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Dec 10, 2011 AD

The Religion of Race

How many people start to argue that the religion of the Jews cause them to act a certain way, and their arguments are immediately countered by saying that Jews are a race or Jews are an ethnic identity?

Then you argue that Jews are a race or ethnic identity and your argument is countered by saying they are of the Judaic religion.

It is all politically correct jello which squishes out all over as soon as you start to squeeze down hard.

Facts are that the religion of Jesus-denying neo-Judaism is a racist religion. Neo-Judaism is an ethnic religion.

Neo-Judaism IS a State Religion, far more than the Church of England ever was.

Even though Neo-Judaism was spread across the globe for the last 2,000 years, its overriding focus was to re-create a State. "Next year in Jerusalem" was the common quote prior to 1948, when it actually came true.

The Neo-Judaic religion demands a country. Far more pervasive in Neo-Judaism is the drive to create a Judeo-State, than any concerns over Sharia law.

In fact, it is the only religion in the world which is totally self-centered and solely focused on the country.

"God bless Israel" is their national motto -- and they really mean it!

What does Jesus have to do with it?

Judaism always has been the religion of the Promised Land given to God's Chosen People.

But God did not want it to stay that way, where only a select of his creation was blessed before Jesus. The world changed when God sent his Son so that all people could be grafted to the Word of the Lord, while dead vines withered and died.

Neo-Judaism today has no legitimate claim to the Promised Lands as God's Chosen People after the coming of the Messiah. Jesus Christ changed everything.

The problem with Jesus-denying neo-Jews today is that they are still racists. They still believe they are God's ONLY Chosen People and that God ONLY promised the land to the ones who rejected the Messiah.

They accuse Germans of being the race of racists - of having a superior race mentality - and Germans have a lot to be proud of -- but it is Jews who have set the standard in the mentality of race-based superiority.

They accuse Muslims of being the religion of religious hate - and Islam is indeed hateful - but there is no other religion who sets man against man like the Jews -- topping hundreds of millions dead in the last century.

They accuse Christians of hypocrites - and far too many Christians are sinners -- But there is no other religion who denies God's grace based upon who his mother is ethnically a member of.

The Children of the Promise have replaced the children of the Flesh as the Children of God.

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