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Dec 4, 2011 AD

Russia, Israel, America

Crime of Apartheid

The crime of apartheid is defined by the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as inhumane acts of a character similar to other crimes against humanity "committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime."
- Wikipedia: Apartheid

WARNING: Because this site does not recognize the legitimacy of the International Criminal Court, we will forgo their "official" legal definition of Apartheid as being a common crime done by a dominant race over a subservient race. We will rely instead on the Wikipedia statement above as the commonly perceived definition of Apartheid as typified in South Africa

White Christians are not allowed to be dominant

In South Africa, Apartheid simply means "apart." Apart-heid, as in segregation of whites and blacks. No different than the South after the Civil War.

And like the American South, the common criminal acts upon the subject race by the dominant race, which the ICC define as the crime of Apartheid were relatively rare.

No matter how justified, our judeo-media blew completely out of proportion a few hangings of blacks in the South, same as they blew completely out of proportion a few white actions against blacks in South Africa.

Most White Christians both in the American South and the African South believed they were good Christians. The Judeo-media provided propaganda to make everyone believe otherwise.

The Judeo-media will simply not allow White Christians to dominate any other civilization in today's world. If they do, it is automatically said to be an evil crime.

In the current state of anarchy in South Africa and especially so in Zimbabwe, much like parts of the South today, extreme black-on-black violence and black-on-white violence is being criminally downplayed by the judeo-media.

No ICC-defined Apartheid going on here!!!

Certainly, the most notorious offender is the "black-liberated" Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, where their current President Robert Mugabe carries on horrendous racial policies against white farmers, destroyed the breadbasket of Africa, and he is starving the blacks he was supposed to have saved from the evil White man. Zimbabwe is the poster boy of an Apartheid government where blacks were far better off economically and with better justice before liberation than they are afterward. Not to mention the white Christians!

1948 - South Africa condemned for being an Apartheid State

Complaints about the system in South Africa were brought to the United Nations as early as 12 July 1948 when Dr. Padmanabha Pillai, the representative of India to the United Nations, circulated a letter to the Secretary-General expressing his concerns over treatment of ethnic Indians within the Union of South Africa. As it became more widely known, South African apartheid was condemned internationally as unjust and racist and many decided that a formal legal framework was needed in order to apply international pressure on the South African government.
--Wikipedia - Apartheid

White Jews are allowed to be dominant

Following the 1947 United Nations decision to partition Palestine, on May 14 1948 David Ben-Gurion, the Executive Head of the World Zionist Organization and president of the Jewish Agency for Palestine, declared Israel a state independent from the British Mandate for Palestine.

1948 - Israel became an Apartheid State

While South Africa was being condemned as an Apartheid State in 1948, Israel was being created by the UN as an Apartheid State the previous year, violently revolting the same year to become an Apartheid State, and being accepted as a member of the UN to following year, May 11 1949.

Again, to be sure, 1) the UN partitioned Palestine - based upon race - based upon religion.

The next year, 2) racist-based and religious-based Jews took the law in their own hands and created an Apartheid State.

The next year, 3) the UN recognized Israel's illegal actions.

the UN never saw apartheid in Israel, yet they condemned it in South Africa.

What was the difference?

South Africa was built by white settlers on non-white lands, Israel was built by white settlers on non-white lands.

The difference is religion. The Christian whites were considered evil and to be boycotted into submission; while, the Jewish whites were to be praised and glorified.

The Judeo-liberal media-Scribes were instrumental in destroying the white apartheid systems of South Africa.

The Judeo-liberal media-Scribes refuse to see the Gaza Strip or the West Bank as Israeli-controlled Bantustans of poverty and despair.

Jews have clearly separated themselves from their Muslim neighbors.

In defense, Jews claim that the Muslims want to kill them. But did not the white Afrikaners believe the blacks would kill and rape on a whim and didn't they too feel the need for segregation of the two communities for their own safety?

If Jews cannot get along with their Muslim neighbors, perhaps they should share some of the blame of being intolerant, arrogant, cruel and deceitful.

Judeo-Apartheid over Palestinian-Muslims

There are few who can doubt that a white European Jewish minority has consciously invaded a Muslim land and took control over it, then placed the subjugated peoples under their strict control.

