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November 12, 2011 AD

The Jew
who declared war
The Catholic Church

If you have ever wondered how the French Revolution happened, you will soon learn.

If you have ever wondered how the Russian Revolution occurred, this will help explain.

If you have ever wondered how the complaint of a German Catholic monk named Luther, could lead to the split-up of the Christian Church, you are about to find out.

If you have ever wondered how 10,000 priests and nuns could be slaughtered in the Spanish Civil War, this will enlighten.

If you watch Cristiada at the movies this Christmas and are shocked that their government could be against the religion of 98% of the population, you may be even more shocked at how simple it was to do.

The Power of the Pen

We have all heard this expression, "The power of the Pen is mightier than the Sword"

The power of Truth, Biblical truth or political truth, is powerful in maintaining a stable society.

And yet, the pen can be just as mighty in highlighting un-truths and deceptions which destabilizes a formerly stable society.

This pen I speak of has the potential of being capable of totally destabilizing our society with falsehoods that confuse and provoke and outrage, not enlighten.

The infamous holder of this poisonous pen is Larry Klayton, founder of Judicial Watch.

Larry Klayton has just written the most outrageous piece of yellow journalism against Christianity, and especially against the Catholic Church, as well as against our respectable government officials that I believe I have ever seen published by a respectable news site - the WorldNetDaily.

This nice Jewish boy is advocating for Christians to destroy their own Christian Church and Christian-based Country.

Nowhere in Klayman's latest WorldNetDaily (WND) article is Larry Klayman identified as Jewish.

Keep that in mind as you read this segment of his Nov 11, 2011 post entitled, "Herman Cain, Joe Paterno and the pope"

Herman Cain,
Joe Paterno
and the pope,

by Larry Klayman

All of this contrasts with the Catholic Church and its current German pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI. They have historically held very few priests accountable for sex abuse of young boys. It is well documented and established that this pope and earlier popes and bishops simply covered it all up. Nor have public prosecutors pursued these sick priests to any real degree. Ironic it is, and certainly ungodly, that persons like [Presidential contestant Herman] Cain and [Penn State Head Coach]Paterno, who may not be guilty of sex crimes, get "crucified," while deviant and perverted homosexual priests in the thousands worldwide have gotten off scot-free for their disgusting and heinous sex crimes against underage children. And, the Catholic Church, its pope and bishops and public prosecutors could seemingly care less!

Oh, what a world we live in! It's no wonder peoples all over the planet are beginning to wise up and wage revolution! Our establishment institutions have sold them out!

Got it?

Wage Revolution against O-U-R establishment institutions!


O-U-R Government who is supposed to do no evil in regards to the Christian Church?

We can not know Klayman is being deceptive and dishonest, because we were never told he was Jewish. That is the magic of deception, you don't know what you don't know.

Lying and deception by withholding the truth.

of Abuse by
Planned Parenthood

If there was ever an "institution" that needed war raged against it, I would pick Planned Parenthood over the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church is against abortion altogether as the murder of innocents.

Planned Parenthood takes their "government sanctioned" legal murder one step further, they illegally abort the children of minors without reporting the statutory rape of the young girl to the authorities.

That may be the biggest cover-up ring involving child abuse today. But it is not!

Cover-up of cover-ups
Jewish media-Scribe outlets

The all-time biggest cover-up criminals are the mass-media-Scribes -- hiding, concealing, and twisting the original cover-ups they want kept secret.

Of which Larry Klayton is a prime suspect.

If readers had known that Larry Klayton was covering up the fact that he was Jewish, they would have known why Klayman made a special point of identifying the nationality of Pope Benedict XVI as German -- to invoke the image of the Holocaust -- trying to smear the nose of the leader of 1 billion Roman Catholics - the Catholic Pope - in the deeds of those foul days, who during the Nazi era was just a boy.

