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December 21, 2008

The Assassination of General Patton

General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book

Wikipedia: George Patton

Wikipedia: Drew Pearson

Will nothing surprise me anymore!

Patton was Assassinated !
    But after a decade-long investigation, military historian Robert Wilcox claims that OSS head General "Wild Bill" Donovan ordered a highly decorated marksman called Douglas Bazata to silence Patton, who gloried in the nickname "Old Blood and Guts". --Tim Shipman
"Silenced" is a nicer way of Military historian Robert Wilcox claiming in his book Target Patton, that General Patton was "assassinated", which again means "murdered"!

Patton was a Good Soldier

The reason I am not surprised Patton was assassinated is because Patton was such a red-blooded patriotic American.

His saving grace was that he was a superior soldier! While Patton was constantly painted by the media-Scribes as harsh on his troops, the discipline Patton demanded was what kept them alive.

Patton inflicted 55% of German dead, while losing only 9% of his own soldiers.

Patton is most famous for slapping a soldier in a hospital. But look at the chart below and ask any mother which General they would want their son to serve under.

  Patton's Third Army Other Allied units
German KIA/DOW 144,500 118,500
Allied KIA/DOW 16,596 170,304
Ratio of German per Allied KIA/DOW 871 70

Where: KIA = Killed in Action & DOW - Died of Wombs

A soldier was 12 times safer under Patton than under any other American general. In fact, the other Generals inflicted more damage on their own troops than they inflicted upon the Germans.

The Slapping Controversy

Lets think for a moment of the reason why Patton is famous for bitch-slapping a crying soldier, and yet Patton is not so famous for single-handily causing over half the German casualties, with minimal loss of American life.

The media-Scribe who reported Patton slapping the soldier evidently had an agenda. (If you know me by now, I always look behind every news story for the agenda of the media-Scribe reporters.)

The reporter of the face-slapping was Drew Pearson -- A staunch communist Herodian and a close associate of Jewish Pharisee communists.
    In the early 1950s Pearson was one of the few journalists to stand up against McCarthyism. McCarthy (who once reportedly slapped or kneed Pearson in the groin, in public) referred to Pearson's associate David Karr as Pearson's "KGB handler". Karr (born David Katz) (TCS: David Katz was Jewish) had been exposed by the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1943 as having worked for two years on the staff of the Communist newspaper Daily Worker....

    Years later, however, the release of the FBI's Venona decrypt of June 1944 revealed that Karr was an informational source for the NKVD. After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992, Soviet investigative journalist Yevgenia Albats published an article in Izvestia quoting documents from KGB archives that Karr was “a competent KGB source” who ‘‘submitted information to the KGB on the technical capabilities of the United States and other capitalist countries.

    --Wikipedia - Drew Pearson

Who loved America more?

The sordid history of Herodian elite to the media-Scribe empire, Drew Pearson, shows he is not a patriotic American:
  • Pearson stood up to McCarthyism, not for a love of American freedom, but because he was one of them who McCarthy was rightfully accusing of being anti-American and treasonous to America.

  • Pearson was an early and vociferous critic of the anti-Communist government of Chiang Kai-shek in China. (The other alternative? - Communist Mao)

  • Pearson is most criticized for his largely unsubstantiated allegations against the Secretary of Defense, James V. Forrestal, who served under both President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman. Admired for his efficiency and hard work, he was despised for his Wall Street background and strong anti-communist views.

  • Pearson leaked news in the Washington Post that the SEC and Justice Department were talking to Preston Thomas Tucker of the Tucker Corporation, an automobile company in Detroit. Pearson stated - erroneously, as it would later turn out - that the agencies would uncover financial crimes at the company. Tucker stock dropped from $5 to $2 based on Pearson's charges. The SEC and Justice later found Tucker and his company innocent of any wrongdoing, but the damage was done. The Tucker Corporation was never able to recover and went out of business. It is widely believed that Pearson's claims cost Tucker investors and 2,000 car dealers millions of dollars, and American customers perhaps the most innovative automobile of its time.

Is it any surprise then that Drew Pearson would defame Patton in this nonsensical face-slapping incident, just to make Patton look like he cared little for his soldiers. His intent was to demoralize Patton's troops, if not to get him relieved of command.

Imagine the irony of this -- A General who kills 144,500 Germans, has media-Scribe jaws dropping when he is accused of slapping a soldier in the face -- such a barbarian!!

Imagine the second irony of this -- A General who is almost single-handily defeating the totalitarian instigator of the Jewish Holocaust is derided by JEWISH MEDIA-SCRIBES! There has got to be a good reason for this -- right? Well, the reason Drew Pearson was attacking Patton was because as soon as Patton had finished off Hitler, the scourge of the Jews, then Patton had also wanted to take America's battle against totalitarianism to "Uncle Joe" Stalin, the refuge of the Jews.

Patton was back-stabbed by Drew Pearson when his usefulness to the Jewish cause was almost over. Looks as if he was assassinated before Americans could rally around him as an American hero.

Eisenhower and Patton

Generals can be political and are appointed for political reasons just like any other government servant. Patton was well known to have integrated blacks into his forces well before others. He wasn't even anti-Semitic.

    "I don't give a damn who the man is. He can be a nigger or a Jew, but if he has the stuff and does his duty, he can have anything I've got. By God! I love him." -- Patton

To a Pharisee though, nothing trumps the advancement of their cause and while Patton was not anti-Semitic, he was still not of the mind to advance their cause.

Consider the military advancement of Patton against Eisenhower. (Eisenhower NEVER complained of communist Stalin being a mass murderer; whereas, Patton was well known to have hated Stalin, our "ally", more so than Hitler, our enemy. Remember that Stalin was the ONLY mass-murderer at the beginning of WWII and he was "Uncle Joe" to our "Uncle Sam".)

At the beginning of WWII, Eisenhower was asking Patton if he could serve under him.
    Upon the outbreak of World War II, Patton's expertise in mechanized warfare was recognized by the Army, and he was quickly made a brigadier general and, less than a year later, a major general. In 1940, Lt. Col. Eisenhower petitioned Brigadier General Patton, offering to serve under the tank corps commander. Patton accepted readily, stating that he would like nothing better than for Eisenhower to be placed under his command.

    --Wikipedia - George Patton

Do not forget, while a tank may look old-fashioned now, tanks were state-of-the-art back then and the best resources were put into them. Airplanes would come to play a bigger role as the war proceeded, but tanks were dominant in WWI and were expected to be dominant in WWII as well.

When WWII actually started for America in 1941, the story began to change.
  • After five years as a relatively unknown lieutenant colonel, Eisenhower was promoted to colonel and then again to brigadier general in just 6 months time.

  • In 1942, Eisenhower was promoted to major general and, just a few months later, to lieutenant general - outranking Patton for the first time.

  • When the Allies announced the invasion of North Africa, Major General Patton suddenly found himself under the command of his former subordinate, now one star his superior.

  • It was in France that Patton found himself in the company of another former subordinate, Omar Bradley, who had also become his superior. As with Eisenhower, Patton behaved with professionalism and served under Bradley with distinction.

  • Roosevelt selected Dwight Eisenhower as Supreme Commander due to many reasons. First, it was due to his success in working with Congress and President Franklin D. Roosevelt, along with his refusal to lobby for the position. (Translation: Eisenhower was not a patriotic pro-America Patton)

I suppose one could merely argue that General Patton was not as political as Eisenhower or Bradley.

But I will argue that General Patton posed a serious threat to the agenda of the Pharisees and had to be delicately managed and held down -- And even assassinated so he would not be the war hero who would be next President of the United States.

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