The Muslims are not allowed to freely travel. They are treated as second-class, even if there are a few "house-Negroes" the Jews can point to as showing that Muslims are equal. They are not afforded the same protections under the law that Jews enjoy. They are not allowed to arm themselves, even as every single Jew is a member of the army and has a submachine gun.

Judeo-Apartheid over Russian-Christians

There can be no doubt that the Jewish minority of Russia, by cunning guile and deceit, overthrew the Christian Czar of Russia and imposed a minority-controlled Judeo-Communism upon Russia resulting in the genocide of 60 million Christians.

Judeo-Apartheid over American-Christians

Americans do not see themselves as under an Apartheid system, but that is a false view.

American Jews have imposed a soft Judeo-Apartheid upon Christians in America.

Her Christian sons are marched off into Middle Eastern battles to suit the AIPAC overlords.

Her citizens have become slaves supporting every wish of Israel from donating billions of dollars in support, to supporting Israel's evil agenda in the United Nations, to enriching Jewish citizen through financial corruption and deceit.

Look at an example from the news just this week.

With a slap in the face to the "Judeo-Christian" melting pot ideal the judeo-media are always trying to convince Christians to call themselves, Israeli's President Netanyahu pulled a controversial Israeli government-generated ad asking foreign Jews to return to Israel before they became too American, or too French, or too English, or for that matter -- too Christian!!!

In one Israeli ad, a little American Jewish girl talking in a web-cam to her grandparents back in Israel about receiving presents says she liked Christmas, when she was expected to say Hanukkah. The parents and the grandparents were all aghast!

The "Judeo-Christian" Christian Americans who support Israel are too impure for Israel. In fact, what made American Jews mad was the implication that they too were too impure for Israel.

Some believe Israel was trying to get American citizens to return to Israel so they could be come human shields. The idea that America would feel a concern over her own wonderful citizens who left America to live in Israel, and come to the aid of Israel after Israel has picked a fight with Iran.

The American Jewish Community is most likely the largest supporter of Israel in the World, their own Israeli Community inclusive.

What was a veiled attempt to bring as many Jews as possible back within the borders of Israel to possibly fend off an attack from Iran has become an ill-phrased debacle. I guess that the Israeli Leaders believe that if there are enough Americans "In-Country" the Iranians would not dare attack.

ALSO: What they thought was that by having many Americans in Israel, the USA would be forced to enjoin Military Action were Iran to attack. What they did accomplish was to shout to World Judaism their contempt for any Jew not of Israeli origin.

"The government of Israel is very attuned to the sensitivities of the American Jewish community" ---and their money! If the Jews went "home" who would make Congress send Israel billions of dollars?

This was a great comment.

Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday celebrating the victory of Jewish ideals over Western ideals, while Jews today do not want any celebration of Christmas -- the victory of Western Christian ideals prevailing over Jewish ideals.

A celebration of Hannukkah is "red-necked", "country-hick" "backwards" Judaism.

A celebration of Hanukkah is treason against America.

Regarding the woman offended by her grandchildren celebrating Christmas:

Ironically it seems more appropriate to me that the American Jews celebrate Christmas rather than Hanukkah. Hanukkah is a celebration of victory of the traditional religious Jews over the Hellenized Jews during the Maccabee revolt.

If we look at the successes of the Jews in America, we see banking, law, theater (aka Hollywood), etc.., many take the Hippocratic oath in medicine, many are ***ologists in the sciences. These are all Hellenistic traditions that greatly benefit the American Jews. Christianity was a syncretic religion invented by hellenized Jews like Saul aka Paul. It could be argued the Christmas is a pro - Hellenized Jewish holiday, and Hanukkah is an anti-Hellenistic holiday.

When I read the Old Testament (an English translation of the Septuagent) I am aghast at the superstition, the genocidal violence and the delusion of the ancient Jewish people. I am thankful that most have outgrown their original religion and evolved into the Hellenized scientific thoughtful creative people they are today.

Let's not take a step backward with the religious arrogance of the Grandmother character, offended that her grandchildren are celebrating Christmas.

Israeli ads for expats prompt ire from US Jews

Al Jazeera
Israel expat campaign angers Jewish-Americans

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