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August 10, 2008

The Kennedy Assassination


This post is meant to prove the fact that elements sympathetic to Israel, especially in regards to her development of nuclear weapons -- deemed of utmost urgency to the survival of the State of Israel -- was responsible for the death of John F. Kennedy.

Handbill Circulated One Day before JFK Assassination

The Wikipedia caption for this handbill states that the handbill was "circulated one day before Kennedy was assassinated", the implication one can derive from this statement is that the poster who put this on Wikipedia thought that right-wing groups could have wanted President Kennedy dead and may very well have been the very ones who did it.

In fact, the election of Catholic John F. Kennedy, was the watershed event announcing to the world, that American Protestants were no longer in control of America. The implication of a Catholic being elected president implied that the Catholics were in charge, but in fact, the real power behind the throne were the Pharisees who could now pit Catholics against Protestants, at will, as they had successfully done in Europe for centuries beforehand.

Media-Scribes have long implicated right-wing conservative groups as responsible for the assassination of JFK. What a total joke! What right-wing conservative group, after only spending a tenth of the time to plan this deed, would not have come to realize that having LBJ in office would be far worst than having JFK in office, while making a martyr of JFK. I personally do not think any conservative is that STUPID! I do personally believe, and know for a fact, that a lot of liberals are that STUPID to believe the media-Scribes, when they blame the right-wing for this dastardly deed.

My proof?

When accusing right-wing groups of the the JFK assassination, you certainly would think that a left-wing LBJ administration would have been prosecuting these right-wing groups to the hilt, if there was the least bit of factual evidence. The fact that not a single prosecution occurred pretty much shows that all these media-Scribes are BLOWING SMOKE!

Why would the media-Scribes make such provable false accusations and slanders that are so blatently against any reasonable common-sense? Ask yourself that question as you read this article.

Religious War

Media-scribes have long implicated the entire Protestant city of Dallas in the Kennedy assassination. Not a surprising event, as the media-scribes typically implicate entire groups for a single tragedy.

For instance, the media-scribes love to implicate all husbands when one husband beats or cheats on his wife, and they implicate all whites when one white man harms a black man. The media-Scribes implemented all normal people when two criminals beat Matt Shepard and left him for dead. They never focus on the cheating wife of another man who is causing the cheating husband or focus on the greater number of criminal blacks. And they never reported on the death of Jason Shepard, who was drugged, raped and strangled by a gay man.

The media-Scribes are the epitome of class warfare. They love to pit one class into battle against another class and pick up the pieces afterwards. (The Christian Solution does not blame all Jews as a class. We try very hard to only identify and classify all guilty Jewish Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians and media-Scribes into one evil class)

The Kennedy assassination is no different. In the writings of the media-Scribes, each and every Protestant in the Protestant city of Dallas was guilty of assassinating the President of the United States.

New York City and Los Angeles were the largest cities in America in 1963, but they were both NT Jewish controlled cities. On the other hand, Dallas was an up and coming Protestant-controlled city with a bright future, until it was associated in the minds of all Americans as the place Kennedy was shot. To many people, Dallas was and always will be a city of hate and intolerance.

NT Jewish writer, Dennis Prager, writes that the Jewish Talmud quotes, "Whatever humiliates his friend in public is considered as if he has shed his blood". Rabbis call public shaming to be an "emotional murder".

In the early years of our country, "emotional murder" was grounds for a duel to the death. Now, Dennis Prager was writing about the fact that the three Duke University Lacrosse players did not rape Crystal Mangum and she certainly could not physically have raped them, but she did verbally rape these three men. If a woman being raped is a horrific event, then certainly being a man falsely accused of rape is also a horrific event.

In this vein, Protestant Dallas was emotionally raped and murdered by the media-scribes. After all, the fact that Kennedy was a Catholic was a huge factor in his Presidential bid. Many Protestants, even today, would rather have a Rabbi as President of the United States (God's own chosen people in their own words) rather than a fellow Christian Catholic.

