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December 29, 2008

French Revolution or Religious Genocide?

Vendee French call for revolution massacre to be termed 'genocide'

The red hand of atheism

"Liberty, Equality, Fraternity"

This glorious slogan of the French Revolution has been the enduring two-hundred-year symbol of everything liberals dream of.

Except the reality was not nearly as romantic as the dream.

Of course, many of you already know of the wonderful "Reign of Terror", which proved for all the world to see, that these idealists were far worst tyrants than the monarchy they had deposed.

In the typical Jewish media-Scribe rendition of the causes of the French Revolution, the main cause were the peasants (i.e. The Masses), who were so downtrodden by the ultra-rich Aristocrats and by the ultra-rich Roman Catholic Church, that they finally could take it no longer and revolted.

All done -- to instill liberty; to instill equality; and to instill fraternity.

In their haste to showcase all this freedom, equality and brotherly love, our Jewish media-Scribes seem to have left out the story about the Vendee province of France bordering the Atlantic Ocean. I guess it did not fit well with their idealistic model of the French Revolution.

Peasants murdering Peasants
    In early 1794 -- at the height of the Reign of Terror -- French soldiers marched to the Atlantic (coast province of) Vendee, where peasants had risen up against the Revolutionary government in Paris.

    "In other parts of France the revolutionaries killed the nobles or the rich bourgeoisie. But in Vendee they killed the people. It was the Revolution turning against the very people from whom it claimed legitimacy. It proved the faithlessness of the Revolution to its own principles. That's why it was wiped out of the historical memory,".
Question: Where was the Equality in this act?

Peasants committing Murderous Genocide against other Peasants

What did this wonderful French Revolution do for civilization?

Read on:
    Twelve "infernal columns" commanded by General Louis-Marie Turreau were ordered to kill everyone and everything they saw. Thousands of people -- including women and children -- were massacred in cold blood, and farms and villages torched.

    In the city of Nantes, the Revolutionary commander Jean-Baptiste Carrier disposed of Vendeean prisoners-of-war in a horrifically efficient form of mass execution. In the so-called "noyades" -mass drownings -- naked men, women, and children were tied together in specially constructed boats, towed out to the middle of the river Loire and then sunk.

    When it was over, French General Francois Joseph Westermann penned a letter to the Committee of Public Safety stating: "There is no more Vendee... According to the orders that you gave me, I crushed the children under the feet of the horses, massacred the women who, at least for these, will not give birth to any more brigands. I do not have a prisoner to reproach me. I have exterminated all."

    Historians believe that around 170,000 Vendeeans were killed in the peasant war and the subsequent massacres -- and around 5,000 in the noyades.
Question: Where was the Fraternity in this act?

This is a classical genocidal extermination of innocent men, women and children.

Peasants committing Religious Murderous Genocide against other Peasants

You see, the reason the Vendee had to be exterminated was because the Vendeean peasants were revolting against their country priests being killed because they refused to take an oath.
    For Mr de Villiers, an aristocrat whose family seat is in the Vendee, genocide does indeed apply as his forebears were killed for religious reasons: they had rebelled to protect their priests, who refused to swear an oath to the new constitution. "It's the rare case of a people rising up for religious reasons. They did not rebel because they were hungry, but because their priests were being killed," he said.
Question: Where was the Liberty in this act?

There is no liberty when the priest has to take loyalty oaths and is killed if he refuses. Did King Louis XVI do such dastardly deeds? -- I don't think so!

What about the Huguenots?

The St. Bartholomew's Day massacre between 24 August and 17 September 1572 saw upwards of 10,000 Protestant Huguenots slaughtered by Catholics. -- The worst massacre of Christians by Christians in the name of Christianity.
    ...the Christian king responsible for what was considered the worst crime in Christendom's Wars of Religion, the Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre, died regretting his role in the deaths of an estimated 10,000 French Huguenots.

    And yet, the scale of King Charles IX's crime is but a fraction of the great crimes of the 20th century anti-religious atheist zealots; it is also vastly overshadowed by history's very first atheist-influenced regime. Although it has largely been whitewashed by a France that still reveres its Revolution and is therefore little known in comparison with the Revolutionary regime's more notorious crimes, the story of the Committee for Public Safety's decision to slaughter the Vendeean people, who dared to resist the ordered closure of their churches, is finally beginning to be told thanks to a bold French aristocrat.

    -Vox Day

Well it did not help that the Huguenots seem to have been an in-your-face, fire-and-brimstone, Protestant religion, instead of a more moderate love-your-neighbor, Protestant religion. It did not help their security for them to have rejected their Roman Catholic faith, then turn around to spit in their neighbors faces, by calling their spiritual leader, the Pope, the anti-Christ, as I have heard Protestants many, many times say today.

