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November 20, 2011 AD

America Christians
Moor Muslims

What is the difference between Jews living among the Moorish Muslims in Spain from 700 AD to 1400 AD, verses Jews living among Christians in America today?

I say -- not much!

I do not believe Jews view Muslims as fundamentally different than Christians. I do know they have been playing Christian against Muslim for a long time for their own benefit.

Judeo-Persians invade Christian Jerusalem

Byzantine Christians were upset that the Jews talked the Persian armies into invading Christian Jerusalem in 614 AD and holding it for 15 years, thus giving Jerusalem back to the Jews until 629 AD -- slaughtering tens of thousands of Christians.

Judeo-Muslims invade Christian Jerusalem

Byzantine Christians were just as upset that only a few years later, the Jews had created Islam and talked the Muslim armies into invading Jerusalem in 639 AD, allowing Jews to return to Jerusalem for good for the first time in 500 years.

Judeo-Christian Brits invade Muslim Jerusalem

Muslims were bitterly upset in 1917 AD that the Jews had talked Christians in Great Britain, using WW1 as the excuse, to invade Palestine with Britain's army, in order to give Jerusalem back to the Jews.

Judeo-Jews invade Christian-controlled Jerusalem

With Jerusalem controlled by the blood and treasure of British Christians, Jews became illegal aliens from every part of the world.

The Jews completed their invasion in 1948 AD -- slaughtering all Muslim armies who resisted.

Judeo-Christian Americans keep Judeo-Jewish Jerusalem from being invaded by the Persians

Jews today are talking American Christians into defending Israel with American Christian blood and treasure, from another Persian invasion, this time of Iranian Muslims. Except, this plan is no "defense" of Israel, as the Jews want an American military "offense" against Iran.

Jews often weep and moan to Christians that Islam hates them.

"Palestinians only want to rain down rockets on their women and children," Jews cry.

"Islamic terrorists want to blow up their planes and buildings," Jews lament.

"Muslims in Iran want to wipe them off the face of the Earth," as Jewish conspiracy nut-cases say.

As with all propaganda, there is some truth to this. Islam wants to be dominate over all others and Israel's birth in 1948 AD, right smack in the middle of the Middle East is a serious threat to their feelings of dominance and hence they react violently.

But, on the whole, these are cleverly disguised lies to feed the Christians. Fairy-tales!

American Christians would react violently too if a bunch of Jews declared that California would be the new Israel and they were taking over -- Christians get out!

Does not make Christians bad - makes the Jews bad for taking California. (Well, they have taken California, and many Christians are getting out, but this is not the form of taking over I am talking about)

Jews loved the Moors

A quick reading of what Jews write to themselves in their Talmud show that Jews have traditionally flourished under Islam.

As gratitude to the Jews for helping the Muslim armies defeat the Christians in Spain, Moorish Spain looked not much different for the Jews than how they are treated in Christian America today.

This quote about life in Moor under the Muslims, would be just as valid in America today, filled with Christians,

    "Great offices and high posts were given to Talmudic Jews; councillors, authors of law articles, court physicians and ministers were taken from among them."

In Jewish terms, America is the land of the Moors.

Truth is that the Jews loved living under the Muslims in Spain, exposing the lie that Islam is the greatest threat ever to Judaism.

Babylonian Talmud
Book 10
History of the Talmud


In 622, the Hebrew religion gave birth to a second daughter, Mohammedanism--founded by Mahomet of Mecca among the tribes of Arabia, who had lived unprogressive for ages in the large peninsula between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, keeping by the usages received from their ancestors traditionally. Hundreds of years had passed without making any impression on the development of this people, until Mahommed arose, and in the space of twenty years subdued with the sword and by the tongue the whole great land of Arabia. And like a stream of mighty waters the Arabs burst from their bonds, animated by a spirit of war, and fired by religious zeal, tore away from the Byzantine empire the whole of Syria and Egypt, and conquered also Persia, extended their empire to India and Caucasus, on the one band, and to Western Africa, on the other, spreading, at last, over Spain and Southern Italy to the heart of Christendom, preaching Islam, and bearing the banner of their prophet wherever they stepped.

For the second time, after an interval of six hundred years, Judaism witnessed a new faith born, all whose choice portions, all whose good and beauty, were taken from the storehouse of the Talmudic Hagada. When Mahomet arose to say that through Gabriel, the angel, the Lord had destined him to confirm the truth of the Divine revelation previously to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, Moses and the rest of the saints who had been on earth, he borrowed only the foundation of his idea from the Hagada of the Talmud. Likewise he borrowed many sayings, traditions, and historic legends from the same source, and these materials served him as the foundation of the principles he prescribed for the guidance of his people. All the Hebrew plants succeeded speedily on the Arabian soil, as if they had been native.

Islam grew in power and soon made progress, political and ecclesiastical, for new forces joined it. It reared a new civilization on the ruins of the heathen culture of Syria. During the first century of its existence it likewise exercised an influence on the scholars of the Talmud. As the Greek spirit had formerly been wedded to the Jewish spirit, so now the Arabian was wedded to it. It might have supplanted Jewish thought altogether had not the many sages, adherents of the Talmud, written excellent books in Arabic, extolling the Talmud, its system and its spirit.

When the Jewish tribes of Arabia, some of these powerful and independent, had refused to believe in the inspiration of the new prophet, Islam arose on its parent Judaism, as Christianity had done before; persecutions, massacres, blood and fire and exile were visited on the adherents of the Talmud.

As long as Mahomet [Mohammad] had entertained the hope of gaining Jews for converts, his treatment of them was favorable and he enjoined in the Koran not to be inimical to adorers of one God. He even wanted to make the date of the fast of Rhamadan on the tenth of Tishri (the Day of Atonement), as well as to make Jerusalem the centre of the pilgrims instead of Mecca.

Perceiving, however, that notwithstanding all this, Islam gained few Jewish converts, he turned the enemy of the Jews and became wroth against them ("The Vision of the Cow"; a chapter in the Koran) and persecuted them with fury and bloodthirstiness as infidels.

But at his death his hatred and intolerance died with him, the Jews found peace and protection under the Caliphs, and the Gaonim could establish their colleges.

When Spain was added in 711 by the General Torick Aben Zara, bright days ensued for the Jews; they were able to devote themselves to spiritual activity undisturbed, also to take a large part in the culture of science which flourished in Spain.

Great offices and high posts were given to Talmudic Jews; councillors, authors of law articles, court physicians and ministers were taken from among them. Together with their civic prosperity their spiritual activity made progress, and they made great contributions to Judaism, and benefited their co-religionists. Rarely were they visited by storms, as in Granada, in 1603, and at Cordova, in 1157, and then they suffered only as citizens.

In Egypt, Syria, Fez and Morocco, wherever Islam dominated, Jewish communities flourished. In contrast to this, the study of the Torah decayed in the East, and from Babylonia it changed its place to Spain.


Penny Starr of CNSNews
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