The media-scribes accused Protestant Dallas of the JFK assassination and found it guilty without a fair trial, just as the media-scribes did with three white kids at Duke, whose only crime was in being born into wealthy Protestant families. (By the way, the New York Times issued the public apology of Duke's President, Richard Brodhead, across from the obituaries, at the bottom of page 28 of the Sept. 30, 2007 edition. Not exactly a fair and just confession of malfeasance on the part of the media-Scribes.)

This could have started a religious war between Catholics and Protestants had not the same people who nearly caused the war not come along and pretended to be the indispensable healing mediator.

A Radically New
Conspiracy Theory
about JFK

However, let us dig deeper into the conspiracy theory and create yet another one.

The Prairie Bird Diversion

A prairie bird lives around the Dallas Texas area that builds its mounds on the ground in order to lay it eggs. Evolution forced this upon the bird, as there were essentially no trees in its native habitat. This makes the eggs very susceptible to being eaten by predators. Nature has provided it however with a unique ploy to protect the bird’s eggs. As a predator approaches, the mother bird feigns a broken wing. The predator, thinking it has an easy meal that cannot fly away, is drawn away from the delicate eggs with this deceptive tactic. The mother walks further and further away from her nest, leading the predator with her, until finally, before the predator really catches her, she flies away. She may have to do this several times, but the eggs survive.

In fact the very survival of the Jewish race rests upon this basic principle. Historically, never big enough or strong enough to defend themselves, they constantly feign a broken wing to divert attention from themselves.

In another analogy, if a person is mysteriously killed and had an unusually large life insurance policy, the first place investigators look is one who will inherit all the insurance money.

Likewise, in the assassination of JFK, one would tend to want to look at what the Vice-President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, had to gain by the assassination of a President that would instantly make him the next President. In addition, an investigator would next want to know what anyone associated with the Vice-President would have to gain by the Vice-President becoming President.

We never heard any conspiracy theories on this level. The media-scribes keep feigning a “broken wing”, by leading us over to a Catholic mafia connection and then back over to a Catholic Cuban connection and then back to the “lone shooter” theory, that is, when they are not condemning Dallas as the PROTESTANT city of hate.

We often hear that JFK was killed by financial interests because he proposed making silver coins. Sure enough a few months before JFK's assasination, on June 4, 1963, JFK issued Executive Order 11110, which "delegated to the Secretary of the Treasury the president's authority to issue silver certificates" Sorry to bust their bubble, but you can go down to any gold and silver shop today and buy both gold and silver coins minted by the U.S. government. If the assasination was to prevent this, it didn't work so well.

What we do not hear of is things that happened the very next month after the silver announcement.

JFK's Letter To Israeli Prime Minister Eshkol July 5, 1963

Dear Mr. Prime Minister (Eshkol), It gives me great personal pleasure to extend congratulations as you assume your responsibilities as Prime Minister of Israel. You have our friendship and best wishes in your new tasks. It is on one of these that I am writing you at this time.

You are aware, I am sure, of the exchange which I had with Prime Minister Ben-Gurion concerning American visits (ie: inspections -ed) to Israel's nuclear facility at Dimona. Most recently, the Prime Minister wrote to me on May 27. His words reflected a most intense personal consideration of a problem that I know is not easy for your Government, as it is not for mine. We welcomed the former Prime Minister's strong reaffirmation that Dimona will be devoted exclusively to peaceful purposes and the reaffirmation also of Israel's willingness to permit periodic visits (ie: inspections - ed) to Dimona.

I regret having to add to your burdens so soon after your assumption of office, but I feel the crucial importance of this problem necessitates my taking up with you at this early date certain further considerations, arising out of Mr. Ben-Gurion's May 27 letter, as to the nature and scheduling of such visits.

