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November 15, 2011 AD

Pam Geller argues against herself

If we had never allowed Pam Geller's Jewish ancestors into this country, we would never have had these Islamic problem here as well.

She speaks of the need for truth, but delivers none herself.

She makes money selling a book against the Ground Zero Mosque, while her Jewish com-padre Bloomberg gives Muslims all the help they need to build their Mosque, while preventing the rebuilding of St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Christian Church, the only church destroyed by that hateful Islamic religion on 911. And she wants Christians to rally to her cause?

She condemn the naming of the Mosque as Cordoba, as a symbol of Muslim conquest in Europe, but fails to mention that the Jews in Spain were the 5th column who helped the Muslims take that part of Europe from Christianity. No Jewish help, and the bumbling Judeo-Muslim invaders could not have defeated a bumble bee in Spain and Spain would have remained Christian for the next 800-years.

She says that the feminists should be complaining about Islam in the US. Well where were all the Jews in America who should have complained in years past about the Islamic invasion? Jews were supposed to know about the horrors of Islam since at least 1948. Where were the warnings in 1974 about Islam before they arrived here by the millions for college educations in my engineering classes. The Jews sure make sure to warn us about another Christian Holocaust in over 250 times in movies, but not Muslims? Whose side are they on?

She accuses Muslims of having a stealth Islamic Jihad while at the same time saying that Al-Jazeera TV is a camera with a gun. I thought that AIPAC was a stealth Judaic Jihad in the United States and that all the mass media in this country were Jewish cameras with a gun.

She says that Islam will commit murder for offending Islam -- will murder if you are an apostate. Well, I for one wished she would admit that Christ was murdered for being an Apostate. The reason Jews had to get Rome to agree to do their dirty deed, is so Christianity would be registered by Rome as a heretic apostate cult of Judaism. We are told by historians that the Romans were barbaric, but one never hears of Jews being fed to the lions. How about a little truth here. Old history, needs to be forgotten? Sure, then shut up about the Inquisition and the Crusades and the pogroms and above al SHUT UP about the Holocaust, unless you are going to start talking about the Jewish-led Holodomor and what evil Jews are capable of performing against Christians when they have all the power.

She complains that her freedom of speech is being infringed by lawsuits. She is being libeled, smeared and defamed. Seems to me that she had quite a lot of media exposure for one so muzzled. Let me give a speech at the same venues she is allowed to speak at and I will show her what it means to be smeared and defamed. Where was she when all the ADL and ACLU lawsuits were being bandied about accusing and defaming the character of any Christian who would dare question any aspect of Jewish history, by labeling anyone who complained by the vile name of anti-Semite or worst a Nazi.

Pam Geller says that Iran is the head of the snake and that Israel is the light of the Middle East. I say that Israel is just another head of a snake and forget the light - Israel is dragging the world back to the Dark Ages.

Pam Geller
“We are at war and the enemy is the media” Pamela Geller

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