left is the Constitutional Convention, and all talk of that power is either hushed up or made to look too scary to use.

    The initial goal of all the Jewish Pharisee manipulation of the Constitution in the first half of the existence of the United States appears to been undertaken in order for the Pharisees to gain power and control over America.

    But it does seem unreasonable to destroy what took so long and was so hard to capture.

    In to understand this, you have to understand that building a newer, bigger home sometimes involves destroying and removing the old shack that already existed on the building site. However, you cannot build a new mansion, until you own the old shack.

    In this scenario, America is the old shack the Pharisees do not like, that they have boughtm and that they believe needs to be destroyed, making way for them to construct a much larger, much fancier United Nations building to replace it.

    Israel will soon become the world headquarters or world headquarters may stay in New York City.

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