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Dec 10, 2011 AD

"God's Chosen People"
choose to censor Ron Paul

The Republican Jewish coalition, all 5 members, has censored Ron Paul from its debates in their presidential forum on Dec 7, because they characterize him as "misguided and extreme".

The Seven Republican Dwarfs of Romney, Gingrich, Cain, Bachmann, Perry, Huntsman and Santorum actually outnumbered the 5 Jewish members of the Republican Jewish Coalition, but they all groveled to the event to out-Israeli each other, oblivious to the un-democratic nature of the affair.

Gingrich promised to sabotage Iran's gas refineries, fund groups to overthrow Iran's government, both violations of international law, as well as move our U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The "Patriotic" "American" Jews were still not impressed...

Comment by WildJew:

Has even one of these candidates stated he or she will reverse the immoral Bush administration policy aimed at the division of Israel and the establishment of a Muslim-killer state in Israel's heartland, including Gingrich?

Have any of them declared they will jettison the Bush-Saudi Road Map for Israel's destruction?

Have any of them declared they will call for erasing the immoral language -- Bush put in our national party platform -- calling on Israel to establish a Muslim-enemy state at her throat; calling on Israel to retreat in the face of deadly Islamic terror in order to bring "peace" to the region?

How can you call any of these a friend of Israel, including Gingrich, short of all that?
In the eyes of this "staunch Republican supporter", even if Gingrich had nuked Tehran and promised to move Washington DC itself to Jerusalem, he still would have said everything but call Gingrich Hitler reincarnated, because there would still be Palestinians on Israel's borders.

Romney on the other hand promised to indict the Iranian government on genocide under Article 3 of the Genocide Convention, as well as make a Mormon Aliyah to Israel.

Seems that everyone is guilty of genocide if you develop a nuclear bomb. Article 3 states, "conspiracy to commit Genocide" as one definition of Genocide. It's true, America developed nuclear weapons with the intent of killing as many of our enemies as we could. America is guilty of Genocide...But wait, then so is Israel.

While pretending that Ron Paul had been invited, he would have promised a freer more solvent America with a reduction in domestic surveillance. These being particulars Jews don't really want. Got to spy on us anti-Semites so they know where we all are when round-up time comes.

The irony is that Ron Paul loves and supports his country, but is not invited to the debate, but these Jews will still be invited to an America they don't support or believe in.

Meanwhile, the other 99.99999% of the Jewish voting block will be voting for Obama again.

Which raises the point in the eyes of the Jewish Coalition: "Why bother to make an underdog look more like an underdog?"

And raises the point in the eyes of the Republican candidates, "Why bother groveling for an electorate who votes Democrat anyway?"

And finally, the point is raised with both of them, "With active Republican censorship of Presidential debates, can they complain if Ron Paul goes third party?"

This kind of censorship of Ron Paul, a top Republican contender, is what we have learned to expect from judeo-liberal Jews, right? But now from judeo-conservative Jews as well! Whose side are they on anyway?

Source: Chris McGreal of the Guardian
Ron Paul excluded from Republican Jewish Coalition forum

Walter Block of LewRockwell
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Ryan Mauro of FrontPageMag
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Grace Wyler of Business Insider
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