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January 2020 AD

Ungodly Rulers
Tree of Liberty
Appeal to Heaven

Liberty Tree

The Jewish-ran Supreme Court of the United States is not the last chance for appeal.

For Christian justice, the People have a God-given right to an appeal directly to our God in a Christian Heaven.

Some call this prayer.

Some call this a Thomas Jefferson based justification to refresh the Tree of Liberty with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.

Understanding Christian Civil War through
The Blessed Sacrament of Marriage

It is said by Saint Paul:

Let every one of you in particular love his wife as himself: and let the wife fear her husband.
- Ephesians 5:33

How many Judeo-feminist women today are revolted when a man dare suggests that a Christian woman should fear her husband?  An instant call to 911 will result!

And yet, these "empowered women" will deliberately miss the first part stating that a man should love his wife as himself.

Even more to the point of this article:

Being subject one to another, in the fear of Christ. Let women be subject to their husbands, as to the Lord: Because the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the church. He is the savior of his body. Therefore as the church is subject to Christ, so also let the wives be to their husbands in all things. Husbands, love your wives, as Christ also loved the church, and delivered himself up for it:
-Ephesians 5:21-25

A Christian wife is not required to submit herself to a husband unless her future husband first submits himself to Christ, to the Church, and to God.

Practical translation:
If the husband is committing adultery in violation of God's law against adultery, then the Christian wife has a God-given right to ask for a divorce.

Practical translation:
If the husband is constantly abusive to the wife in violation of God's law to treat his wife as he would treat himself, then the Christian wife can ask for a divorce.

Practical translation:
If the husband does not love her as Christ loves his Church, then the Christian wife can ask for a divorce.

Godly translation:
A Christian wife can APPEAL TO GOD to remove herself from a hideous, non-Christian control by a sinful husband.

Caviot: Once divorced, the woman cannot remarry, as that would forgo any attempt at forgiveness and create its own form of adultery.

Practical Godly translation:

A Christian wife has a God-given right to a non-abusive, faithful and Christian husband.

The Sacrament of Marriage
equivalence to
The Divine Right of Kings

Being Judeo-lied to about the Christian sacrament of marriage, would it surprise you still to learn that you have also been Judeo-lied to about the Christian belief in the Divine Right of Kings?

In current Judeo-parlance: The King is portrayed as taking on all power of life and death in his Kingdom over his people who have no resort but to become mere slaves and serfs or to rise up as courageous freedom-fighters.  The Christian Czar being my favorite example of a Christian divine right being traded for feel good Socialism under Jews.

Following the sacramental marriage example. sure a king has a divine right to rule, and you must obey him, with one HUGE "But".  That is, he has a god given right to rule, BUT only so long as he rules his people in a Christian way.

The truth is the Kings always knew both their divine right and their divine responsibilities.

Our Founding Fathers understood this concept very well against an abusive King. In fact, the first rights to the People were presented as God-Given rights.

America's Revolutionary War begins
Pine Tree Riot

The Revolutionary War was began on April 14, 1772, in regards to the theft of pine trees on private lands by the King. Theft is a violation of Moses' 10 Commandments with no exceptions for Kings.

But Judeo-secular history books neglect to talk about "An Appeal to Heaven" as being the Godly inspiration for the American Revolution.

The New Hampshire Pine Tree Riot of 1772

New Hampshire’s oppressive pine tree laws sparked a little-known colonial uprising in 1772 called the Pine Tree Riot. An early test of British royal authority, it may have encouraged the Boston tee Party a year and a half later.

Britain had few trees big enough for the Royal Navy’s ships, and so the Crown reserved the tall white pines of northern New England for itself. The king’s surveyors traveled the woods, scoring the king’s trees with three slashes shaped like an arrow – the King’s Broad Arrow.

People honored the law far more in the breach than

In 1722, another pine tree law decreed settlers couldn’t cut any white pines bigger than a foot in diameter. The colonists then had to pay for a royal license to cut white pine trees on their own land.

The law wasn’t enforced much, probably because it wasn’t easy to. In 1736, one of the king’s surveyors seized the king’s white pine logs in Exeter. The enraged residents disguised themselves as Indians, beat up the surveying party, sank their boat and chased them into the woods, where they hid all night.

Then in 1766, the King George III appointed John Wentworth governor of New Hampshire. Wentworth’s crackdown on violators caused the Pine Tree Riot.


Wentworth sent his deputy surveyor, John Sherburn, to search the sawmills of New Hampshire to find white pine trees marked for the Crown.

Sherburn found six mill owners in Goffstown and Weare who broke the law. The Goffstown mill owners paid their fines and got their logs back. The Weare mill owners refused.

On April 13, 1772, the leader of the Weare mill owners, Ebenezer Mudgett, was arrested by Sheriff Benjamin Whiting and Deputy John Quigley. Mudgett said he’d bring bail in the morning and they let him go. The sheriff and his deputy spent the night at Quimby’s Inn.

The Pine Tree Riot

According to William Little’s The history of Weare, New Hampshire, 1735-1888, Mudgett spent a busy evening with the townspeople planning the Pine Tree Riot.

At dawn the next morning, Mudgett burst into Whiting’s room and told him he had his bail. As Whiting chided him for waking him so early, 20 men with soot-blackened faces rushed into the room. They held the sheriff down on the floor, two men on each side, and beat him to their heart’s content. Wrote Little:

As for Quigly, the Weare men removed the floorboards above his room and beat him with long poles. They then cropped the officials’ horses’ ears and sheared their manes and tails. Finally, Whiting and Quigley left town to a chorus of jeers, jokes and shouts.

Getting Off Easy

In the end, eight participants in the Pine Tree Riot were identified and ordered to appear in court. They were charged with rioting, disturbing the peace and assaulting Sheriff Whiting. The judges, clearly in sympathy with the rioters, ordered them to pay a fine of 20 shillings and court costs. Some view the light fine for the Pine Tree Riot as encouraging the Boston Tea Party.

One of the judges, Meshech Weare, helped to frame New Hampshire’s constitution and served as the first president of the state. The pine tree became a symbol of colonial resistance. Patriots used it in the flags flown at the Battle of Bunker Hill, by the Massachusetts navy and by ships commissioned by George Washington for the Continental Army.

Christian Civil War
begs for

Does God require your Christian allegiance to your King when your King demands homosexual relationships be recognized as a blessed Sacrament of Marriage?

Does God require your Christian allegiance to your King when your King allows 60 millions Christian babies to be murdered?

Does God require your Christian allegiance to your King when your King does nothing to help those killed babies from being born into full loving Christian homes under the Christian Sacrament of Marriage?

Does God require your Christian allegiance to your King when your King professes a non-Christian belief in Socialism to steal your hard earned labor from you in order to spread your wealth to others whom you have not agreed to receive your Christian charity?
Does God require your Christian allegiance to your King when your King sends your sons off to fight endless wars against historic enemies of Jesus-denying Israel?

Does God require your Christian allegiance to your King when your King is not insuring the allegiance of deep state government officials to follow our Christian laws?

Does God require your Christian allegiance to your King when your King is not protecting your borders from non-Christian invaders?

Does God require your Christian allegiance to your King when your King allows himself to be controlled by non-Christian Jews doing all of the above?

England's King George was a saint compared to what we have evolved into since our Revolution and we are long overdue for another God-given right to rebel against ungodly rulers.

Thomas Jefferson's Tree of Liberty

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