I am sure you will agree that these visits should be as nearly as possible in accord with international standards, thereby resolving all doubts as to the peaceful intent of the Dimona project. As I wrote Mr. Ben-Gurion, this Government's commitment to and support of Israel could be seriously jeopardized if it should be thought that we were unable to obtain reliable information on a subject as vital to the peace as the question of Israel's effort in the nuclear field.

Therefore, I asked our scientists to review the alternative schedules of visits we and you had proposed. If Israel's purposes are to be clear beyond reasonable doubt, I believe that the schedule which would best serve our common purposes would be a visit early this summer, another visit in June 1964, and thereafter at intervals of six months. I am sure that such a schedule should not cause you any more difficulty than that which Mr. Ben-Gurion proposed in his May 27 letter. It would be essential, and I understand that Mr. Ben-Gurion's letter was in accord with this, that our scientists have access to all areas of the Dimona site and to any related part of the complex, such as fuel fabrication facilities or plutonium separation plant, and that sufficient time to be allotted for a thorough examination.

Knowing that you fully appreciate the truly vital significance of this matter to the future well-being of Israel, to the United States, and internationally, I am sure our carefully considered request will have your most sympathetic attention.

Sincerely, John F. Kennedy

The fact that President Kennedy was assassinated in the home state of his Vice-President could be looked at by an investigator as way too convenient. Sort of like the time President McKinley was assassinated in Teddy Roosevelt’s home state at the Pan American games he was responsible of organizing. Perhaps we tell ourselves that this is an example of a reverse psychology conspiracy when we say to ourselves, “LBJ could not possibly be responsible, he’s not that stupid, why that would be too obvious”.

(Teddy Roosevelt was our first internationalist president. He started his career as being the first police chief of New York City to allow Jews to be policemen. The Pharisee-owned New York Times subsequently turned him into an American Hero, a Herodian hero nonetheless. Good reason to have Teddy become President upon the assassination of McKinley)

Johnson did not like Kennedy

Robert Novak is a very influential Washington NT Jewish media scribe who obviously had the ear of Vice-President Johnson, as Johnson confided in him that Johnson thought Kennedy was doing a bad job as President. The implication I get is that Johnson thought he could do better. From a PBS interview titled Robert Novak: The Prince of Darkness:

    MR. WATTENBERG: What about John F. Kennedy?

    MR. NOVAK: Well, I love John Kennedy as a person. He was a—he was—I was young and he was charismatic. He was very nice to me. I thought he was a great cold warrior, going to fight the Soviet Union. I think he was—he was not that good at that. But he was an exciting personality. When you’re young, I don’t know if I’d like him this much as a grouchy, old man. I don’t think he was a very effective president. He had a very hard time with Congress, and he was—one time I was dating my wife. I had dinner at Vice President Johnson’s house and he got very confidential with me and he thought that this was a failed president, Kennedy —because they were treating him, Johnson, very badly. But he said he was losing the conservatives on Capitol Hill, which was true, and he was losing to the Communists around the world.

    MR. WATTENBERG: if you have a problem with John Kennedy, that he did not pass his program, then Lyndon Johnson comes in and passes his program, and then you condemn Johnson for passing his program.

Accomplishments of LBJ for America?

And what did Johnson do as President? He implemented far more Socialism and Communism into America than even FDR did with the New Deal.

At least, FDR had the cover of the Great Depression, a decidedly good excuse for the government to “do something”. What also makes FDR better was the fact that he insisted that the “heads of households” who received the government dole for their families actually had to put in a hard day’s work to receive it. Indeed, we still have many New Deal works to show for our money, such as, the Hoover Dam, national park buildings, etc.

On the other hand, LBJ was a total disaster for America. In times of plenty, LBJ embarked upon the War on Poverty by dishing out billions of dollars to any woman who would leave her husband, taking the kids in tow. While at the same time, forcing young Americans into a draft, against their will, to go fight on the other side of the world in a country no one had ever heard of.

