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November 25, 2011 AD

A repugnant heretical word

A teacher was told by black kids in his class that they were offended when he used the word "African-American".

The teacher was taken back, since the word "African-American" was clearly the politically correct word of the day. Confused, he asked his black students why they were so offended, and his black kids told him they did not want their classmates to associate them with a continent over-flowing with AIDS, famine, civil wars, butchery, slavery, despair and despots. They wanted to be called Americans and only Americans. To be sure, when a foreign holiday was celebrated for Cinco de Mayo in this progressive school, these same black kids made American flags to wear to class that day.

The black kids knew they had but one allegiance to but one country - the country in which they had always lived. They no longer had an allegiance to any country in Africa or for that matter - no allegiance to the continent of Africa.

I understand because I too am offended by "politically-correct" words that falsely identify my beliefs with beliefs I abhor. Or should I say, I am offended by "religiously-correct" words.

The "religiously-correct" term which offends me so much is the term "Judeo-Christian".

To me, this word is heresy. In my mind it invokes polytheism. It implies an allegiance to two Gods.

I do not want MY God, the Lord God, associated with people who deny THEIR God sent the Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour of mankind.

Since I only worship one God, it offends me as a Christian, as it should you, for others to try to identify my religion with their religion.

To say I am Judeo-Christian implies that I believe in polytheism, a belief in more than one God, and my religion strictly forbids that practice.

I cannot believe in both the God of the followers of Jesus and the God of the followers who had Jesus crucified. That is heretical.

We are required one allegiance to one God, as well as one allegiance to one country.

I do not have an allegiance to the God of the Jews who say THEIR God did not send his only begotten Son for our salvation.

And if I do not have an allegiance to the God of the Jews -- a blasphemous heretical God -- then why would I have an allegiance to the country of the Jews?

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