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November 16, 2011 AD

Judeo-Homosexual Art

Brooklyn Museum Rejects Bishop’s Call

Bishop Nicholas DeMarzio, the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn told officials at the Brooklyn Museum that a video depicting Jesus Christ on a cross with ants crawling over him is “disrespectful” to Christians and requested that it be removed

The Brooklyn Museum is known for mounting controversial “art,” including a painting by Chris Ofili it exhibited in 1999 that depicts a black Virgin Mary surrounded by pornographic images and elephant dung.

The Associated Press reported that Brooklyn Museum Director Arnold Lehman said the museum wanted to present the Hide/Seek exhibition "clearly because it's such an important aspect of American art in the 20th century."

"This is New York City,” Lehman told the AP. “This is a city that has thrived on the incredible contributions from the gay and lesbian community.”

“This is a state that's just passed a very progressive legalization of gay marriage,” Lehman said.

The main financial sponsor of the Brooklyn Museum exhibit is the Ford Foundation, according to the museum’s Web site. Other support was provided by The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Barbara and Richard Moore, The Calamus Foundation, the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, the May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc., Donald A. Capoccia and Tommie Pegues, the Steven A. and Alexandra M. Cohen Foundation, Inc., Leslie and David Puth, Allison Grover and Susie Scher, the David Schwartz Foundation, Mario J. Palumbo, Jr., and Tom Healy and Fred Hochberg.

Like the National Portrait Gallery, “Hide/Seek” will run at the Brooklyn Museum through the Christmas holiday season and will close on Feb. 12.

This atrocity to morality is a real brain twister for many readers.

By listening to the Jewish mass-media press day in and day out, most people thought the Roman Catholic Church actually promoted homosexuality. But why is a Roman Catholic Bishop Nicholas DeMarzio the only one complaining?

And why is a Jewish Brooklyn Museum Director Arnold Lehman combining homosexuality and desecration of the Jewish Crucification of Christ into an anti-Christian Judeo-homosexual nightmare?

By the way, is he a relative of that Jewish Lehman's Brothers team in New York City who screwed up so badly in the financial crisis?

No one can figure out who is at the root of most immorality in our lives. Even if you are smart enough to understand, you know that to speak the truth would rain down condemnation upon your heads, so you will continue to live the lie.

So a Christian bishop begs for a little tolerance. None given.

Must be another one of those things our Founders must have been thinking of when they gave us our Constitution -- Judeo-Homosexuality. - NOT!

I wonder when we are going to have a serious grown-up discussions in this country?

This anti-Christian "art" is:
  • Jewish-funded
  • Jewish-directed
  • Jewish-politician
  • Jewish-judge
This is not a gay-normal, or rich-poor, or white-black distraction. If you look at the real contributions listed at the end of the article, you will easily see that they were Jewish in origin -- and I am betting that they are not Jewish homosexuals.

This is a Christian-Jew battle all the way.

If this "art" attacked Jews, and
  • If the director were Jewish, he would be called a self-hating Jew but allowed to keep his job, no news - move along, from that day on.
  • If the director were a Muslim, that would become a rally cry to invade Iran until all of Iran were ashes.
  • If the director were a Christian, that Christian would be fired immediately as an anti-Semite, hounded till the day he died, while the Museum would be fined $10 million dollars by the ADL, the SPLC would be inciting riots, the ACLU would be having restraining orders, the mayor would invoke a task force to help us just get along, Congress would have hearings, and the President would have a national day of prayer.
This is same New York City, where Jewish Mayor Bloomberg helps the Muslims build their VICTORY Mosque near the site that Muslims destroyed the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Christian Church in 911, while insuring that almost insurmountable bureaucracy is placed into the path of the rebuilding of this Christian Church - the only religious site destroyed by the fanatical Muslims.

Bloomberg carries a lot of political power in New York City. If Jews can talk us into fighting Israel's wars for her, then they can certainly shut down a museum exhibit in their own town that no decent person could defend.

And if the entire nation can invade two entire countries over 911, then why can we not invade New York City over the tragedy of St. Nicholas next to this Brooklyn Museum filth and knock a few heads together?

Some say that this immorality is the fault of Obama because he is Muslim.

A quick remembrance of history reminds us this cannot be true. For instance, abortion was ruled "Constitutional" in 1973, but I had never met a single Muslim in my entire life when that decision was rendered.

Abortion could not therefore be the fault of the Muslims, since they did not start arriving until after the price of oil shot skyward in the 1973 Oil Crisis and they could then afford to come here for schooling.

Plus the fact that the Catholic Church along with many Protestant Churches abhor abortion.

No, the immorality preceded the arrival of Muslims to this country.

The Florida preacher who burned the Koran is dismissed as a nut-case on the national stage, but the Brooklyn Museum Director who allowed Christ to be denigrated will not be dismissed as a nut-case on the Jewish national stage. I can promise you this.

Penny Starr of CNSNews
Brooklyn Museum Rejects Bishop’s Call to Pull Ants-on-Crucifix Video from Gay Art Exhibit

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