At least, Teddy Roosevelt would have said, “If we are going to fight world communism, let’s fight it here in our own backyard; in Cuba, where our American interests are and where the expense would be much less instead of in Korea and Vietnam.”

(Actually, I am joking. He would never had done such a thing. In fact, I thought Teddy Roosevelt had already single-handily conquered Cuba for America and had fixed everything down there. He was the assistant Secretary of the Navy who ordered the U.S.S. Maine into Havana Harbor to be blown up, and then switched from the navy to the army to lead a charge of Rough Riders up San Juan Hill. Those two acts alone, lionized by the Jewish Yellow Journalist media-Scribes, would make him President.)

Accomplishments of LBJ for Israel

So what did this disaster of a President Johnson bring to the table that caused the media-scribes to swoon every time they saw him? (Well, swooned over him until the total disaster of Vietnam finally sunk in with ordinary Americans and even the media-scribes could not defend him any longer. Even LBJ was stunned when his media-scribe “friends” turned on him. Actually, they did not have any need for him anymore.)

For a hint at why the media-scribes loved LBJ so much as to promote him onto the national stage in the first place, you have to go back to his legislative career in Congress.

In the DVD, Israel: A Nation is Born, the narrator is the former Israeli ambassador to the United States, Abba Eban. Mr. Eban clearly highlights LBJ, and LBJ alone, as their extra special friend and savior in the U.S. Congress.

According to Abba Eban, “LBJ told Eisenhower that he would kill the budget, if Eisenhower continued to persecute Israel”. Eisenhower was of German ancestry; he could not afford to be labeled anti-Semitic so shortly after WW2, so LBJ got his way with delivering the goods for Israel. Israel got everything it needed to survive from the United States.

Of course, for the Herodian "friends", the media-scribes would push him hard for President! That’s a no-brainer; they take care of their friends.

Only while they still need them, of course. Pharisees have a tendency to use people up and throw them away.

It must be noted that this LBJ vs Eisenhower ‘disagreement’ may have only been “good cop/ bad cop” talking. The socialist Norman Thomas, who ran for president many times, once said that
    “Socialism was making greater gains under the ‘conservative’ administration of Dwight Eisenhower than under the administration of the ‘liberal’ Franklyn D.Roosevelt” – Lee Gonzales

Accomplishments of LBJ for Christians?

LBJ helped NT Jews, but what did he do for Christians? –

Well, he muzzled them!

In 1954, under cover of political expediency, Senator Lyndon B. Johnson faced fierce re-election opposition from anti-leftist groups and conservative Christians. To help the Sanhedrin he had to cut the tongues out of Christian pastors.

To accomplish this, while still a legislator, he successfully changed the IRS code, prohibiting non-profits and (Christian) churches from endorsing or opposing political candidates. Of course, such language was a violation of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution — the law of the land which states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech...” This criminal piece of legislation came to be called “The Johnson Amendment” and pleased LBJ’s Sanhedrin bosses very well, as you would expect.

In other words, Herodian LBJ was indeed the Pharisees best friend. LBJ used all the power and might of the United States to preserve Israel, while at the same time, cutting out the tongues of Christian pastors. No wonder he would be promoted to be the President of the United States

Begin the Wild Conspiracy Theory

Therefore, here is my wild conspiracy theory:

Just putting two and two Jewish pieces together.

Is it possible that the media-scribes in America are more concerned for the best interests of Israel than for the best interests of America?

Did the media-scribes wash the assassination of our beloved President JFK under the rug when they distracted us from looking into LBJ’s connections to the assassination?

Was Kennedy's “martyrdom”, used to implement endless social programs “he would have wanted”, thus starting America on its long road to bankruptcy and moral decay?

Let’s not stop at blaming LBJ for being a little “overly ambitious”.

