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Dec 4, 2011 AD

The Arab Spring
to create

The Arab Spring is all about working toward the One World Government consisting of the United Nations super-state of Middle Eastern nations.

This is the framwork Soros, Hillary and every other Jewish power in this country are working toward.

And in a sense, the Jews know what to expect. They lived in a Judeo-Islamic Caliphate from the time they helped Mohammad create Islam to defeat the Christians controlling Jerusalem, until Christian King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella retook Spain in 1492. So for 800 years, there was a Judeo-Islam empire. This is just a reconstruction of Islam's former self.

The European Union was the first of the UN super-states and it was promoted to the European masses as a means to compete economically against larger countries like the US, Russia and China. Right now it is at the state of our former Articles of Confederation. Too much power left in the individual countries. Perhpas the Euro crisis will be the excuse to "strengthen" the EU with a Constitution allowing for a dominante central government.

Next, the North American Union has been started in secret because there is no other way to achieve the unification of such disparate countries. The United States certainly does not need to become larger land wise, nor economy-wise. The Canadians are perfectly happy to share in America's prosperity without sharing in America's social problems. And neither one needs nor wants Mexico, while Mexico harbors a great fear of dominance by English-speaking Protestants.

The Asian Union will consist of all countries performing the world's manufacturing.

But to create the Middle Eastern Union, the common thread uniting them is Islam.

First Tunisia a month ago, Morocco over the weekend and now Egypt will vote in Islamicists.

By the US military violently pushing, prodding, and "droning" against all the Muslim countries at the same time - Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, you name it -- we are pushing all Muslims together into their UN super-state based upon Islam, paid for with Middle Eastern oil.

Saudi Arabia has a pivital role in being both the home of Islam with Mecca and having the vast oil revenues to pull it off. This is why the United States never messes with their partner, the Saudis, in creating the Islamic Super-State.

Of course, as soon as muslim countries all unite together into their one common empire, our Judeo-masters-of-deception will find it easy to buy off and corrupt that one mega muslim leader and in return, he will suppress Islam by decreeing that theirs is a Middle-Eastern Union based upon Judeo-Islam principles or United Nations principles or some other gobblygook.

American money will no longer have to buy off all the countries individually as was being done for Israel, but can do so with just one centralized ruler.

Final result, lasting peace for Israel.

Patrick Goodenough of CNS News
Muslim Brotherhood Expected to Do Well As Egypt’s Complicated Election Process Begins

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