And of course, the all-time historic cover-up which Satanic Jews like Klayman will never speak of, is the cover-up involving the Holodomor directed by Jews against Christians as Hitler was being sworn into office. Character smears are always a one-way cover-up ticket in their propaganda.

If readers had known that Klayman was covering up the fact that he was Jewish, they would have rioted that a Jewish man, of all people, would equate what happened to Cain and Paterno to the Christian Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

This Crucifixion abuse by Klayman is unforgivable!

Jews want respect from Christians (and if you ever talk to a random Christian, you will find that Jews get nothing but respect), but Jews rarely give back respect in return. And that information is a cover-up!

Klayman goes on to insinuate that all previous Popes and Bishops have historically been covering up homosexual sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. That is outright libelous and a lawyer like Larry Klayman has no defense to such a charge!

Being a lawyer, Klayton is well aware of the fact, and hence is covering-up the fact, that the government under our Constitution's First Amendment restrictions is forbidden to interfere in the affairs of religion. The rights we have to freedom of religion is clearly written in black and white so that even a lawyer like Klayton can understand -- "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion nor prohibiting the free exercise thereof"

There has to be extreme grievous circumstances for public prosecutors to arrest a priest or a minister or a Rabbi, who has been accused of abuse on the premises of Church or Synagogue property against members of the same religion.

The requirement of competent Church officials to request the assistance of civil secular law enforcement would be an occasion for the secular government to interfere in religious affairs, much as the federal government is required to obtain the permission of State authorities before they can assist that State in any civil disturbance within the borders of the State.

Arresting a priest is a far more delicate legal matter for public prosecutors than what they are faced with when the abuse is on government property itself, such as Penn State University and the matter only involves a public school coach to be arrested.

The State has a public civic duty to police itself first and foremost, just as the Catholic Church has a known moral obligation to police itself in accordance to God's laws.

Larry Klayman is being disingenuous to insinuate that public prosecutors, let alone the entire Catholic Church is guilty of criminal neglect when it comes to the religious affairs of the Catholic Church. This is a cover-up of the truth by Klayman, which makes it libelous as well!

Iran's ambassador to the United States, with its diplomatic immunity, has far greater protection from the power (or abuse of power) of our government, than the Catholic Church has religious immunity with what's left of the shredded 1st Amendment freedom of religion.

And STILL -- this Jewish hypocrite chooses to spit into everyone's face over it!

of Abuse of
Jewish boys and girls

I'm Catholic and I promise I care more for my sons at my own Catholic Church than this Jewish fake crusader!

Larry Klayton is not really concerned with the well being of Catholic boys and girls. His mission is the destruction of the Catholic Church of these Catholic boys and girls and yes, he is covering up his real disgust that the Christian Church even exists.

From saying nothing at all about Rabbi abuse, a cover-up, it can be spoken of Larry Klayman that he shows he is absolutely not concerned about the well being of his own Jewish sons and daughters subject to abuse by homosexual Rabbis and sexually predatory Rabbis.

But more likely, he hides and covers-up their abuse from public display by not mentioning Rabbi abuse, which when the same is done in the Catholic Church rains downs a tornado of vile words from his mouth.

Larry Klayman is a vile hypocrite with evil intent and a master cover-up con-man capable of accusing others of the crimes he is the most responsible for.

We know about the Catholic abuses. -- Some alleged cover-up!

But we never hear of the Jewish Rabbi sexual abuse.