The media scribes are desperate to blame Kennedy’s assassination on perhaps corrupt “Italian”, and hence Catholic, mafia, who were mad at Catholic Kennedy for fighting corruption. Where did Kennedy get the idea that the federal government’s responsibilities lay in common crime? The mob could have easily said that Kennedy had no Constitutional authority to put them in prison, only the states had that authority. Still, the mafia then could theoretically have put out a hit on him. They had a good motive.

On the other hand, Cuban freedom fighters, and hence Catholic, right-wingers were mad at Catholic Kennedy for not getting rid of Castro. The Cuba Americans also had an excellent motive. Remember, we were able fly our military around the world to attack communists in Korea before Kennedy and to attack communists in Vietnam after Kennedy, both with direct Russian and Chinese next door support, but we could never fly our fighters from our own Homestead Air Force Base right here in America, to Cuba 80 miles away. Why did we need these preposterous gimmicks to fight communists in squashed Bay of Pigs operations when we did not need it in Korea and Vietnam? Why didn’t we make the Russian and Chinese communists travel all the way around the world to fight us at our doorstep where we had the advantage and where we had the moral will to fight? At least the Cuban Americans knew they were being taken for suckers. They knew Herodian Kennedy or any of the other Pharisees and Herodians did not really want to conquer communism. Therefore, they also had a motive to assassinate JFK.

Obviously, from the handbill with the seven treasonous actions taken by this President at the top of this section, Protestant Dallas had seven motives to assassinate President Kennedy. How Kennedy abandoned freedom-loving Christian Katanga to freedom-hating atheist communists was a tragedy in and of itself.

But all three of these “broken wing” scenarios only take us away from examining the real culprits.

The Smoking Gun?

Let us look at the key players involved.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald was not a radical right-winger. He was a radical left-winger who had defected to communist Russia. He could easily have been associated with the Pharisees who were running communist Russia. Keep in mind that all the founders of communism were NT Jewish Pharisees. Oswald did truthfully state that he was just a patsy.
  • Deputy Constable Seymour Weitzman, a NT Jew, miraculously found the Mannlicher-Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle tied to Oswald.
  • Jack Ruby was the man who silenced Oswald by assassinating the assassin. Jack Ruby’s real name was Jacob Rubenstein. His parents were Polish-born Orthodox NT Jews.
  • Abraham Zapruder, a NT Jew, was born into a Russian-Jewish family in the Ukraine. Zapruder was the only one who had video of the assassination. All other film was confiscated and never released. So his version of events is what was documented to the history books.
  • Jack Valenti, a NT Herodian, as head of the Kennedy press corps, could be counted on to prevent any press releases from getting out.
  • George Mantello, a NT Jew, the founder of Permindex, associated with Guy Banister, involved the assassination attempt on France's Charles De Gaulle the previous year. During the Trial of Clay Shaw, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison was able to connect Permindex to figures he accused of participating in the John F. Kennedy Assassination.
  • JFK himself is a suspect in his own death. He sent a letter to Israel on July 5, 1963, just 4 months before this planned assassination occurred, demanding that Israel's Dimona nuclear plant be opened up for inspection. And we know that Israel has assassinated Iraq or Iranian scientists who develop nuclear weapons for their country.
  • LBJ, Israel's best friend, would become president and allow Israel to develop nuclear weapons.
  • David Ben-Gurion, former leader of Israel resigned in 21 June 1963 over pressure from JFK over the Lavon Incident and especially over his ambitions to make Israel a nuclear power. His resignation was a ruse to make JFK and his advisers believe that Israel was being compliant, and that Eshkol would be a new face. This served to delay JFK's investigation until the assassination team could be put into place.
  • Levi Eshkol, Prime Minister of Israel, appointed by David Ben-Gurion on 21 June 1963, 5 months before JFK was killed, was born in Russia, emigrated to Israel to live in a communist Kibbutz called Deganya Bet. Eshkol, a Russian communist who established ties to Russia shortly after the Cuban Missile Crisis, could not be seen as a friend of America.

