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November 15, 2011 AD

How exactly
did Russia
get nukes?

Ron Paul has recently given fresh ammunition to his detractors.

He simply stated that as President, he was not going to get all that worked up about Iran having a nuclear bomb.

AIPAC had an immediate hissy fit!

He was labeled weak on national defense. Called anti-Israel. Called a loon.

But AIPAC never suggested countries other than the United States could or should handle this situation.

Do you wonder why is every crisis in the world the responsibility of the United States to clean up after?

Well, it may very well be because we are the dutiful servants of our Israeli masters.

Let's face it, the only part of this mess that is the fault of the United States (and not Ron Paul's fault) is that we invented and created the first nuclear bomb, with the help of a few well-paid Jewish scientists, and then we were the first and only ones to use them on another country.

Quad Allegience

Ron Paul is trying to be the first President in our lifetimes who is not a pet of Israel.

Ron Paul does not have a quad allegience -- that is, two sets of dual allegience.

Ron Paul does not have a dual national allegiance - one for the United States he would swear an oath to protect and defend. along with another oath to Israel who did not even exist when the Constitution was written.

Ron Paul does not have a dual religious allegiance - one allegience to a God who sent his son Jesus Christ, along with another allegience to a God who did not send his Son Jesus Christ.

Ron Paul knows where America's borders are located and they are nowhere near Israel.

Ron Paul knows what it takes to gain salvation, and he knows it does not happen without Christ.

Ron Paul is right that Iran does not pose a threat to the United States -- UNLESS -- you say that Israel is our 51st State. -- AND UNLESS -- you say that Judaism in Israel is then protected by our 1st Amendment.

Facts about Jews and nukes

For the Jews to complain about Ron Paul, they have to first be a little more honest about how they have defended the United States who now defends their Israel.

AIPAC : Israel needs defended. It's in America's best interest

If only Jews did have America's best interests in mind!

Everyone knows that it was communists Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, who gave the Soviet Union our atomic bomb secrets. But, does anyone know that both of these two communists were also Jewish? Or, does anyone know that the man inside Los Alamos who supplied the secret documents to Julius, David Greenglass, was Jewish? Or, that David Greenglass's courier to the Rosenbergs, David Gold, was Jewish? Or that the Soviet spy working with Julius Rosenberg, Morton Sobell, was Jewish?

Yes, it was bad that highly trusted American Jewish Pharisees gave our top secret military secrets to the Jewish Pharisees who run communism in Russia.

Shortly, Russia had 30,000 nukes sitting on top of ICBMs all aimed at the United States and capable of reaching our shores.

Now, AIPAC says it is the duty of America to protect their Israel from that mean monster Iran?

AIPAC : We need to keep nuclear weapons out of the Middle East.

Too late! - Israel already has nukes!

And how exactly did they get them? Same as Iran is getting them now. They had someone build them a nuclear power plant they named Dimona. And same as Iran, as exposed by Vanunu, Israel started working secretly at that plant to build nuclear bombs.

So they are a little hypocritical. As they say, "Takes a thief to know a thief".

Except that Israel was far more cruel in getting their nukes than the Iranians have done.

Israel's obstacle was JFK who wanted the have American inspections at Dimona. America's President JFK tried to stop the Jews from building nukes. He was committed to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty most nations signed and Israel was having none of that.

For JFK's attempt at world peace, the Jews murdered him.

  • A Jew, Deputy Constable Seymour Weitzman, miraculously found the murder weapon used against JFK, a Mannlicher-Carcano M91/38 bolt-action rifle tied to Oswald.
  • A Jew, Jack "Ruby" Rubenstein was the man who silenced Oswald by assassinating the assassin. A Jew, Abraham Zapruder, was the only one who had video evidence to present of the assassination. All other film was confiscated and never released. So his version of events is what was documented to the history books.
  • A Jew, Jack Valenti, was the head of the Kennedy press corps and was in a position to prevent any unfavorable press releases from getting out.
  • A Jew, George Mantello, the founder of Permindex, associated with Guy Banister, involved the assassination attempt on France's Charles De Gaulle the previous year. During the Trial of Clay Shaw, New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison was able to connect Permindex to figures he accused of participating in the John F. Kennedy Assassination.
  • JFK himself is a suspect in his own death. He sent a letter to Israel on July 5, 1963, just 4 months before this planned assassination occurred, demanding that Israel's Dimona nuclear plant be opened up for inspection. And we know that Israel has assassinated Iraq or Iranian scientists who develop nuclear weapons for their country.
  • LBJ, Israel's best friend per Israeli Ambassador Abba Eban, would become president and did allow Israel to develop nuclear weapons unhindered.
  • David Ben-Gurion, former leader of Israel resigned in 21 June 1963 over speculations of pressure from JFK over the Lavon Incident and especially over his ambitions to make Israel a nuclear power. His resignation was possibly a ruse to make JFK and his advisers believe that Israel was being compliant, and that Eshkol would be a new face, buying time to put an assassination team into place, OR that Ben-Gurion would not agree to the assassination of JFK.
  • Levi Eshkol, Prime Minister of Israel, appointed by David Ben-Gurion on 21 June 1963, 5 months before JFK was killed, was born in Russia, emigrated to Israel to live in a communist Kibbutz called Deganya Bet. Eshkol, a Russian communist who established ties to Russia shortly after the Cuban Missile Crisis, could not be seen as a friend of America.
It was Israel who introduced nuclear weapons into the Middle East.

But Israel doesn't want America to declare war on Israel to get rid of those nuclear weapons -- as we should given their history!

AIPAC : We cannot allow a Muslim country to have nuclear weapons - They're crazy!

Wrong again, Pakistan was allowed to have nukes and we know Pakistan has no ties to terrorism don't we? Except that we found Osama Bin Laden there.

Why stop Iran from making nukes, when Iran could buy a hundred nukes from Pakistan any time it wanted to?

This alone casts doubts on the real motive to attack Iran.

AIPAC : These nukes are a threat to Western Civilization!!!

Why then did Western Civilization build Iran a nuclear power plant in the first place?

Iran is a far cry from being deficient in energy. It exports millions of gallons of oil every day.

Iran does not have the technical skills to refine their own oil, but they have the technical skills to refine uranium? Something smells fishy!

Still, Germany started the nuclear plant that Israel wants to blow up and the Russians finished it.

Not one, but two Christian countries, helped Iran get started on nuclear technology.

And Russia has borders with Iran. Seems to me that Russia is the one who should be the most worried about a nuclear Iran.

AIPAC : Don't listen to Ron Paul - he's a nut-case!

The Jews of AIPAC are on this propaganda campaign to place America in the line of fire. Only Americans can declare war and it had better be one worth fighting.

Again, Ron Paul has one allegiance to God and Country, which makes him an American hero.

Ron Paul
The Adult in the Room

Let's sum up what have we here then from our hypocritical Jewish "friends".

  • Jews gave American nuclear technology to a real enemy of America - Communist Russia.
  • Jews probably profited handsomely in the installation of the European-built nuclear plant in Iran.
  • Jews killed our President John F. Kennedy to get nukes for themselves.
  • Jews are calling our Presidential candidates nut-cases and trying to throw our elections.
  • Jews are agitating and provoking an unjust war against Iran.
  • And Jews want America unwillingly dragged into their mess.
For this, Ron Paul gets dumped on by the massive Jewish racketeering syndicate for just wanting to look out for the best interests of America.

Thomas R. Eddlem of New American
GOP Debate: Ron Paul Dissents from War on Iran and Syria, Assassination, Torture

Mox News
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