  • Rabbi Yehuda Kolko -- homosexual Repeat offender
  • Rabbi Israel Shapiro -- homosexual cover-up
  • Stefan Colmer -- homosexual tried to hide in Israel
  • Rabbi Baruch Lanner -- repeat offender x 10 against young girls
  • Rabbi Yona Metzger -- Sexual predator
  • Yosef Meystel, -- homosexual
  • Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz -- homosexual rape
  • Rabbi Lipa Brenner -- keep it all in the family abuse
  • Rabbi Ephraim Bryks -- Jewish cover-up led to suicide
  • Achi Ben-Shalom -- teaching the birds and the bees
  • Rabbi Mordecai Tendler -- counseling abuse
  • Shmuel Juravel -- homosexual crime not reported
  • Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau -- Abused own children and others
  • Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach -- well known secret
  • David Kramer, homosexual flasher
  • Rabbi Avraham Leizerowitz -- homosexual pervert
  • Rabbi Alan Horowitz -- international escapee
  • Rabbi Mordechai Yomtov -- homosexual recess molester
The reason we never hear of these vile Jewish Rabbis is because the cases are all hushed up in the Jewish version of Sharia Law that is being practiced in America?

They are called Rabbinical Courts or Beth Din.

These Beth Din proceedings against predatory Rabbis are all in secret and never reported in the Jewish media-Scribe press that the "Gentiles" get to read.

And like the Catholic investigations, many are let go to abuse over and over again.

Secret Jewish courts allow slimy Jewish journalists like Larry Klayton to report on the dirt in the open Catholic Church abuse cases, without ever having to report on the filth and muck festering inside his own Synagogue.

If we continue to proceed down this propaganda flame-throwing path, I will start insisting that all Synagogues be routinely searched for Rabbi Abuse. I will insist that Jewish boys and girls be brought into police headquarters for routine interrogations looking for abuse. I will insist that my local Catholic policeman arrest all Jewish Rabbis every Friday night until Sunday morning, or until they can prove they are innocent of abusing little Jewish boys and girls. Perhaps that is what it will take to stop these vicious attacks upon Christian religions.

And oh yes -- Larry Klayman is a anarchist flame-thrower!

Klayman is a Jew who secretly, without identifying his Satanic agenda, pretending to be a fellow concerned citizen, propagandizes to Christians that the Catholic Church has let Catholics down and that the Catholic Church has to be destroyed!

Klayman is a journalist reporting "facts" to Christians, but instead propagandizes that our Christian public prosecutors are corrupt and should be "occupied", while not reporting our Jewish public prosecutors who let real criminal organizations like Planned Parenthood and Acorn literally get away with murder.

Yes, homosexuals become priests, and disobey their vows by sinning, but Klayman gives no credit to the Catholic Church officially being against not only abortion but also officially against the underage molestation of the child which got her pregnant, while at the same time Klayman gives Planned Parenthood a complete pass for child molestation as well as murder, just as he gives his own religion a complete pass for Rabbi abuse.

Larry Klayman agitates for revolution, because that is what Jews are really good at.

Drip, drip, drip. Water torture. One baseless or twisted accusation at a time, by many Jews, over many months and years.

"The Jews became jealous and recruited some worthless men loitering in the public square, formed a mob, and set the city in turmoil."

"When the Jews in Thessalonica learned that Paul was preaching the word of God at Berea, they went there too, agitating the crowds and stirring them up."

-- Acts 17:5-13
This is EXACTLY how Christians found themselves under an anti-Christian Mexican government after the Cristiada of 1926.

This is EXACTLY how Christians tore each other apart in the French Revolution.

This is EXACTLY how Christians were talked by Jews into the Russian Revolution.

This is EXACTLY why 10,000 priests and nuns were slaughtered in the Spanish Communist Revolution everyone calls a Civil War in 1936. And the priests in the Vendee during the French Revolution. And the priests and nuns in Russia under the Jewish terrorist Lazar Kanganovich and Jewish friends.

Larry Klayton is a poster-boy of a flame-throwing Jewish anarchist who advocates for Revolution, using vile nefarious means, against the very institutions who are on the side of the Christian people he is trying to incite to riot.

By Way of Deception,
we shall win wars

-- Motto of the Mossad
Jews win wars by getting Christians (and Muslims) to fight themselves.

That is EXACTLY how it was done in times past and that is EXACTLY how it is done today.

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Larry Klayman
Herman Cain, Joe Paterno and the pope

Larry Klayman
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