Does it strike you strange that there were five key NT Jewish players in key elements of the JFK assassination? Three from Dallas. Were there that many NT Jews in Dallas in 1963? What would be the odds? Why would the NT Jews working as media-scribes not point out this interesting coincidence?

Why, the Jewish media-Scribes should be praising the actions of these fine upstanding patriotic NT Jewish Americans, shouldn’t they?

If not for the fine stellar detective work of NT Jew Weitzman, we may have not located the gun used in the assassination in a timely manner.

We needed to see the heartfelt emotion of NT Jewish patriot Jacob Rubenstein who so loved his Catholic President that he wanted his assassin dead.

And, if it weren’t for the typically excellent movie making skills of NT Jews, such as Abraham Zapruder, we would have never been able to piece together the fact the there was only a lone shooter responsible for the assassination.

NT Jewish media-scribe Oliver Stone did not bother to applaud the fine achievements of his fellow patriotic American NT Jews, helping America discover the sole-shooter, in his “heavily researched” film “JFK”.

The REAL Mafia Connection?

Well, I have to admit that presenting Jack Ruby as a model NT Jew may have been a stretch for Mr. Stone, since Jack "Ruby" Rubenstein ran pornographic striptease clubs.

Following his link to stripper, Candy Barr, we see that Candy Barr got her start in the stripping business when NT Jew Barney Weinstein hired her to strip at the Dallas Theater Lounge. Sadducee Weinstein gave her the name Candy Barr because she loved Snickers candy bars. She also worked at Weinstein’s Colony Club.

Sadducee Weinstein did not insist that her trademark costume would conform to NT Jewish Halachah traditional dress. Instead, Sadducee Weinstein had her dress in cowboy hat, pasties, scant panties, a pair of pearl handled cap six-shooters in a holster strapped low on her shapely hips, and cowboy boots.

She first came to know Jack Ruby when she sidelined as a stripper at his Vegas Club and his Silver Spur Inn. Candy Barr started to spread out (tongue in cheek) to strip clubs Las Vegas, Los Angeles and in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

While stripping at NT Jew Chuck Landis’ Largo Club on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, Candy met NT Jew and gangster Mickey Cohen and she became his girl.

At one time, Mickey Cohen worked for NT Jew Meyer Lansky. Lansky, born to polish NT Jewish parents in Grodno, Russia, was brought to America by his parents in 1911.

Lansky was instrumental in the development of the National Crime Syndicate. The Syndicate had an enforcement arm the media-scribes dubbed Murder, Inc., that was headed by NT Jew Jacob “Gurrah” Shapiro.

Pharisee Lansky was also the intellectual impetus behind the Commission and was called the “Mogul of the Mob”.

The Commission is the governing body of the mafia in the United States. It acted as a Board of Directors for mafia families, helping them solve problems and thus stopping many of the crime family wars that had the public worried.

The NT Jews had taken over the big corporations, the government, the mass media, the universities, even some Christian Churches, so it should surprise no one that they also have taken over the mafia.

Hollywood movies by NT Jewish directors would lionize these NT Jewish mafia dons, only being sure to make them appear to be Italian.

Sure enough, New Testament Samuel “Red” Levine of Murder, Inc. was sent by Pharisee Lansky to knock-off the don of the dons, Salvatore Maranzano, who envisioned himself as the Caesar of all the mob families.

Afterwards, Pharisee Lansky would be instrumental in remaking the mob into one using modern business practices, including moving mafia operations from New York City to establishing Las Vegas as America’s mafia headquarters. Upon the Commission’s founding, Pharisee Lansky allegedly remarked its influence to be “bigger” than U.S. Steel.

Lansky was also rumored to have photographic proof that J. Edgar Hoover was a homosexual and so a little extortion probably explains the reason why Hoover did not ever aggressively pursue organized crime, even though the federal government was given that responsibility. Plus, Hoover himself used extortion means on Congressmen having oversight on him. Hoover most likely was a forced Herodian then.