The Huguenots were not just interested in peacefully worshipping as they say fit. They were waging religious war against the Catholic Church. There were not pretensions of tolerance on their part.
    Like other religious reformers of the time, they felt that the Catholic church needed radical cleansing of its impurities, and that the Pope represented a worldly kingdom, which sat in mocking tyranny over the things of God, and was ultimately doomed. Rhetoric like this became fiercer as events unfolded, and eventually stirred up a reaction in the Catholic establishment.

    Fanatically opposed to the Catholic Church, the Huguenots attacked priests, monks, nuns, monasticism, images, and church buildings. Most of the cities in which the Huguenots gained a hold saw iconoclast riots in which altars and images in churches, and sometimes the buildings themselves were torn down. Ancient relics and texts were destroyed; the bodies of saints exhumed and burned. The cities of Bourges, Montauban and Orleans saw substantial activity in this regard.

    The Huguenots transformed themselves into a definitive political movement thereafter. Protestant preachers rallied a considerable army and a formidable cavalry, which came under the leadership of Admiral Gaspard de Coligny. Henry of Navarre and the House of Bourbon allied themselves to the Huguenots, adding wealth and holdings to the Protestant strength, which at its height grew to sixty fortified cities, and posed a serious threat to the Catholic crown and Paris over the next three decades.

    -Wikipedia - Huguenots

So, Catholics overreacted in the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, but it's not as if they were not provoked.

Huguenots contrasted to Vendee

The 10,000 Huguenots dead is a pittance compared to the 170,000 Vendee dead.

Beyond the enormity of the difference in body count, you have to consider the guilt and innocence involved. The Huguenots were violently destroying Catholic Churches; whereas, the Vendee Catholics appeared to have just wanted to be left alone in their Churches by the French Revolution.

The entire province of Vendee backing their country priests are proof that these peasants did not believe their country priests had anything to do with any corruption. These peasants would never had come to the aid of their priests if that were true. These country priests were not abusing their flocks, or 170,000 of them would not have given their lives to defend their priests.

This rebellion alone proves false the media-Scribes story about an utterly evil Roman Catholic Church.

Sadly, I guess this media-Scribe story plays well with Protestants who want to believe such propaganda about their Catholic Christian competitors.

Another Hypothesis

It seems clear to me that if you are having a revolution against the country priests of the Roman Catholic Church and you are resisted by 170,000 Catholic peasants wanting to protest their priests, then you are, by definition, not a Roman Catholic peasant revolution.

What are you then -- an atheist peasant revolution, perhaps? Not even that. The correct guess would come closer to an "leftist elitist" revolution, with peasants as a cover. Much like our "leftist elites" pretend that low class Americans are so put upon. They are put upon, of course, but by the very actions of the "elites" who claim to suffer with them.

Vox Day and many others believe that quite a few of the revolutionaries were indeed atheists. (The point Vox Day tries to make is that Christians do not routinely and murderously kill others, as it violates their Christian beliefs.)

And he is right that many of the revolutionaries were atheists, but Vox Day cannot possibly stop there. The story is only half told.

Saying they were heavily atheist influenced, does not begin to explain why our entire Judaic media-Scribe establishment, who say they belief in the God of Abraham, defends these genocidal atheists so vigorously. Why do our entire Judaic media-Scribe establishment side with the atheists, who were out to murder Roman Catholic country priests and their church members, instead of siding with co-religionists?

In my hypothesis, the atheists of those days were well assisted by the media-Scribes, Pharisees and Sadducees. The atheists of the French Revolution are the same atheists we have today -- They have the full backing of the Jewish media-Scribes. They have the full financial backing of the Sadducees. They have the full strategic planning support of the Pharisees.

Real Analysis of French Revolution

Basically, the massacre of the Vendee prove that:

  1. The French Revolution was not about helping peasants, as all the Vendee they destroyed were peasants

  2. The French Revolution was not about fighting royalty, as none of the Vendee they destroyed were royal

  3. The French Revolution was MORE about fighting Christianity, as all the Vendee they destroyed very devout Christian Catholics who were fighting to protect and defend their priests from the horrors of the French Revolution

  4. The French Revolution was NOT just about Atheists fighting against ALL religions, because even today, our Jewish media-Scribes are always screaming "VIVA LA REVOLUCION!!!"

If the French Revolution fight was against ALL religions, then you would think that the Jews in the Jewish media-Scribes would be against the French Revolution and denounce it. But time and time again, the Jewish media-Scribes romanticize the French Revolution. They absolutely love it!

Real Objectives of the French Revolution

In my view of the way the world works, at the expense of Christians, here were the true objectives of the French Revolution:
  • The "Liberty" Slogan was to give liberty to the Jews.

  • The "Equality" Slogan was to give equality to the Jews.

  • The "Fraternity" Slogan was to get everyone to treat the Jews nicely.

Every other Frenchman be dammed!

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