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Dec 6, 2011 AD

Gifts from God
Earthly and Heavenly

For where thy treasure is,
there is thy heart also.
Matthew 6:21

The GiftThe Reward
The Promised LandTreasure on Earth
The PromiseTreasure in Heaven

Ron Paul is being targeted by the judeo-press because of a foreign policy of peace.

The judeo-media wants America to have a foreign policy of seeing how much we can poke a stick at the Iranians until they "strike first".

A perfect example of poking a stick at Iran is the U.S. drone recently knocked down flying in Iranian airspace in violation of international law.

President Obama ordered that drone which flew into Iranian airspace, making AMERICANS THE AGGRESSORS !

If Christians are to win this battle against Satan, we must defeat at all costs, the judeo-myths which have millions of Christians worshiping at the altar of Israel.

We must agree that God gave the Israelites two important things: The Promise and The Promised Lands, a place on Earth to deliver The Promise.

Christians must know and understand that if the Jesus-denying Jews do not believe in God's promise of Jesus Christ, why then should they believe that God's promise of the Holy Lands is still good?

Christians ONLY are the proper inheritors of both Promises.

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