Interestingly, while nearly all Lansky's contemporary criminal associates were either arrested or murdered, Lansky himself served only a short sentence and died a natural death.

But enough about NT Jewish Pharisee ties to gangsters and the pornography industry. Let's talk about Hollywood a little.

The Hollywood Connection

When the Warner Brothers and other Jewish media-Scribes first left the refined Christian morality of the Eastern seaboard to land at what was still the wild, wild, West of Los Angeles (Not much has changed has it?), they finally gained their "artistic freedom". All throughout the Roaring 20's, Hollywood was producing some pretty risque movies. The Great Depression however ushered in a renewed Christian morality and in 1930, the Christian Production Code was imposed upon the decidedly non-Christian Hollywood. The Production Code of 1930 allowed all movies to be viewed by the entire family. Adult themes could be implied, only so long as children did not understand the meaning. The use of a "double meaning" in everything permeated Hollywood movies, but we were comfortable in letting our children safely watch.

For 38-years, Sadducee Hollywood chafed under this Christian standard. Finally, in 1968, Jack Valenti, President of the Motion Picture Association of America, was able to bring pornography into our local theaters again by replacing the 1930 Production Code with the MPAA film rating system. The MPAA system initially comprised four distinct ratings: G (General), M (Mature), R (Restricted), and X (Pornographic). PG-13 came later and for "artistic" pornography we got the NC-18. In creating this new "leave the children behind" movie ratings system, Valenti unleashed the first volley of the cultural war and contributed greatly to America's demise.

With the recent introduction of the V-chip, television has now made this same transition. What used to be perfectly safe for your child to watch, has now become a wasteland of nothing to watch.

But, where did Valenti come from?

Chief media-Scribe and Sadducee Lew Wasserman, head of Universal Studios, invited Jack Valenti to resign from the LBJ administration as the first "special assistant" to Johnson's White House. Humm!! Jewish Hollywood moguls finds a Herodian from the LBJ administration to head its political action committee to lobby the LBJ administration for a legal relaxation of movie decency standards. Very self-serving no doubt.

How did Jack Valenti come to be in the LBJ administration?

    Jack Valenti was in charge of the press during the November 1963 visit of President John F. Kennedy and Vice-President Lyndon Johnson to Dallas, Texas. Following the assassination of President Kennedy, Valenti was present in the famous photograph of Lyndon Johnson's swearing in aboard Air Force One, and rode with the new president to Washington. He then became the first "special assistant" to Johnson's White House. He lived in the White House for the first two months of Johnson's presidency. Valenti was so loyal to Johnson that it was once said of him "If LBJ dropped the H-bomb, Valenti would call it an urban renewal project."
    --Jack Valenti, Wikipedia
So let's see if we got this right.

Jack Valenti was in a situation to control all the news coverage of the Kennedy Assassination. On the way back to Washington, Jack Valenti was offered a job with the LBJ Administration, the man made President by the assassination he had just covered. And he had unprecedented access and loyalty to the LBJ administration after that. And he became the lead point man for all of Sadducee Hollywood, becoming the Pharisee Herodian pointman for helping to debase American morality.

“If Hollywood is Mount Olympus,” Mr. Valenti once said of his new liege, “Lew Wasserman is Zeus.”

By 2000, Valenti had become so beloved by the Jews that they announced the premises housing the Spielberg Jewish Film Archive would be named "The Jack Valenti Pavilion". This is a great clue of the helpfulness Valenti provided to the cause of Israel obtaining nuclear weapons, as why else would a non-Jew be named in honor of a Jewish Film archive?

I seem to be getting off the mark. There is nothing suspicious here. So, let's look for a motive.

The Case of the Missing Uranium at NUMEC

    Israel did not consult JFK on whether it could steal enriched uranium from the NUMEC plant in Pennsylvania for its atom bomb program.

    -- Pat Buchanan, (US : Israel's Poodle)

The Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corp., ran by Jewish Pharisee Zalman Shapiro, allowed four Israelis, all with ties to Israel's military or intelligence agencies to visit NUMEC.

Years later, President Johnson, Israel's best friend, would order the CIA Director to remain silent about Isreal's nuclear program.

    A report about the suspicions of nuclear material diversions from NUMEC to Israel was taken by CIA Director Helms to President Johnson, Duckett said.

    "Director Helms told me that President Johnson said, 'Don't tell anybody else. Don't even tell (Secretary of State) Dean Rusk or (Secretary of Defense) Bob McNamara.' The key impression to me was that, indeed, it was taken seriously by the president and obviously he was very concerned that we protect that information."

What was the Motive for the Kenney Assassination?

In my wild conspiracy theory, I ask if the real motive for the JFK assassination was so that:
  • A “moderately” liberal JFK would be made into a Catholic martyr
  • Probably at the hands of Pharisee gangster hit men or Israeli Judeo-terrorist sleeper cells
  • Which would almost start a religious war between mourning Catholics and the Protestant Dallas who stood accused of the crime
  • Which would be mediated by cool headed, rational Pharisees
  • Resulting in a ultra-liberal, ultra-pro-Israel LBJ becoming President of the United States
  • Which stopped American inspections of Israel’s nuclear program
  • Meanwhile, anti-American and anti-Christian legislative proposals to easily slide through Congress, while America was still mourning over the martyrdom of JFK at the hands of so-called right-wing groups, (At the time: Pro-American, Pro-Christian groups)
  • Causing the emotional murdering and raping of all pro-American and pro-Christian groups, (since we didn’t know exactly which ones did it)
  • Because, LBJ as President would be the best friend Israel ever had helping Israel gain nuclear bombs, the ultimate in self-defense

CIA-Mossad Motive?

When I told this conspiracy theory to one of my close friends, he was not terribly impressed. He stated that he believed that the CIA did it in retaliation for JFK threatening to dismantle the CIA. And, I told him that I was likewise not terribly impressed with his theory, for the CIA and MOSSAD are joined at the hip. Israel does not want the CIA dismantled either, as the CIA does some of their best work in the name of Israel. Thus becoming yet another reason why JFK had to be assassinated by Israel.

The Grand Motive - a need for Israel to have nukes?

Vanunu was a whistle blower working at the 1962 French-built Dimona nuclear plant in Israel’s Negev Desert. Vanunu converted to Christianity, took photos of the secret underground facilities processing nuclear bomb grade uranium, left for Australia and released the photos to the press, reporting that Israel had 100 to 200 nuclear bombs.

He would pay for such treason. In 1986, Shimon Peres had an American NT Jew seduce him to London and then on to Rome where Israeli Mossad drugged him and brought him back to Israel for trial. Israel is no defenseless innocent.

In addition to the nukes, Israel had been discovered importing DNMP – a necessary component for Sarin nerve gas.

Israel is widely reported to have had two nuclear bombs late in the LBJ administration at the time of the 1967 Six Day War. While President Kennedy was still a respectable Herodian for the Sanhedrin, he was ultimately worth more to them dead than alive. LBJ would be the best thing that could happen to Israel and once his usefulness was gone, the media-scribes dumped him as well.

The Pharisees are like a man taking out a cheap date, who is always willing to trade up if a more desirable date comes along.

President Kennedy had issued ultimatimes to Israel to allow American inspectors at Dimona. It was time to trade up.

The Grand Broken-Wing Diversion?

But Israel will never drop a nuclear bomb on Dallas. That would be too direct for such a tiny country. Instead, they would have Muslims appear to have dropped the nuke on Dallas, which would cause us to drop the nuke on the Muslims in retaliation, taking care of both Christian and Muslim problems simulataneously, with them once again being the innocent bystanders.

For truly, the world is not against Israel, Israel is against the world.

Now, how is that for a wild JFK assassination conspiracy theory?

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